Migraines and Marijuana - I need some help!

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by cj117, May 3, 2009.

  1. cj117

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    My godmother has suffered from Migraines for as long as I've known her (since I was a baby, so 20+ years..). She said she tried marijuana for migraines once and it didn't help. We talked about it and she said she could have used it wrong, but either way she gave up. My guess is that she had no experience with self-dosage and ended up getting either too high, not high enough, or used the wrong strain. I've read many reports that MJ works for migraines, but no literature seems to exist on HOW to use it.

    So my questions are as follows:

    Is one strain more effective for the treatment?
    ie. would Sativa be better than Indica, or what?

    Should she smoke more, or less? Should she have to get stoned or can she toke only a little bit to help with the pain?

    Would a vaporizer be more effective than smoking? Or, perhaps, would eating a brownie or something work better?

    I read that MJ is effective at PREVENTING, rather than TREATING Migraines. Any thoughts on this?

    I'm looking for people who have a bit of experience on the matter, and can lend a hand, I've seen her in her migraine bouts and they are really horrible.. any links or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks =)
  2. McGruff

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    This study reports c.indica and c.sativa are both effective treatments. I have not had any problems with headaches, heart palpitations, muscle spasms, enlarged prostate or acid reflux in a very long time. This is my apple a day, truly a miracle plant that should be available to all responsible adults.

    Most medical strains are a indica/sativa hybrid. I hope this helps.

    Hemp for Headache:
    An In-Depth Historical and Scientific Review
    of Cannabis in Migraine Treatment​
    By Ethan Russo

  3. Chronja HaZe

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    i'm sure if you read up, that'll help, although it depends. sometimes i'll get a little headache if i smoke too much, in that case i found that smoking more helps that to go away. it's gotta be different for everyone, but usually when i have a headache at school or something then go blaze and shit its usually gone within a reasonable time. but hey like i said its gotta be different for everyone.

    Stay High -
  4. McGruff

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    I think because it's unregulated, even if your told this smoke is brand X, Y or Z it may or may not be the same each time. Different grow methods, or early or late harvest. Too many variables for sure, I remember getting some of the sparkles snap crackle pop weed that was not flushed of fertilizers before harvest. Not what you'd want for a headache for sure.
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  5. fivas69

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    I too use marijuana for headaches/migranes. I was diagnosed with kiere malformation 1 about 5 years ago but they never did anything for it so I started smoking weed when I got headaches and it helps great, when I smoke i don't get a headache for a few days.

    It works better if I make space brownies though.
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  6. Chronja HaZe

    Chronja HaZe Sacred Clown

    you're absolutely right about that first part. unless you know a guy or something that grows the same kind all the time, or get it from a dispensary, you're never really sure.
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  7. cj117

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    Well what's more effective? A sativa strain or an indica strain?
    You say the brownies seem to help a lot?

    How about the onset/during headaches? Does it help? When do you smoke?
  8. fivas69

    fivas69 New Member

    I'm still new to smoking and I don't know the difference between sativa and indica.
    The brownies work the same but the high obv. lasts a lot longer so it helps more.

    By now I can tell when I'm going to have a migrane so I smoke immediately.
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