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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by JDizzle08, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. JDizzle08

    JDizzle08 New Member

    I just quit smoking a week ago. I used to smoke a blunt or 2 everyday with atleast 3 people. Im going 2 meps in 2 weeks(well if i pass a test at the recruiters in a week). I drink water, Red Bull(140% Niacin), and Work out in a 100 degree room to help sweat and lose body fat. Im 5'10" and around 150 lbs. If i keep this rutine up how long before i should actually go to meps. I would just like to know if my plan will work to help clean my system in time. Im also getting some Niacin pills to help along the process. All advice would be great and if all your going to do is write back with some stupid BS about how i shouldn't smoke in the first place if i wanted to go in then send that message to somebody else it's just a waste of your time as im just going to ignore it and you! Thanks in advance to all who help
  2. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    Marijuana takes anywhere from a week to 3 months to leave your system, depending on your individual metabolism.

    If I were you, I would regularly test yourself with home drug tests available at most drug stores (I got one at Walgreens, marijuana-specific, for $15). When you're clean for one of those, you're good to go to MEPs.

    Make sure you're clean, though. Once you fail a drug test at MEPs, I'm pretty sure they won't consider you for enlistment again. And if you get caught positive in a drug test after signing up, you can be slammed with criminal charges and a courtmartial.
  3. hermosthigh

    hermosthigh New Member

    I don't think you'll be getting any lectures about not smoking here. In fact, I think most of us arrived here for the same reason, trying to pass a drug test.

    Be careful with the niacin - I overdosed on it once trying to cure a cold. It was not fun. Am guessing that substitution is not an option, so follow Bhikku's advice. Test yourself. Would also recommend you read the sticky about dilution. They provide some very useful insight into passing tests.

    And good luck!!

  4. JDizzle08

    JDizzle08 New Member

    Well I go back to my recruiter tuesday for another test. I did the wrong thing and let him test my first piss of the day. But after reading around on these forums i think i can come clean sooner than i have expected and pass. Im going to walgreens tomorrow morning to pick a few up and check. Thanks
  5. blue_wrx2003

    blue_wrx2003 New Member

    JDizzle, not trying to hijack your thread mate, but sadly i'm in the same position :(

    Guess I'll lay it out how it is, 6'2" 165lbs. Heavy smoker for about 4 months, last day smoked was the 15th of March. Started on a 7 day detox program from a company called covert labs on the 26th of March. One of those 6 pills a day type of thing. Plan on waking up and doing a home test to see where I stand in the morning with the first drain. My MEPS is probably going to be next week (as scheduled) or possibly pushed to the week of the 14th if need be. Been really sketched out and just wanted to see what others thought about my situation. Am I good or do I need to start busting out the excuses? :confused: Thanks guys!
  6. JDizzle08

    JDizzle08 New Member

    Just get ur recruiter to drug test you. They gave me a more accurate time frame of how long to wait. I mean i have been a heavy smoker for years. but with a body fat % under 10 they said i can clean my system and pass a meps drug test in 2 weeks if i drink alot of water. I threw in a few of my old wrestling exercises in and use a small room that i get pretty hot. I piss clear all the time except that one first piss of the day and it's gone from a dark yellow to a lighter yellow so i know im getting closer and closer. I hope the test in the morning can shed some light on where i have come in 3 days after cutting around 8-10 lbs of water weight and body fat. I just read around these forums and it has helped alot. Im glad it's here
  7. blue_wrx2003

    blue_wrx2003 New Member

    failed my home test.....i'm going to try and push it back some more due to work reasons per say. i'm getting a little worried now, how much more time do i possibly need. i realize no one can exactly answer that but if i can get myself 2 more weeks think i'll be good by then? thanks again guys! starting to love this community!
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Niacin doesn't do anything to help you pass a drug test. That's an urban myth stemming from the fact that you get a "flush" (hot, red face) when you take it. People thought that meant you were "burning the THC out of your system".

    Drinking a lot of fluids for days prior to the test doesn't do anything to help, either. Fluids are useful for dilution, which is something you do immediately before the test.

    You should stop the exercise program three days before the test. Exercise burns fat. Burning fat releases stored THC metabolites into your blood stream. It goes from there to your bladder to be eliminated in your urine. You don't want that process to be going on when you take your test.
  9. JDizzle08

    JDizzle08 New Member

    Thanks buzzby. I know what niacin does and i only drink the redbull to speed up my matablisim. Just like taking yellow jackets. I exercise to burn the fat to release it into my system to get rid of it. Thats my whole point of exercise. But i keep hearing stop 3 days before the test and stop 2 days before the test which one is correct. Im about to take my home drug test and see how it goes
  10. JDizzle08

    JDizzle08 New Member

    Failed but I got another for monday. It looks like im going 2 have to step my game up and work out longer than i have before. I gotta burn the fat to release the THC and piss it out. I guess my best chance if anything is to dilute it and hope it works... But i still got some time left so im not going to freak out about it yet. Im glad these forums are here becuase i wouldn't have found out anything. Every other web site had a guy like me asking a question and a bunch of people bashing him because he smoked and they didn't wanna work with potheads. So thanks a bunch and ill keep it up-to-date
  11. Jazz Janga

    Jazz Janga New Member

    I'll tell you what you should do. You should smoke a huge blunt the night before the test, and show up for your test stoned.

    This will short-circuit your effort to be put into indentured servitude and forced to commit war crimes in an illegal war of aggression. The people in power right now are a gang of criminals.

    Joining the military under this administration is not only profoundly foolish, it's morally wrong. The military is not an elite. They are murderers and paid mercenary thugs. They are the same people who support long prison terms for nonviolent marijuana offenders. You may not be able to see the armbands, but they are fascists. Don't enlist.
    [Mod note: Off topic for this forum. Read the posted guidelines. Keep a specific topic in the correct forum. Your rant should have been put in the politics forum. Infraction issued. - sec]
  12. JDizzle08

    JDizzle08 New Member

    Whats funny is that I guess ill be a paid thug. Its not your choice if I go in it's mine. I don't go around bashing you so don't come at me like that. If you could even read i said in my first post that if your going to do that then dont it's a waste of time. But looks like a mod got to you before i could. Use your brain and get a life
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  13. DaCoD3

    DaCoD3 New Member

    How about an update?? I'm in the same boat, want to see how it went.
  14. DaCoD3

    DaCoD3 New Member

    Did you pass or what!!
  15. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Jdizzle08 hasn't logged in to this website since he posted that last message. My guess is that he is gone - for awhile at least
  16. DaCoD3

    DaCoD3 New Member

    still no word????
  17. anxious

    anxious New Member

    let this one die.
  18. DaCoD3

    DaCoD3 New Member

    OK since he's not gonna finish what he started, ill finish it for him. I went to MEPS yesterday and today, I'm waiting to get the results of the urinalysis. I took like 4 drug tests before i went, THE ONLY thing that actually made a difference is water and lots of it, I tried niacin, cranberry juice, sweating in a sauna until i threw up and countless other methods after a month of not smoking and doing all of those i took the first test-i tested positive for thc, then i drank a TON of water and waited about 12 hours while taking as many pisses as possible and took another test and i was clean! then to make sure, i tested my self the next day and i failed then i drank some water and tested again and i passed SO hopefully MEPS isnt going to fail me because if i pass it means i will have a future, so god help me!
  19. pooh bear

    pooh bear New Member

    Also you can try cranberry juice and sure-jell (in jell-o section at grocery market)1 gallon of cranberry mix packets in juice shake it up void until you're urine is clear drink a capful of vinegar then go and take your test.I've been doing this for years my uncle hooked me up with this very inexpensive remedy he had to test for his parole officer he'll smoke a blunt,mix up the solution, when he's done, go test, and pass with flying colors.
  20. Secs

    Secs New Member

    For Pete's sake!!!

    Do a search of the word 'dilute' or 'negative dilute'. this might work for a simple dip style of test with no integrity test, but it definetly won't work for an employment test.

    Read. Learn, THEN advise.

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