MI: Passes New Law On How Medical Weed Shall Be Transported

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    Kenneth Bowen | 1.9.2013

    Michigan lawmakers passed a bill Dec. 14 that requires registered medical marijuana patients to transport their marijuana within a sealed container and in the trunk of their vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a trunk, the marijuana must be stored in a locked container out of reach from the patient.

    The floor summary, found on legislature.mi.gov - said the broad intentions of House Bill 4856 are to “restrict the transportation or possession of medical marijuana in or upon a vehicle designed for land travel.”

    Jamie Lowell, co-founder of Third Coast Compassion Center located at 19 N. Hamilton St. in Ypsilanti, said the bill was “unnecessary” and questions the motivation behind it.

    “When reading the language of the bill, it is very similar to how a gun would be treated,” he said.

    “The people of Michigan, by passing the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, said, ‘We need to look at this entire issue differently.’ House bill 4856 does not reflect this mandate,” Lowell said.

    In a recent poll from his blog, located at The Compassion Chronicles, Lowell found 77 percent of responders said the new legislation was “an unnecessary restriction,” and 23 percent “view it as a reasonable protection.”

    Denise Pollicella, a lawyer and founder of Cannabis Attorneys of Mid-Michigan from Howell, responded in the weekly poll and blog that the new law was “tolerable.”

    “Too many times in the past four years have I seen cars torn apart and drivers arrested over a joint in the ashtray,” Pollicella said. “Like most laws, this one is aimed at the lowest common denominator of our society, and the rest of us with more common sense must bear the irritation.”

    Eastern Michigan University junior Danielle Weatherspoon said the new law will be helpful, and it “sets a good tone.”

    “Even though marijuana is legal for some, it still needs to have regulations in place,” she said.

    EMU freshman Aaliyah Sherman said she agrees with the law for safety reasons.

    “Pill containers have childproof lids, and you can’t drive around with open alcohol. It doesn’t hurt to lock it up,” she said.

    Antonio Scott, a personal trainer and Ypsilanti resident, said lawmakers shouldn’t bother with irrelevant restrictions.

    “Putting limits on laws that have just passed doesn’t make much sense,” he said.

    Violators of the law could receive a misdemeanor with fines up to $500 and/or imprisonment for up to 93 days. The law was ordered into immediate effect.

    Voters approved the MMMA in November 2008, and the program has received over 344,000 applications since April 2009.

    Source - Easter Echo

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