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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by ikari, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    My friend recently ran into weed that smells VERY STRONGLY of mint... I don't even smell the regular weed smell at all, it's just mint.

    He smoked some and the smoke coming off of it smells like mint/something i can't describe as well... it's a weird mint too, not a regular minty smell... he said it tasted like that as well..

    Me, being unsure, didn't smoke it.. I've never ran across something that smells that strong of something else.. I've had blueberry before, and it tasted a little and smelled a little like blueberry, but not this strong... i can't even smell the regular weed smell at all..

    Anyways, has anyone run into this sort of weed? What's up with it? My only concern is it might have been sprayed with something..
  2. Buzz-a-licous

    Buzz-a-licous New Member

    Maybe someone crushed up some altoids? ;) :p I dunno, I've personally never come across any, but there are some odd strains of bud out much did he smoke, how ripped did he get?
  3. Shaba Zero

    Shaba Zero New Member

    Some people smoke the mint plant. Perhaps it was mixed with regular herb? [shrugs]

    Or maybe it was soaked in mouthwash. I refuse to believe that marijuana could be bred to smell like something completely different than it is.
  4. Super Woman

    Super Woman New Member

    When I used to keep my bagggie in old mint containers the weed always smelled like mints. I can't remember it tasting the mints, but that could be a possibility.
  5. Shaman

    Shaman Seasoned Activist

    The two most probable things that come to mind are:
    A) The weed was stored in an altoids container
    B) It was flavored with mint oil. I have flavored weed with cinnamon oil and vanilla, don't see why it couldn't be done with mint. Makes for a harsher smoke though...
  6. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    I have an altoids container, and I just smelled it.

    It smells different from the weed.
    Both are mint, but the weed is more .. i can't describe it..

    Which is what worried me that it had been sprayed or something..
  7. ncj

    ncj New Member

    wow i was just going to start a thread about this. the other day i bought a dime bag and it smelled completely like mint, not even a little like weed. it was weird but i didnt think much of it. i rolled up about half a nik and got preety high. it didnt smell like altoids though, it smelled more like mouthwash. go ahead and smoke it man, it was preety good.
  8. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    Its just the weed, not altoids. Havent you guys ever had mint smelling weed?
  9. ncj

    ncj New Member

    obviously we have had mint smelling weed recently for the first time. if we knew it was just the weed, we wouldnt post threads asking questions about it. :laugh:
  10. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    Alright, all the responses (from here and elsewhere) have said it's just normal weed.

    So i just smoked some. It tastes just like regular weed, nothing added.. and im stoned now, regular stone tho... not super messed or anything.

    So i guess it's just really minty smelling weed :)
  11. Bobyoung

    Bobyoung New Member

    I had some Blueberry Mint weed recently, and it was VERY minty, with a hint of blueberry. Its pretty common to run into different strains of weed like that, ive had a few different mint types, ive had blueberry weed that was completely purple and smelt so strongly of blueberry it stunk up my entire car (which is great because who doesnt love the smell of blueberry!!), ive even had mango flavoured weed.
  12. Noeone

    Noeone Sr. Member

    Dude I had a bag like that a couple weeks ago. It turned out to be a nice smoke too. I also just got a bag that smells sweet.
  13. Bx4Lyfe_2005

    Bx4Lyfe_2005 Well-Known Member

    It sounds more like a flavoring was added to the MJ, rather than it being a byproduct of growing.

    But maybe this thread would be better served in the growing and cultivation section of the board...who would better know the crop than the farmer, eh?
  14. Zaireeka

    Zaireeka New Member

    I've got some spearmint leaves that came with my herbal vaporizer. Mayhaps I'll sprinkle some of those in next time along with the other products....
  15. Noeone

    Noeone Sr. Member

    If it is I can't find any on the bud. I broke it up on this black acrylic sheet and looked at
    it and the residue with my 100x microscope. As far as I could tell it was just normal
    bud. Either way they are still a good smoke. Also it doesn't taste any different.
  16. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    they smell tobacco/herb flavors at head shops. mint is a common one. its a liquid and you put one or 2 drops in a whole bag

    it wont smell like a true fresh mint though. kind of like a mint extract. depending on how much is put on will determine whether there is a taste or just a smell.

    most likely this is the case. never heard of a mint smelling strain. i guess its possible though.

    i had a friend who was a dealer once. and he liked putting this stuff on the bags me smoked. a few times people asked for some blueberry taste or something to be added. and once he got a really bad sack and he used the flavor to help improve the smell. he still sold it real cheap though of course
  17. FormalJoker

    FormalJoker New Member

    yo ive been lookin for mint weed for a while. youre saying i can just add mint oil to it or like chop up sum mint and mix it with the green?
  18. Dank Perception

    Dank Perception 4TheLULZ!

    I got some schwag for free that smelled of mint. Until I opened up some buds then it smelled of skunk. I smoked it and got high, nothing else happened.
  19. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    Does it look like bud or did he maybe get ripped off an bought shitloads of mint leaves...I've done it to people i don't like so i consider it possible.. I feel bad about those people now.
  20. boybuds

    boybuds New Member


    Yes, I know this is an old post, but I've heard spearaminty weed is likely laced with something to make the effect stronger, or hook you. I think I was told heroin, or something.

    THIS just sounds like it was lightly misted to make believe it was a special grown strain, or something.

    I would certainly ask my dealer though, why it smells like mint, and not altoids, or weed! ;-)

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