Merry Christmas,

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Keith, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Merry Christmas to all of you. Here's to a day that has a positive spirit to it, even beyond all the commercialism and religious dogma associated with it. Although I don't usually observe holidays, I do really like the idea of giving to others and togetherness. Even if it's all only for a day. Perhaps in the future we can all learn to live like this the other 364 days of the year. ;)

    Merry Christmas, everyone.
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  2. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    Same to you, Keith. Hope all is well with you and yours..

    Happy Holidays,
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  3. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Thanks, VVick. And same to you, my friend.

    I think we are literally the last two people left on this site. :laugh:
  4. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    It seems that way, doesn't it? I was amazed that you were the only person to make a Christmas thread. Used to be that we would spend an hour or so merging all the repeat threads on holidays..
  5. ScrogBetty

    ScrogBetty Admin Staff Member

    Happy Holidays to you both... While I've been around and posting throughout the Christmas season, I have been busy searching for, and putting up content within the forms.

    While It has been awfully quiet in the forms recently... I'm not quite sure what we can attribute that to? Via my affiliation with several websites throughout my lifetime, it has been my experience to see traffic drop-off during the holiday season.

    Either way... I would like to personally thank you two for hanging around in participating. Hopefully 2013 will lead to bigger and better things.

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays ... and have a safe and warm New Year's celebration.
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