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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Kush_Dude111, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Kush_Dude111

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    Sorry for the double posting on the same subject here. My recruiter just called me and asked me to turn in my application and that ' my time is running short '. Damn I wish i wasn't stupid younger and had to get drug charges.

    Anyways, I've been reading and saw that the miltary cutoff for THC was 50nanograms but the confirmation level was 15 nanograms/ml. What does this mean? I have had drug charges and I know that my drug use will come up somewhere along my MEPS experience. I'm going to say that my last use of Marijuana was when I got arrested, however It was not. It was about a month ago ( give or take a few days ). I'm in fear that because I said my last use was X amount of days and I may be below the 50 ng/ml cutoff but in confirmation zone they may try to pull some F**k sh*t.

    Idk, I really don't have anyone AT ALL to talk to openly about this for I am keeping most of it to myself so this is the only way to feel somewhat better. I have to turn the application for the Airforce in tommarow, then a waiver has to be pushed for my drug charges, then I have to go to court to get documents signed , then off to meps. For all this i'm going to stall aslong as I can. I'm going to take a home test tommarow and see what that is. If I wasn't mistaken the cutoff for home test is 50ng/ml.

    When/If I do go to MEPS i'm going to use the dilution method but not to the extreme because I won't have the proper time to set it up nor will I know the exact time of my drug test and i'm hoping that I'm actually going to be clean. I really want to be able to serve my country and pursue a career and I can only imagine how much I would have f'kd that up If i pee 'hot'.

    Anyways, thanks for reading any tips/advice anyone can give is appreciated. I'm drinking alot of Vitamin water with niacin in it and hopefully time will be on my side.

    Take care.
  2. Webdox

    Webdox New Member

    Read the dilution sticky. No where does it say to take niacin or drink alot of anything leading up to the test, only the couple of hours before. All the info you need to pass is contained within that thread. Good luck and God speed.
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  3. w3st3d

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    Okay boss, here's the quick scoop from someone who just went through MEPS.


    MEPS will lie like crazy to you. They will tell you they will run some super-leet amazing, space aged test that will tell them if you sniffed glue in pre-school. It's bullshit. It's just a standard drug test. There's all kinds of people on Yahoo answers and whatnot that contribute to the fear tactics, but it's your standard, run of the mill 50ng immunoassay. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Dilution is hit and miss at MEPS. The good news is that there is no validity testing. It's basically impossible to come up dilute. You can drink like crazy. I went with 32oz Monster (you will be waking up at like 3:30am and be jumping through hoops until 4:30pm or so, might as well get some caffeine) and 64oz Gatorade by 5:00AM. I drank about another 64oz of water throughout the morning until around 7:50, when they gave me my test.

    The bad part, which I can't 100% say happens everywhere, is the bathroom situation. At my MEPS, there was a bathroom in the main lobby type room anybody could use. As you can imagine, I was pissing like crazy for about the first hour and a half I was inside. At that point, we were sent to the medical wing, which only has 1 bathroom that is for testing ONLY. This isn't a problem at first, as there is a shitton of people wandering about and I had no problems getting back to the lobby to pee.

    About 6:30-7:00 we were called in for a power-point about filling out medical forms. After about an hour (7:50) I was seriously ready to die I had to pee so bad. I told the guy I had to go, he asked if I could hold it for 10 more minutes for the drug test. I say no, thinking I'll get another void in before the test. Wrong-o. Calls the nurse-man in and says I can't hold it, and he takes just me back for my test. Good news was, since it was just me and him, he wasn't really being official and was hitting on a nurse through the sample-passing window as I went. Used some midstream to the bare minimum line, hand it to him, and he says it's not enough. Not a problem, as I was peeing for like 10 minutes, lol. Top him off and he comments on the greenish tint, because I took too much B2. He tells me that green pee is from detoxing. I tell him I take a mega-vitamin pack every morning (which I also wrote on my paperwork) and have never been near drugs. He shrugs, I sign, and booya.

    So yeah, try to pee as much as possible before you get funneled into the medical wing. They won't let you go after that until after the test. But your MEPS may be a little different.

    And just FYI, the test they do in front of you is for glucose or something, it's not the drug test. They are sent to a lab and take 1-2 weeks for results. Your recruiter will let you know if you're hot.

    Good luck, flyboy. Let me know if you have anything else you want to know. I studied this crap a lot before I went. And I'm IN!
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  4. Kush_Dude111

    Kush_Dude111 New Member

    Thank you so much for your feedback man. It really helps alot.

    Well I just went to the recruiter today, gave him some paperwork. I have to get some papers signed by the court saying that I've only had X amount of charges. Then I have to give him some statements on what happened a DMV report and a few other things then my waiver will get pushed. If it's a yes then I'm off to meps ( dunno how long tho ) if its a no well... damn =/. But i'm hoping it's going to be a yes. I haven't smoked in quite a bit. I don't actually remember the exact day the last time was because I didn't know I had this stuff coming up I just decided it was time to quit. I believe it's been around 3 weeks , possibily more. I have done alot of workout , sweating, drinking niacin enriched water ( for metabolism burning ). I'm going to stall as much as I can before handing in paperwork and going to MEPS. Unfortanutely the commander that gives a yes/no on my waiver apparently looks at the time that it took me to do all of this paperwork and judges that on my 'ambition' to join. Thats what the recruiter said, may be BS i'm not sure.

    Thanks again for all the helpful comments, although i'm still worried about failing because this is my career and I don't want to f**k it up.
  5. Kush_Dude111

    Kush_Dude111 New Member

    Just bumping.

    I had some reassurance today when I went after work to buy a home first check CVS drug test. Buy At Home Marijuana Drug Test online at

    It came up negative. Well... Very Faint Line but it was definately still there. The test was a 50ng/ml cutoff and it said the faint line doesn't mean anything if its there and the control line is there too its a negative. It worried me a little just because of the faintness of the line.

    It must of been my second or third void of the day it was at night right after work so I had not pissed for a good 3 - 6 hours. Not much water in me either , I definately didn't use any dilution. Now my next step is to get everything ready and get my waiver pushed.

    I should have atleast 2 weeks until MEPS , i'm still worried about them denying my wavier for drug possesion. I scored high on my asvab, does anyone have any information about drug waivers for the military? Anyways i'm probably getting a little off topic. But thanks for the feedback, i'll check back to this thread every now and then and keep u guys updated. I have another home test I'm going to workout alot and try some dilution and let you know how that came up. Take care
  6. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    From what I have been hearing, because of the surplus of recruits coming through right now, waivers are few and far between. However, your recruiter wouldn't be bothering with you if he didn't think he could get you through. I would just do your best to try and relax and let thing happen. It sounds like you have done what you could. Just because the Air Force won't have you doesn't mean the Army or something won't. Things could also be much different down the road when their numbers start to drop.

    Unfortanutely the commander that gives a yes/no on my waiver apparently looks at the time that it took me to do all of this paperwork and judges that on my 'ambition' to join. Thats what the recruiter said, may be BS i'm not sure.

    That sounds like typical recruiter speak. They aren't in a hurry, they have a ton of people processing every day. He is just trying to get his numbers in. If you get approved, you will need to devote 2 days for MEPS. Have a good excuse lined up to push it back another week or two if your waivers get through. If I had to guess, I would say you have atleast a week or two before you hear about the waivers, though.

    You realllllly don't want to piss hot at MEPS. That's a stake to the heart . Not even the Army will want you at that point.
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  7. theapatra

    theapatra New Member

    Funny thing

    Did you guys know that the army wont take you if you have any drug charges on your record at this time...infact ht eonly bbranch that will wave such charges is the marines.....funny aint it?
  8. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    .......yes, I did. I am about 95% sure a positive test at MEPS is a DQ from the Marines, outside of the dificulty of getting a moral waiver for a civilian infraction.
  9. mondoman

    mondoman New Member

    Can't really tell you much that hasn't been said about the MEPS procedure and test, but I will tell you this: If you pass and get in, do not slip up and smoke again before basic. I know it's tempting. They will test you within a week of arrival. We lost 4 guys to that test. I was in the same branch you're applying to.

    Also, w3sted's experience matches my own. I specifically remember them declining to let several people go to the bathroom once we hit the medical wing. We got ours right after the mouth swabs.

    Good luck!
  10. Spoon_Of_Thunder

    Spoon_Of_Thunder New Member

    Adding on this this thread a little bit. I'm going to meps tomorrow and I smoked 2 weeks ago. They've pted the hell out of me and I passed their iCup drug test today, but they said the one at M.E.P.S. is stronger and can detect more things. Am I screwed or will I pass?
  11. bluntfox

    bluntfox New Member

    good luck man, i'm in the same boat, 13 days in between, good thing i was really only smoking schwag haha
    less than 150 lbs, fast metabolism, i hope i'm good
    i really hope meps isnt that strong, i hear they'll ignore small signs of dilution
    anyone got any help for us?
    also, i got some creatine, i took like two scoops and i've been pissing a lot, like in the last half hour 5 times, should i stop taking this stuff a few days before?
  12. greenmarine

    greenmarine New Member

    Hey everybody, I just took my MEPS urinalysis and am majorly stressed. I think I will be good to go, but here is what I am working with:

    -Heavy smoker for about 3 years
    -No bud in about 4 weeks
    -Cut back substantially in the month before abstaining
    -Good shape (body fat<10%), 6'1" 170lb, high metabolism
    -Dieting for last month, frequent exercise
    -Used 7 day detox program in the week prior to test
    -Didn't workout for the 3 days before the test
    -Drank 2 cups cranberry juice, 4-5 cups water morning before test
    -Urinalysis was on like my 5th void of the day, came out very light yellow... well hydrated but not to the point of suspicion

    What kind of wait am I looking at for results? My ASVAB and PFT scores are great so I'd hate to mess this up with a hot test...
  13. bluntfox

    bluntfox New Member

    i think you'll be good, tell me when you get your results please?
  14. TreeRoller

    TreeRoller New Member

    Alright guys, I'm new to the board and this is my story:

    I am 5'7 160lb.
    Clean for 56 days

    I am currently trying to get into the Air Force but I still can't pass at home tests. The first one I took was about 28 days clean and I sent it off and it came back 24 ng/mL. I then bought another about 45 days clean and it came back 23 ng/mL.

    Does anyone have any information they can share with me? I mean does it really take 2 weeks to drop 1 ng/mL? I am wanting to be completely clean and go to MEPS and tell them I've never smoked. Please help.
  15. TreeRoller

    TreeRoller New Member

    Needing Input

    I am new to the board and would greatly appreciate any helpful information:

    I am 5'7 160 lb. 21 years old
    Clean for 56 days.
    Chronic user every day for 1-2 years.

    Trying to get completely clean so I can go to MEPS.

    I took an at home test on day 28 of being clean and sent it off and they said it was 24 ng/mL.

    Took another test on day 45 and it came back 23 ng/mL.

    Does it really take 2 weeks to drop 1 ng/mL?

    I want to go to MEPS and tell them I've never used marijuana. When should I expect to be able to do that?
  16. bluntfox

    bluntfox New Member

    You need to get under 50ng/ml when your piss is yellow and you'll be cool. Say you never smoked, they aren't going to do shit as long as you're not stupid enough to admit "i was a chronic smoker for 2 years, quit two months ago" your story there needs to go a little more like "i never smoked" they wont call your bluff
  17. TreeRoller

    TreeRoller New Member

    so you are saying i'm fine now? i'm not using any dillution with t hose 2 tests.
  18. bluntfox

    bluntfox New Member

    yeah, they're only checking it at 50ng/ml if it's not diluted
  19. farmbri12

    farmbri12 New Member

    I am having the same problem I smoked one joint on January 3rd and i will probably be heading to meps within the next 2 weeks or month. I have been drinkin about a gallon of water each day and I weigh 130 pounds and am 5'7. I work out for about an hour each day. I want to kno if I will be clean if I go to meps by march 3rd which would be 2 months since I last smoked.
  20. passion

    passion New Member

    Damn, I typed this huge question and it did an error... now I gotta re type this again lol...
    I know this is sort of off topic, but i figured if anyone online would know, it would be someone here because in my personal experience, you guys are so much more knowledgeable then any yahoo answers jerk LOL (has anyone else noticed that the people who answer questions there are total retards lol that never really "know"?)

    I am extremely interested in the Navy. I went to speak with a recruiter, and I told him about a marijuana ticket I got in 2004. In Ca, this particular type of marijuana offence (less then an ounce) is supposed to be "searched and destroyed" not sealed or expunged but actually destroyed after 2 years. He said something along the lines of "The background checks we do are similar to those of the Sherriff's or Police department, so it will most likely still show up in the computers, and might be a problem"... is he just trying to scare me or is this true? I have contacted the courthouse where my charge was and they don't show it in their system anymore, but I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience and if it did show up, or if it was a problem, at least if not this kind of charge, a similar charge that was "destroyed"? I actually have 9 lbs to lose before they will even let me practice test so he basically isn't helping me out, giving me any ideas about anything. I tried to get more information from this gentleman, even asked him if there was any way he could do a check on my record, and I really don't know how or if the Navy works this way or if he is just being an ass/lazy but he says I have to show dedication before moving forward (even though I have lost 60 lbs in the last 6 months & am on a plateau, sorry off topic lol)

    I am sorry if this or something similar was already posted, I tried to 'search' to see if anything close to this has ever been posted but I might just be a moron who can't figure out the search... I also tried to see if there was a much better place to post something of this nature, but I figured under a military post would be the closest. Thank you so much for your time.

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