Milk and weed??

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by vvicked0471, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    Sorry if this is a repost but I searched and couldnt find what I was looking for.

    I have heard that if you grind up about a J's worth of green and take it with a shot of milk that it is comparable to eating a brownie. Anyone know if this is true?
  2. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    You'd have to boil the Marijuana in the Milk first, make sure it's 2% or Vitamin D.
  3. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    I use whole milk. Will this work?
  4. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    You'd have to boil the milk first (double-boiler system works best).

    Do the exact same thing you would do if you were making Cannabutter, but subsitute butter with milk.
  5. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    Awesome, thanks man! I dont have a double boiler but I have heard that you can make do by boiling water then putting a ceramic mug in the boiling water. Any ideas on whether or not this will work?
  6. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

    I've done this. It's like a hot water bath for milk. Put like 4 fl.oz. of whole milk in a ceramic mug, boil a pot of water, put the mug in the bath, put the weed in the milk (probably about a half to full gram depending on your intentions), wait for 30 minutes. The milk should get really green. I used it in a couple cups of coffee, delicious. Make sure you take necessary precautions as to not burn yourself on the mug or the water, or milk for that matter, when you take the mug from the bath. It gets mad hot obviously.
  7. bigfatpothead

    bigfatpothead New Member

    don't use a double boiler !!!

    here's how I make the AWESOME Ice cream You may have seen at Seattle Hempfest.

    Put your weed in whole milk (whole milk has all the fat still in it) and "steep" it.
    That means almost to a boil, but not boiling, and stir in your ground up weed.
    a half ounce for a half gallon will make a milk shot that will virtually put yer dick in the dirt!

    This is called "BHANG" and is used in India as a medicine for everything.

    I then use the milk to make Ice cream.

    Rev. Roland A. Duby
    Brothers For Mercy
  8. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    After trying this recipe on a smaller scale I am disappointed. Im not sure what went wrong but lets just say that my dick was definitely not in the dirt! I dont know if I cooked it for too long, or not long enough. I tried steeping it in a double boiler for about 30 min. The result? A milk that was slightly darker than usual, tasted horrible and didnt really do anything for me. When you suggested that I try a half ounce to a half gallon I broke that down to 1.75 grams per cup (16 cups to a gallon so I took 14 grams divided by 8 cups to come up with 1.75 grams per). As I said I steeped it for roughly half an hour and nothing happened. I suppose it could have been the quality of green I used (I used some mids, goes for about $40 a quarter) but I dont have access to anything better as the local police decided to get off their asses and arrest every dealer in this damn city. So in short, what did I do wrong?
  9. RookieSmoker

    RookieSmoker Sr. Member

    you probably should've steeped it for less time. It seems like the milk got burned hence the horrible taste, I've never made it before, but try for either less time, or a lower heat when using a smaller scale, less heat might be the better idea.
  10. bigfatpothead

    bigfatpothead New Member

    don't use a double boiler !!!!!

    Here is a good link

    Erowid Experience Vaults: Cannabis - Experimenting with Bhang - 27264


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