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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by ObiWantAToke, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. ObiWantAToke

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    First time I've ever had a drug screen.

    In this case, it was for pre-employment.

    A friend of mine recommended what I think is a synthetic called MinuteMan, which is marketed as a hand-warmer. Basically it's packaged with a plastic bottle with a temperature strip on the outside of the bottle, and two vials filled with what I was told is dried urine and a heating catalyst. I had never heard of it before and to be honest was incredibly nervous as this was my first time AND this particular substitute has hardly ANY information on it, either confirmation of users passing or failing. After spending several hours browsing the forums I found only one user who claims to have had success with it on several occasions, but without any information on what test/conditions it was used in. I'm insanely paranoid by nature as I work in the technology field and thus far, as I mentioned, I have never had a drug screen.

    Here are the conditions in which I used this product. I hope someone here has some feedback, and I will post once I have a better idea on whether or not I've passed or failed.

    1: I used a specific type of underwear called 'Boxer-briefs'. I HIGHLY recommend them as, if you get the right fit, they're tight in the crotch, allowing for a secure fit, as well as the fact that the legs attached also fit tightly, adding extra holding 'power'. In addition, most brands come with the front pouch/fold to allow for removing your gear through the fly of your pants, which acts as a great compartment for smaller vials and such.

    2: The bottle that this product comes with is fairly large, considering, and can be a bit unwieldy to 'pack'. The temperature strip on the outside is fairly accurate. I put mine below my scrotum with the temp strip down for more accurate reading, 45 minutes before going in for the test. This was sufficient to get the water at an even 90F. The bottle itself is shaped into a width of about 2 inches, coming to a point along each side. Take this into account if you have to do any extensive walking before the test.

    3: For my particular test, in this case pre-employment, I was given the instructions of rinsing off my hands prior to providing the sample, and was not allowed to use soap. After removing the contents of my pockets and locking them securely, I was given a cup and asked to fill it to the line. Since I'd discussed with the technician before my test that I had never before had to take a test, they told me that I could give as much as I was able, but to do so in a timely manner so that the temperature could be maintained.

    4: Once in the bathroom, I noticed that the water in the toilet was dyed blue, obviously to prevent use for dilution/substitution. For my test I was not observed. I removed the bottle from below my scrotum and removed the vial of dried urine/catalyst from the small 'pouch' in the front of the boxer-briefs, combined them, quietly held the bottle upside down and then right-side up three or four times to get the best possible results for dissolving the catalyst while being as quiet and discreet as I could. The bottle immediately heated to slightly above 100f. I then poured the substitute into the sample container from a slight angle and height to simulate a slight bit of splash on the sample container walls and to simulate the sound. I also filled to JUST below the line, as I had mentioned previously to the tech that I didn't know how much I had. I thought that putting it to the exact line would be somewhat suspicious. I quickly re-'packed' the materials and closed the lid.

    5: With my test, the tech had me print and sign my name on the form after allowing me to wash my hands, she then sealed the container in my presence and had me initial. Finally she signed off on the paper indicating that the temperature was acceptable, (between 90 and 100f), and said I was free to go.

    I'm still very, very worried about the results. Since this seems to be a largely untested product, my concern at this point lies in the possibilities of detection of the synthetic substance. The possibility that perhaps I didn't dissolve the catalyst properly, etc. Since I took my test mid-day on Friday, I likely won't hear about results (if at all, I hope) until at least Monday.

    Has anyone ever used this product and, if so, to what result? My friend claims to have used it multiple times without any difficulties, but his descriptions for his tests were very different than what I experienced.

    I hope this helps someone, and if there are any points of advice or thoughts I would be most appreciative.

    Edit: I thought I should add that the testing facility, according to the paperwork I was given, has/uses a system called FasTrak 1-Hour testing. I tried to research this but found very little about either methodology or if it even applied to the type of testing I was going in for. Anyone heard of this?

    Also, upon recollecting my experience, I remembered making what i feel may have been a dire mistake. The technician asked what if any medications I'd taken recently, and I mentioned that I had taken cold medication 'several weeks' previous, as well as aspirin. Is it possible to test for these substances and if so, could this possibly lead to detection of the substitution should there be no traces?
  2. Secs

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    Wow, what a post.

    First of all, I have no idea what a FasTrak 1-Hour testing is. If she sealed the urine into two vials and then into a shipping bag, you did not have an instant "one-hour" test. Your urine went to a laboratory.

    On the paperwork, it should say the name of a lab. (LabCorp, MedTox, Kroll, Quest Diagnostics, Advanced Toxicology Network etc.).

    They cannot detect cold medication for the next few weeks and the collector should never have asked you if you were taking medication unless she was a doctor, Physicians Assistant or someone of equal caliber. A Registered nurse, practical nurse, nurses assistant, technician, etc.. doesn't qualify as a MRO, so what she was going to do with the information, I have no idea.

    I have never heard of the product you used. Please post your results here when you know.
  3. ObiWantAToke

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    Sorry, I wanted to be thorough.

    In addition, there was one single specimen cup, single sample, that she sealed in my presence. It had a sort of nipple on top that looked like it had a hole in it, as though a needle or something went inside.

    Now I'm kinda panicked. The company that I tested with, in this case a hospital chain called Legacy, will be performing the tests. There is a section for the lab to check off as to the results and I gather from the way that the sheet is arranged that there's a section for 'Refusal to Test Because:' with two conditions, being 'adulterated' and 'substituted'. How effective are methods for determining substitution?!

    It says in the 'Drug Tests to be Performed' section that the test is 'U CULP'. What type of test is this? Is it terribly accurate in determining substitutions?

    The merchant I purchased this from assures me (Somehow I didn't expect anything less considering his position as a retailer) that it wouldn't be detected and he's never had any complaints, that it's dried urine with a heat catalyst and that it won't test positive and won't show as a substitute. I still can't find any information on this brand.

    I found only a few references mentioning this product:

    Marihemp: Drug Testing: Thread #17387
  4. Secs

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    Don't apologize for your post, I was impressed with the detail of it.

    I have never hear of the product you used. We'll just have to wait and see...
  5. ObiWantAToke

    ObiWantAToke New Member

    I PASSED!!

    I have never felt so relieved. Apparently there was no notice of the substitution and the test came back negative.

    Score one for the sub club!!
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  6. hvacjim

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    I used the minuteman handwarmer with success. The test was administered by a co that does testing for Ford. It may have been a 2 part test. Preliminary results were available within 10 minutes. A fellow employee said they sent the sample to a lab for in depth testing. It was a 10 drug test.
    I really like this product, but wish I could find it in Missouri or online. The only place I know to get it is a head shop 1100 miles away and they will not ship.
    Any ideas on this?
    this is the real deal as I know multiple people who have used it multiple times.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  7. soundwatcher

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    So far I have used MinuteMan on two seperate occasions. They are quite expensive, but WELL worth it. For some reason both packages I have purchase only come with 1 vial. (Perhaps the store is skimping on me?) Either way they could still charge me twice as much and it would still be worth it. I paid $60 per test.
    The first time I used it I was extremely nervous as well. Luckily the man who sold it to me gave me step by step instructions verbally, rather than the vague ones that were included.
    I premixed the water and half of the vial contents before I left. When I got to the testing facility, I set my defrost on high and put the bottle there for 5 minutes (concealing it with newspaper; you can never be too careful) which put the temperature well above the 102 mark. I wore briefs and kept the bottle beneath my waste band. I found this to be the best place to keep it warm, having tested it for a few days before the screen was to take place. Once I was at the doctors office, I had to wait for about 15-20 minutes before I went into the back. After emptying my pockets, and washing my hands, I preceeded to the bathroom where I took out the bottle and it read 90 on the gauge. So used the rest of the vial and poured it in, but I forgot to mix it. Then I simply poured the contents into the cup which didn't make it to the line. I was so nervious I couldn't even go in the toilet. Luckily when I got out I told the nurse that I thought I had had more in me, but it turned out it was enough. Even though I had forgotten to mix the contents, it still warmed it up enough to pass the 90-100 degree mark. And I never heard any news back and got the job so, I took it I passed. :)
    The second time I used it, everything was the same except I accidentally used the whole vial but I was at 96 when I took it out and passed the temp test then.
    All in all, excellent product!!

    Pee for enjoyment, NOT for employment!
  8. Cmarried

    Cmarried New Member

    Minute man

    Can anyone tell me where to get the minute man at??? I can't seem to find it anywhere
  9. boileranimal

    boileranimal New Member

    Being a construction i am subject to random drug testing and here to teld you that i haved used minuteman many times and the results were 100% sucess!!It works for anything you may want to cover up!It has been my good friend for many years.Out of the two vials i have got as many as four uses or test & have never failed any!!I purchased it from research laboatories.Only promblem i have is i can no longer find available!I have probaly enough four 3 more tests if anyone knows where it can know be purchased please reply!If you have minuteman do not worry go ahead & have Fun!!!
  10. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Did you try a Google search?
  11. schrodie

    schrodie New Member

    Love it! Great quote!! :hail:
  12. JaMichael

    JaMichael Member

    Is minute man a superior product than QF4.2? or is it all the same?
  13. Just Another Gal

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    Minute Man No Longer Passes Your UA

    Hey fellow smokers,

    I felt it necessary to let everyone know that pre-employment drug tests are now testing for "synthetic urine" known as Minute Man.

    I have used Minute Man for my last 4 jobs over about 10 years, and this last week I used it again for a new position I was very excited about. But the test failed. Labs are now testing for "non-human" urine, which is what Minute Man uses - synthetic urine. My test came back failed and they would not allow me to re-test.

    I wanted to let everyone know who has relied on Minute Man (powdered urine in capsules with plastic bottle and temp strip) that you can no longer rely on this to pass your UA.

    I wouldn't want anyone else to go through the humiliation and disapointment of thinking they were fool-proof. I believe the only safe way to pass a drug test is to either clean up for 90 days or to use someone else's urine.
  14. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Testing for "non-human" samples is not a new thing. Labs have been looking for non-human samples for several years now. Labs determine a "non-human" sample by checking the creatinine level. Samples with a creatinine level of 0 - 2 mg/dL are ruled "not consistent with human urine" .
  15. drweb

    drweb Banned

    Had you tested your Minute Man with an adulteration strip, you too, would have known you were submitting a "non-human" sample. You should always check, every time. Every time. Did you buy your MM from a new seller? Old batch?

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