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    I've read some of the nit picking about "religion" on these boards, please understand the dialectic, DIVIDE AND CONQUER, I believe in unity, the one love, the intelligent design, the unfolding 3. I am posting this not create more bi-pole ping pong, I post this because it is a legal format, for the US courts, because the bible can be used as testimony in a court of law, for defense of procecution for possesion of cannabis. Regardless of ones personal beliefs, this is a solid legal outline for the protection of one's "religious" freedoms under the US constitution. And the definition of religion, is what we take legion with or align our selves with, so you can be religious about anything, currency!?? dogs?? a shoe cult?? choose wisely.

    Public Service Announcment
    from the desk of Cannabis Carl of

    To the Information Seeker,

    YHWH ( commonly reffered to as the tetragrammination) is the name given to the creator, when Moses asked, who should I say has sent me.
    EX 3:14 I AM WHO I AM, another translation/concept I AM WHAT I AM.
    Commandment 1 in hebrew states: I AM YHWH, your ELOHIM, DO NOT bring my name to nought (nothingness)
    HALLOWED BE THY NAME. Hallelujah, Haleluiah, HALLELU YAH...Familiar?
    Historically, there was not a "j" in any language until the 15th century, (1400's) and was not widely accepted or used until the mid 17th century (1600's) The "j" was placed next to the "i" to cause confusion, A SPELL. The true meaning/concept of the word.
    Iesous (ee-ay-soos ) Christos is the greek form of Jesus Christ.
    So easy to see "J" and "I" switcharoony. For reference, all the "J" names origianly began with "Y", i.e. john, jacob, joshua, etc.
    Christos is from the word chrism (fire) meaning anointing in greek and is the greek form of messiah.
    Messiah in hebrew literally means ANOINTED ONE, from the root (Strong's #4886) to rub with OIL.
    Here is where it gets touchy. Iesous is a transliteration, not translation of the aramaic name Yahsha or some say Yeshua, I lean toward the first, the latter being closer to modern Joshua.
    YaHsha is an aramaic combination of the words YHWH, the I AM, and yasha (yaw-shah) Stong's concordence #3467, root meaning to be open, wide or free, i.e. (by impl.) to be safe; caus. to free or succor: --x at all, avenging, defend, deliver (-er), help, preserve, rescue, be safe, bring (having) SALVATION, save (-iour), get victory.
    Interestingly enough concordence # 3468 yesha (yeh-shah) means pretty much the same thing with the addition of the word LIBERTY.
    YAHSHA SAVES, YAHSHA SAVES, YAHSHA SAVES, literally, from the aramaic.
    So YaHsha ye Mashiysach (messiah) means from the hebrew, YHWH's salvation the ANOINTED ONE.
    Let's now consider, King David and King Solomon were both messianic kings, Moses anointed his son AAron head to toe, flowed down his beard.
    As christians, the literal sense denotes "anointed ones". The jews are looking for the messianic age.
    This anointing with oil, seems reoccurring, and somewhat important to "JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY".
    Yahsha, when asked how to pray, he gave them one specific prayer.
    What is known as The Lord's Prayer:
    Our father who art in heaven, HALLOWED BE THY NAME, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven......
    Yahsha told his disciples "The kingdom of heaven is within" I believe heaven resides in every souls mind, note, I personally hold that there are beings who are soul less.
    Yahsha told Peter, "Surely I tell you, the kingdom of heaven is at hand" What we put our hands to what comes from our mind/spirital nature (both good and bad) and manifests in this world. I AM pondering who/what has hijacked our minds/spirits causing this realm/world to be manifested in heirarchical bondage systems of control manipulated by a small percentage for thier profit/gain. I'll give a hint it wasn't/isn't YAHSHA.
    All matters exist in the spiritual worlds, before it can manifested in the observable worlds. Again, I AM pondering, IF "the kingdom of heaven is at hand", from (Y) OUR works/efforts/energy, why are we fighting over this ball, 95 percent of the souls want liberty, freedom and peace. True SALVATION!!!
    Perhaps are we missing a key, I believe (in my opinion) that very key is the ANOINTING offered by
    YAHSHA ye MASHIYSACH, Iesous Christos, Jesus Christ.
    If one disagrees, no problem, do not read any further, these words are not to incite division/arguement, these words are to offer a path for those who choose to change the way they observe our world.

    All of observational reality (our collective world) displays cycles. i.e. minutes, hours, weeks, seasons, years, holidays, governments, empires, ideals, etc. Yahsha kept all hebrew appointments and feasts (holi-days), when asked, he stated, "I did NOT come to do away with the law, I came to fulfill the law". Which included the anointing and healing of many. The law spoken of is The Torah. In The Torah, specifically Exodus, we find Moses being instructed to ANOINT his sons to be messianic priests of the I AM (YHWH). In logic, I conclude Yahsha would have kept this Mosaic instruction, especially since it is the literal construction of his name. Let the oil of gladness flow.
    EXODUS 30:22, The recipe, this verse (in my humble opinion) is alone the pivitol point of "judeo-christianity". Here we find the ingredients for THE ANOINTING OIL of THE I AM (YHWH). From the masoretic texts: mowr, qinnamown, qanah bosm, qiddah. Four ingredients and four only, expressly stated directly after the recipe: Do NOT add or take AWAY from these ingredients. These ingredients must be very important. The first, and they are listed in scriptural order, is myrrh. Myrrh is an anti- inflamitory and throughout history has been used for many different medical ailments, including wounds, intestional irritation and gumdisease. Recently myrrh has been found to contaian base chemicals that fight certain CANCERS, Hello..... The second is cinnimon, most likley ground leaves. Ground cinnimon is a strong topical stimulant opening the pores on the forehead where the bulk of the anointing goes on. The third is cannabis, commonly mistranslated as sweet calamus, (a halucenigenic swamp root) containing arasone a precursor to one form of meth. That's right ol king james swapped toxic calamus for non- toxic cannabis. (KANEH BOSM) is literally translated flowering(blosom) rod (cane). The oil contains just over 6 pounds of "weed" into the olive oil base. Interesting, no? Then finally, there is cassia which is cinnimon bark. The bark chemicals are an astringent topically, and in the blood they fuction as a blood stimulant.

    Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the active ingredient in cannabis. Volumes of research are available on this compund. But briefly, THC stimulates production of a naturally occurring cannabinoid called anandimide in the brain. Anandimide is same substance researchers found to occur from "runners high" in studies done in the 80's. Chocolate also contains anandimide producing chemicals. HMMMMmmm.
    Incedently the word anandimide comes from the sanskit word meaning state of bliss. Not anapolis.???Which reminds me no matter which state you are in, in our FINE republic of these here united states,, Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of RELIGION, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a REDRESS of grievances.
    The framers of our constitution were very learned and skilled wordsmiths. There is no ambiguity. SO I reason that the possesion of cannabis is protected by OUR RELIGION. Look up the word religion, what we make legion or align ourselves with, is what I get out of it So I align my self with religious cannabis use, do you??? Do you align yourself with JESUS CHRIST?? I do. Do you believe in the Ten Comandments??
    Hossanna in the HIGHEST, oil of gladness flow, the HIGH priests, the messianic kings, THE MESSIAH.
    HALLELUYAH, seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

    For questions, comments, concerns, opinions email

    The universal constitution of our Creator is born from within our hearts, the paper is merely a convienence.-cannabis carl

    Resend, repost, witness for the Messiah
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    One person's "nit-picking" is another person's common sense. :shrug:
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    This sounds like yet another goofy pothead fantasy. Could you provide references to some cases that have actually been won using this technique? They would be useful as precedents.

    As far as I know, no one has ever been let off from a cannabis possession charge because of what it says in a book completely unrelated to the laws or Constitution of the United States. Nor have they been let off because they're members of a religious group that uses or worships cannabis.

    The same book also says that homosexuals should be put to death.

    If someone kills a gay man do you think Biblical "testimony" would get him off the hook? :D
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    and Amen!!!

    Let us pray......... Holy fuck, deliver us from this foolishness. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.;)
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    Alot of little leafs

    Words are merely keys for the wise.

    Food for thought, what if the 700,000+ criminal cannabis arrests yearly, mostly misdemeanors, motioned for a jury trial, set in motion, the protected RIGHT, under supreme law and the constituion, of "innocent until proven guilty" and exercised their RIGHT to demand a trial by jury of their peers. Then went through all procedural filings, pre-trial discovery, jury selection, pre-trial motions..etc...... The courts (which is where games are played) would have to hear a little less than 2000 trial cases a day for just cannabis offenses, misdemeanors mind you, in addition to the other case loads. In addition every convicted criminal has a RIGHT to file an appeal to a higher court. So double it.

    Once you waive your rights, you have none!!

    Note: There is no case law to date, because to my knowledge, every time a pro-active defense has been utilized, the case has either been plead down or dismissed. No judge wants to be the "one" to make case law "either way" because it opens the door, actually the floodgates.
    Also a pro-active defense only applies to personal amount violations, trafficking involves commerce law and that is a different story, legally.

    Please remember it is dangerous fleeting generalizations about others until you have expirienced their breath.
    Oh and buzzby, I agree with you about the scriptures, there are a myirad of entanglements and alterations, actually michael tsarion covers the topic well, that detract from the divination process, most, purposefully put there through out history, to create the illusion of control.
    The revealing is upon us, love and peace, cannabis carl

    The univseral constituion of our Creator is born within our hearts, the paper is merely a conveinence-cannabis carl

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