Discussion in 'Places and People' started by island, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. island

    island New Member

    Any Michiganders? Specifically central/west coast?
  2. nateddi

    nateddi New Member

    southfieldish area

    oakland county for those who dont know
  3. imported_PunkJunkie

    imported_PunkJunkie New Member

    I live in brighton, about 45 minutes southwest of detroit. southfield huh??? you wouldnt be familiar with the basic food store right off the lodge would ya??
  4. CrosbyColor

    CrosbyColor New Member

    Sterling heights, 10 miles away from detroit :)
  5. nateddi

    nateddi New Member

    I dont think I am. And since when is Brighton southwest of detroit? It's northwest, right... a little west of Novi?
  6. CrosbyColor

    CrosbyColor New Member

    yes, more near the Flint area. ;)
  7. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    Sterling Heights here as well

    where u at in SH shaun, I'm at 17/van dyke

    and wuts ur prices where ur at for some decent mids?
  8. CrosbyColor

    CrosbyColor New Member

    18 and Ryan, DAMN we close! lol. I either get dro for 15 a gram or nice regs for 8-10 a gram

    You have an AIM S/n or MSN?
  9. TriggerHappy370

    TriggerHappy370 New Member

    I live in Ann Arbor, its kinda close to Detroit, ppl from around the detroit area should know the city i am talking about.
  10. Big Chris

    Big Chris New Member

    sup guys.. just saw this post.. it was back a ways, but i decided to post anyways.. but yea.. i live in Muskegon 2 miles away from lake michigan..
  11. LeperAffinity

    LeperAffinity New Member

    I live in Troy, 20 or 30 minutes north west of detroit
  12. Y.B.I

    Y.B.I New Member

    i live in detroit 3 blocks away from Telegraph
  13. bassgod147

    bassgod147 New Member

    St. Clair Shores, anyone from 'round here?
  14. SkyTripper

    SkyTripper New Member

    Michigan is cool.
    Don't live there but used to trip around the countryside there.
    Yeah.....the UP, Mackinac Island, Oscoda, Sault Ste. Marie to Escanaba.
    Lake Superior KIX ASS!
    But I swear to God......the mosquito IS the state bird!
  15. TriggerHappy370

    TriggerHappy370 New Member

    Yeah thats tru, we do have alot of mosquitos and it sucks. Its nothing compared to the bugs in West Virginia, there are SOOO many and thier all different sizes and thier all ugly, it freaks me out, I never want to go thier again (this is on a farm).
  16. island

    island New Member

    Yeah but you like grow immune to them after a couple summers :). Michigan is a great place except for the winter-early spring, it REALLY sucks that time of year.
  17. redeyed

    redeyed New Member

    and its northwest :p about an hour from the bridge i guess (i dont know anything about the city or state i grew up in)
    as well as its like 45 minutes south of flint if taking US-23/I-75

    and holy freeking crap punk junkie
    im in brighton as well!
  18. Perplexed Pixie

    Perplexed Pixie Ladybug Sunflower

    Grand Rapids Rocks... Come and see a Concert at Van Andel Arena..
  19. redeyed

    redeyed New Member

    will if my favorite band plays there (yeah im the devoted to drive 2 or so hours to grand rapids)

    but they wont play there, since they are small group they will more likely play in Detroit or Chicago (wich if i goto chicago im getting an ounce or 1/2 ounce from my friend who lives 30 miles away from there)
  20. Aims420

    Aims420 New Member

    I'm in Grand Rapids.

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