Methods For Smoking & Their Efficiency

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Fryth, Jun 10, 2001.

  1. reefermadness1

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    You still haven't read the conclusion to that report, have you? It's not the final word, that's for sure. Also keep in mind the weed used was absolute schwagg, no sinsemilla. That can make a difference. There's more nasty stuff in ratio to cannabinoids in schwagg than chronic, and that ain't hard to tell.
  2. ganja22

    ganja22 New Member

    my theroy, are they correct?

    aight, i read that a bong produces more tar than a j. The reason i think this is is because when you put a direct flame to the ganj it realeases some extra bad chemicals. But in a j the paper is burning the ganj, which is a lower temp then that of a lighter. But i am almost sure water filters out some bad things right? So my conclusion is that if you smoke a J with a bong than its the heathiest way to smoke besides vaporizing it. Am i correct, or not? Please i need some smart smokers to respond, like higher logic.

    by the way, dont let ganj demotivate you to get good grades, or play sports! Be an athletic smoker!! Late
  3. ganja22

    ganja22 New Member

    Sorry about the bad grammar in the title, I was writing fast.
  4. soakedinbleach

    soakedinbleach New Member

    i thought it was spelled theory.
  5. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    It's no biggie dude, it all depends on how you use your pipe or bong. If you just like the flame to the goods instead of torching it that should cut down on any possible "bad stuff" besides in a joint the papers isn't really burning, it just burns because its in contact with smoldering Cannabis, and where I ask you does the remains of the paper go, (the products of the oxidization i.e. CO2 CO H2O and all those other yummy chemicles like left over bleach and other crap in the paper) I still smoke joints, but I don't thing there's any major difference in harm between devices. Besides long term studies have shown that even physical health problems that may be linked to Cannabis use clear up fairly soon during a period of abstaining.
    Oh and I agree with your second point. Break free of the stereo type don't use pot as an excuse for your laziness. I was a lazy stoner for a while, but I never blamed my lazyness on being a stoner, I was just lazy, now I work out and actually give a dam in school (where I previously did poorly not of want of inteligence but of boredom and bad teaching) and I probably smoke more than before. Peace Ganja22
    Oh and I have done a tonne of reading about health aspects of pot because I 'm studying to be a paramedic and later a doctor.
    Keep on puffing.
  6. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    The thing about any water-filtered pipe is that water is more efficient at absorbing cannabinoids out of the smoke than it is absorbing tars. That means if you smoke to get the same amount of cannabinoids you get more tar from the water-filtered pipe than you would smoking the joint by itself. And you'd be burning more weed for the same amount of high.

    If you really want to be kind to your body, vaporizers are almost as efficient as joints but much easier on the throat and lungs. If you smoke a bong for the rush of getting high quickly you might not like a vape. If you smoke a bong because the smoke is cooler then a vape might be your thing.
  7. cannacup

    cannacup New Member

    it doesnt matter how long you keep the vapors in, your just giving yourself more cancer.
  8. sdragon1984

    sdragon1984 New Member

    if im not mistaken, and im pretty sure im not, thc isnt water soluble. its soluble in oils fats, and alchohols.
  9. Sinned

    Sinned New Member

    Yeah, THC is definitely not water soluble...
    A bong with hot water would filter out the most crap, which is why double chambered bongs are so cool, because you can have hot water filtering the smoke, and cold water to make the hit much smoother.
  10. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    That's a swell idea, smoke a joint out of a bong. Too much work though :) Merging with the Methods For Smoking & Their Efficiency thread...
  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    THC is only slightly water soluble, but that's not the issue. If you take a vaporized compound and subject it to temperatures below its vaporization point it's going to condense. Water filtering doesn't work by dissolving gaseous material in water, it works by condensation of the material from a gaseous to a solid state, leaving tiny particles in the water.
  12. koalasplosion42

    koalasplosion42 New Member

    How do you use a gravity bong correctly anyways? i always seem to mess it up
  13. L0st_St0ker

    L0st_St0ker Sr. Member

    For 3 years now I have only smoked out of a bong, I smoke inside so a joint is not practicle and I can't stand pipes, they have the worst taste and leave my mouth so dry, used a gravity bong but they are sort of impracticle to leave around the house.
  14. Burninbrooke

    Burninbrooke Sr. Member

    around here it's quite common to put the roach of a blunt in the bong, kinda like a roach clip for when it gets too small to hold but still has all those juicy resinated buds at the end. I'm a big time bong smoker, bowls tend to hit me a little too harsh. I'd like to get a vap, but I'm worried I won't know how to use it properly. Looking at the roor now, but I'm still going back and forth between the two.
  15. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    someone mentioned the "french inhale" by blowing out of your nose then making a suction with your mouth? i think its the other way around, this seems quite hard, but n e ways we call it a "snoop dogg" (Drop It Like Its Hot music vidio). let the smoke flow out of your mouth, then breath in lightly throught your nose..

    edit: if anyone knows where the article is about how efficient each way of smoking is (joint, bong, vaporizer ect.) please let me know.
  16. blak

    blak New Member

    How to smoke hash?

    Sup guys, Im a mild smoker (once or twice a week) and just recently had a half gram of hash given to me. Ive never smoked it before so Im just curious as to what the best and simplest way is.
  17. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    You can put it in a blunt, in a joint, or in a pipe or bong. If you do put it in a joint or blunt, make sure you put a flame to the hash first to "warm" it up (don't burn it though), and then break off tiny pieces and sprinkle it into the bud, and roll like you normally would. You could also take knife hits, etc., but if you want to know how to do those, do a search :)
  18. Opium*Gnome

    Opium*Gnome New Member

    roll a tobacco, weed, hash joint. Those rock, and I normally hate tobacco.
  19. Marijuana Man

    Marijuana Man New Member


    I like to smoke hash on top of weed. Double the strength power rip
  20. daniel80

    daniel80 Banned


    i am chain smoker, for smoking I prefer the "lighter, clearer" ,but they are not so easy. now i am using vapir vaporizer and i got it from
    when i used vapir vaporizer it produces no smoke, no tar or other toxic elements and other harmful meterial that why i always prefer vapir .

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