MEPS in 2 weeks!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by infinite_one, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. infinite_one

    infinite_one New Member

    okay i need help,

    i have MEPS in 2 weeks (not this friday but next) and i NEED to pass it

    the problem is, i smoked last night,

    i have a pretty quick metabolism and last week i smoked tuesday wednesday and thursday, i got my my faint line already though,yesterday before i smoked

    just tell me what i should be doing until then

    i was gonna work out and eat little (eating little to force my body to burn fat)

    is there anything else that will help me? this is crazy important and i allowed myself to slip up again :(
  2. WildRide09

    WildRide09 New Member

    Stop Slipping up, re-read the dilution, you got two weeks, work out this week, home test then not much next really need to read the dilution for the day of.
  3. infinite_one

    infinite_one New Member

    ive read the dilution and know how it works,

    id rather be clean than dilute but im going to dilute regardless
  4. infinite_one

    infinite_one New Member


    anyone? am i screwed or something?
  5. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Well, did that MEPS test just sneak up on you? I assume you knew of it several weeks, if not months ago.

    If you had stopped smoking pot when you signed up for the military, then you wouldnt' have to worry now, right?

    In my opinion, that is why you are screwed. You will fail if you keep smoking pot.

    No one can tell you how long it takes you to test negative after smoking pot. Only you had the ability to do that with home testing. Now, you will just have to wait and worry. If you stop smoking pot now, you have a chance. If you continue to smoke pot, even one more time, your chances decrease accordingly.
  6. infinite_one

    infinite_one New Member

    listen i respect you, but you dont know the facts

    I have been waiting for a waiver for over a YEAR thats right a YEAR and i got a call tuesday morning saying it would go through after a YEAR how was a supposed to know about the test? I guess it just "snuck up on me"

    since april 30th i have smoked pot a total of 6 times and the first time i have smoked was after 100 days of not smoking sir, BTW you cannot sign up for the military before you go through processing (MEPS)

    anywho, i have NOT smoked since i knew about this test, I am not stupid.

    I changed my eating habits and i exercise to increase the burning of fat.

    its bad enough that i smoked, its even worse when someone makes false assumptions about your character.
  7. infinite_one

    infinite_one New Member

    well bombed my first stream piss test this morning


    went to the gym over an hour (20 on a bike 10 on a gazelle 30+ in the sauna) today hopefully it helps, plus i get to work all weekend where its warm i just may wear jeans instead of shorts to sweat more

    does anyone have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to say to help me out? words of encouragement? anything?
  8. Secs

    Secs New Member

    You asked what would help out, and I told you. Stop smoking and take a home test.

    You said that:
    What else was I supposed to think? You said you messed up. I gave you my best advice already, and it was CONSTRUCTIVE.
  9. WildRide09

    WildRide09 New Member

    Hey Infinite, I gotta back Sec here and not because they are an admin, I could really care less about that. you stated you slipped again..this means to us at least you knew you had a test but you still toked, I think that is where he was coming from.
  10. rogo

    rogo New Member

    If you would've read his post he stated he only smoked 6 times. Coming from an admin on a stoner site, your going to criticize someone for "slipping up" on smoking some trees? I almost LOL'd

    The bottom line is, we're all here for one reason. This forum was designed for people with similar situations.

    Instead of posting a useless troll comment, how about something constructive such as:
    Run more often
    Eat healthier
    Find ways to sweat more
  11. infinite_one

    infinite_one New Member

    its the way you worded your response sir.

    I hope my post cleared things up for you, I have smoked a grand total of 6 times in a 5 month period, i just happened to smoke the day before i got a phone call

    so therefore stopping smoking clearly isnt an issue and as I stated im not stupid but things happen, I like to get high if i didnt and you didnt we would not be here

    theres nothing constructive about saying

    that is unless your doctor brown and can take me back through time and tell myself not to smoke, which is unlikely

    so back to what i was saying

    Is there anything else beyond eating lean and healthy and working out that will help me? Im willing to do anything and have been doing all i can thus far.
  12. infinite_one

    infinite_one New Member

    and for the record, "slipping up" is my way of saying I fucked up and got high after saying I was done.

    you cant seriously think anyone would smoke RIGHT BEFORE a drug test they knew they had that would alter the course of their life.
  13. infinite_one

    infinite_one New Member

    guess none of you smartasses have anything to say

    well i got a faint line today from working out and dieting

    k thanks for the help

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  14. infinite_one

    infinite_one New Member

    just an update

    i was accepted and passed with flying colors

    i would like to thank sec for all his help and words of wisdom

    and being a pussy and reporting my previous post. if anyone really wants help PM me ill be glad to help

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