Methods For Smoking & Their Efficiency

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Fryth, Jun 10, 2001.

  1. flast

    flast New Member

    i really like gbs because it gets it all down there if you dont.
    john :redhot:
  2. SuperJJ85

    SuperJJ85 Subscriber

    I believe that the tar you speak of is nothing much than a concentrate of uncombusted resin combined with uncombusted weed (as long as you roll em right to the end - I sure hope no one here is using (and sometimes smoking... yuck) cardboard filters in their joints, because there's no reason for that!).

    I also believe that this concentration of resin on the weed makes it so that a same sized pile of resin drenched weed is more potent (as in it takes less to get you stoned) than an untouched pile of the original untouched weed.

    My two cents.
  3. Mounty_Ninja

    Mounty_Ninja New Member

    I agree completely with you SuperJJ. I would hate to think of anyone throwing away or wasting roaches in any way. One of the best things to do is to save a bunch of roaches and roll a next generation joint. Who would throw away nice trim thats drenched with potent resin??? :eek:
  4. SuperJJ85

    SuperJJ85 Subscriber

    Thanks Mounty_Ninja! :)

    I forgot to add that if the weed wasn't more potent, I'd never have smoked it all the times I did, because the roach smoke is definatelyharsher.

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  5. Mounty_Ninja

    Mounty_Ninja New Member

    I do this all the time and i LUV it! it does indeed get u more high, i think inhaling sum smoke thru ur nose makes it go straight to ur brain cuz that is wut it feels like to me every time. I think it looks bad ass too. I highly recomend it.
  6. Opium*Gnome

    Opium*Gnome New Member

    Man, me and a few friends were brainstorming ideas of how to make something new and then I came up with a really badass idea.

    In my basement there is this ****ty old shop vac. A shop vac for those who don't know are small vacuums, used in shops and small work areas. Anyway, it's really awful, it has a low sucking power so it could pick up saw-dust, but not much more. Needless to say, it's been sitting there a while. So what I did was I took it apart, cleaned it, put it back together so it was dust and crap free. I have this metal cone that can hold a quarter of finely crushed up bud very tightly. So it's fairly big. Anyway, this vac also doesn't use bags, it just has a chamber. I heated up a screwdriver, jabbed it through the chamber and then put a tube in it. I sealed that up with sticky tac (that crap for posters). I sealed the metal bowl in place on the nosil, put a quarter ounce of weed in had a butane tortch lighter with two flames on it to it and turned it on praying that it wouldn't eat my weed. Well, it sucked in ALL the smoke, I mean, it pooched the quarter ounce by the time i was done and all the smoke was in the chamber where dust normally goes. Me and four friends were able to take about ten big hits each for about 30 minutes on it. We were all as stoned as we'd ever been. When my dad brings home our digital camera from work I'll take pictures.
  7. matty86

    matty86 New Member

    We call 'em pissers in Canada. I think. . .? I would say a gravity bong is the equivelant of buckets. They're great but only with a store bought bowl for a great seal. Personally I say lungs are more efficient than pissers. My favourite high is no doubt from joints. So far it looks like I'm alone on that one. I also like my pipe. and bongs. and pissers and buckets, and lungs, and tulips, blunts. . .Wait, I like them all.


    Still sayin lungs are most efficent though.
  8. Opium*Gnome

    Opium*Gnome New Member

    I am Canadian and I've never heard that. I thought it was just me being innovative. Sadly...
  9. island

    island New Member

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe consuming marijuana through the method of eating and digesting it gives a more lasting and higher toned buzz because you can easily spread a good amount of it (more then a joint, lets say) in the mix. Add on to that it takes longer to go through your system.
  10. I've herd this too, but that when you cook it the THC has to combine with fat or something in the food, or else it wont work? like eating it raw wont hav nearly as much effect as wen u cook it.
  11. kuki420

    kuki420 New Member

    i live in canada and me and my buddies do pissers/lungs all the time....effiencey wise i think they are equil but pissers seem smoother and it all depends on how good the bowl is and how good the suction is.
  12. Kraza

    Kraza Banned

    Wut are you talking about!!!! Joints only let u have 10-20% of the thc, and pipes 40-50% and ur telling me joints are better then pipes, lol sorry i got a lil worked up there but yeh I say bongs are the best and thats a fact(really it is, saw it on discovery channel) then pipes or bubblers (although bubblers i think give u better hits) then joints as a last resort.
  13. bcode

    bcode New Member

    There was a study done at the University of Toronto recently (March 2004) that tested the effectiveness of the generally accepted methods of smoking marijuana.

    The methods:
    1.) Joints
    2.) Bongs (water bongs where the smoke actually travels through the water, as opposed to buckets/gravity bongs.)
    3.) Pipes (glass and metal)

    It was found that Bongs are actually counter-productive, filtering more THC than any other substance found in MJ smoke, including tar.

    Pipes were to found to have the middle-ground effectiveness.

    And amazingly, Joints have the best delivery system for smoking marijuana. With a natural filter process, and the highest levels of THC delivery than any of the other test subjects, I believe we have a winner :D

    Don't get me wrong though, I love pot in all forms, and I would agree that eating it gets you higher than anything, though it is a completely different high than smoking it.

    As far as pure efficiency, I have to put my vote on Gravity Bongs. No smokes escapes from burn-off, no filtering of THC or any other substance in the smoke, and if you use really cold ice-water in the bucket, you get cool, smooth hits :)

    Happy Hooting,
  14. stefanodimera

    stefanodimera New Member

    what about vaporizers?

    What about vaporizers?I'm interested in th B.C. vaporizer that i have seen in High Times. I'd like to hear from others who have tried one before I spend $70 on one. :devil:
  15. dontask

    dontask New Member

    BC vaporizer works, but make sure to really really bust the weed and heat the vape a little more than reccomended ( ~8 minutes should work )
  16. kannabis_kid

    kannabis_kid New Member

    Joint Filters.

    First of all, i apologize in advance if this topic has already been said, but i cant find it.

    Does the Filter on a joint actually filter out enough carcinogens and tars and such for it to matter, cause i dont think that it actually filters out that much. i know that Water pipes filter out about 42%(or something like that) of all carcinogens. So if anyone actually knows, please tell me.
  17. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    Most "filters" on a joint are just rolled up bits of thick paper. If this is the sort of filter you're talking about, I would guess it doesn't reduce the amount of tar or carcinogens. The smoke is not filtered by anything, it just passes through an extra bit of space. The purpose of this sort of filter is to make airflow easier and to prevent the inhalation of bits of green.

    Please note that this was just a guess.

    And, IMO, joint filters like this are useless unless it's a friggin blunt or fattie the size of Jamaica.
  18. vladimir

    vladimir Sr. Member

    well, ive never actually seen a real 'filter' on a joint, just mouthpieces made of rolled up paper.
    but filters have been shown to be ineffective for cigarettes, since the decrease in tar and carcinogens also leads to a decrease in nicotine. this means that cigarette smokers have to hold in the smoke longer to get the nicotine they want out of the smoke, causing not only more cancer, but also harder-to-detect cancer because it is deep down in the lungs rather than just being out there.
    also, i have tried smoking weed out of a filter one time. it was definately a waste. so, using mouthpieces is cool and a great way to make the j better, but filters on weed are just worthless in my opinion.
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  20. Zilos

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    Damn! Well, that just ruined my day. I love bong's, and I've always thought they were healthier by filtering out some of the tar, but I guess they aren't :sulkoff:

    And they might even be counterproductive, now that really sucks! Guess I'll have to start using my vaporizor more, since I usually use the bong instead.


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