Microwave Firecracker

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by 1956, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Gave it a try this morning, couldn't tell the difference between nuking it and cooking it in the oven.
    I didn't want to get it too hot so I gave it 3 x 10 second blast, 1 x 20 second blast, and 1 x 15 second blast. With a few minutes in between each one as I puttered around the house. Didn't really have a scheme for the times, just didn't want to overcook it, yet still wanted it cooked enough. Sure saved time.
  2. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Did you feel the effects as heavily as if you oven'd it? I remember reading somewhere that microwaves can damage THC but I'm not sure if that's true, if you say you got the same effects, it's probably as efficient, maybe a little less... good to know, I'll try this out next time I'm in the mood for a homeade edible!
  3. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    It's a little to hard to judge because I never weigh the weed just eyeball it and figure it's enough to do the trick. If anything was lost it was minimal. Maybe the repeated short blast of microwave made a difference, maybe the anti-microwave legend is all BS.

    Worth a try for the simplicity. Edibles in under 60 seconds.
  4. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Did another microwave firecracker today. about .25 grams. 5 blast x 15 seconds each with a little time in between each blast. Can't imagine an oven would do any better.
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  5. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    ok,,,,ya convinced me,,, i'll try one in the morning,,,

    wow,,,a whole new snap,crackle,pop........

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