Mixing other drugs with weed

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by zerosktr1314, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. zerosktr1314

    zerosktr1314 New Member

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but it seems close so....I was wondering why with other drugs you need to be worried about what you mix but as far as i know mixing a drug and marijuana isnt dangerous?
  2. DarthGanja

    DarthGanja New Member

    it depends what kind of drugs you mean--i mean i wouldnt take oxycotin and weed--i mean peoples tolerace is diffrent, some people cant smoke and drink, and for other people its no big deal.
    however other drugs can be extremely toxic, for example mixing cocaine and alchohol, or depressents can be seriosuly fatal because of the amount of toxins. Mixing weed and other drugs wont be likely to cause much harm other than getting sick and throwing up

    [MOD note. Discussion of mixing cocaine with alcohol or depressants is off topic. Lets just stick to the affects cannabis can have when mixed with other drugs.]
  3. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    he mod i dont want to point out you wrong but his question did retain to other drugs being mixed so darthganja was just stating that those would be bad to mix

    just like darth said mixing some drugs can be harmful but but as far as weed goes then if like my friend who cant take even a whole prescription pain killer and cant smake a joint with out litteraly laying down on the sidewalk and rolling about 150 yards down the hill to were we were then dont mix any kind of drug but if you have a high tolerance then mixing some drugs with cannabis would be fine just dont use prescriptions unless prescribed by a doctor

    i guess weed just isnt that toxic when combined with other drugs unfortunatly their are people out their who have bad weed so they add meth and stuff into it depending on were you live you may not even have to ever worry about it so know what your taking befor you mix it with weed
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  4. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    Most of his post was fine.

    No problem there, perfectly within the posting guidelines.

    That however has nothing to do with cannabis, now we're just talking about other drugs, which is against the posting guidelines.

    I didn't give Darth an infraction or even an official warning. My hope is members will see my note and make a good decision to go over the posting guidelines.

    Now, if this thread gets to the point of talking about off topics, those posts will go to the tank and infractions will be given.
  5. DarthGanja

    DarthGanja New Member

    i dont really understand whats wrong here, not that i want to continue on the subject becuase ultimatly it doesnt matter.
    but lets say we were in a discussion about why marijuana should be legalized, and i mention that marijuana isnt as dangerous as other drugs, and then i go on to explain why the other drugs are dangerous. there would be no reason why that would be an infraction because although i discussed other drugs it would be incomparison to marijuana
    in this case someone asked a question as to the danger of mixing drugs in comparison to weed, and a comparison was given. i think it certainly does have to do with weed. and actually this conversation of toxicity of weed with other drugs is quite an important topic and should be talked about.
    my intent is not to argue, i'm cool with whatever the rules are, im just explaining my opinion.
  6. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    first off i wont go off topic again i just want to get my word in so ther is not hard feelings by anyone

    i personaly feel that he only made a refrence in comparison no detail was given to actualy using it he was saying that it would be a bad combination and since we are talking about the risks asociated with mixing drugs then it would be better to tell him that a combination like that would be bad so as to make sure he doesnt enterpret it as all illicit drugs would be ok to take with other drugs

    on the other hand i can see were you are coming from trying to keep things focused on weed so that this does not become a "junky's" website

    and keeping things on topic is in the best interest of everyone so lets just forget that this conversation ever happend and keep spreading the word of legalization(of marijuana)
  7. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    I also don't want any hard feeling with any member. I'm a nice guy and the last thing I want to do is hand out infractions or have "enemies".

    However, just so we're clear, the OP is asking if there are any drugs (namely prescriptions as this is in the MMJ forum) that are dangerous to mix with marijuana, if you read the title of this thread that should be clear to you. Even if the OP was asking about drug combinations not including marijuana this thread would be tanked for being off topic.

    If you are going to make comparisons to marijuana's being safer than other drugs, refer to them as "off topic" and you can be sure you won't have any trouble.

    For example... Unlike other off topic drugs, marijuana does not affect the brains dopamine production, which is the leading cause of addiction to any substance as the brain is hard wired to maximize dopamine production. As you can see, you can make your point without starting conversations about off topic substances that will get you and other members in trouble.

    To the OP, AFAIK, there aren't any substances that can be combined with marijuana to make it toxic or dangerous. Obviously we don't want to go overboard, but if you are on a medication and you are a smoker/vaper/consumer you shouldn't have any health problems with the exception of dizziness/nausea etc...

    Other than the PG violation, there are more reasons that it is necessary for me, as a moderator, to intervene.

    Let's say no mods caught notice of the posting of off topic substances by themselves and no mindful members report it. Historically, newer members (and sometimes members who know better) will continue commenting on the affects of this pill or that hallucinogen. The discussion goes on for couple pages before a mod sees it. Now we have several posts that go against the PG, large portions of the thread get tanked and a lot of members receive infractions when it all could have been easily prevented (this has happened in the past, and unfortunately, will happen again).

    If you have any concerns or questions about my actions here, please pm me or another mod or an admin.

    Now let's get back to the topic of this thread. :)
  8. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    This is what the posting guidelines has to say about the matter:
    This is marijuana.com. It's not drugs.com or alcohol.com or cocaine.com.
    The discussions need to stay centered on marijuana, which is the focus here. If you want to talk about other drugs, you have two options:
    Purchase a Chronic user Subscription here, which will give you access to another forum that non-subscrubers don't have access to. The rules are a little different in that one forum for subscribers only. Membership has its privledges. :cool:
    You can also take your discussion of other drugs to another forum where it will be welcomed.

    These forums are NOT a democracy. They are owned by a private individual, and as such, that individual has the rights to operate these forums any way they choose.
    Don't like it? Start your own forums. That's the wonder of the internet, baby. :chokin:
  9. DarthGanja

    DarthGanja New Member

    (as far as earlier comments made, i thought i was in the rules discussing cominations of marijuana in relation to other drug combinations. i apologize and in no way were ment to try to make the forums a democracy, or do anything else but discuss marijuana.) ok,

    I found a few articles that may be interesting in the matter.
    Don't take these as complete fact though, we know that many studies of marijuana are biased against reefer.

    This comes from a Psychology Today entry on Marijuana
    Psychology Today's Diagnosis Dictionary: Cannabis/Marijuana

    "The effects of marijuana on each person depend on the type of cannabis and how much THC it contains...Within a few minutes of inhaling marijuana smoke, the user will likely feel, along with intoxication, a dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, some loss of coordination along with a poor sense of balance and slower reaction time. Blood vessels in the eye expand, so the user's eyes look red. For some people, marijuana raises blood pressure slightly and can double the normal heart rate. This effect can be greater when other drugs are mixed with marijuana, but users do not always know when that happens. As the immediate effects fade, usually after 2 to 3 hours, the user may become sleepy."

    Lets say someone became seriously ill hospital from binging on a particular narcotic, and the person also smoked weed. While i can say almost certainly weed did not cause the overdose, i doubt it helped, thats why i wouldnt recommend mixing other drugs with weed. Other narcotics have been known to cause serious lethal consequences when combined, including prescription medications. I think this risk is far less with Marijuana because it is far less toxic in the body than other drugs. However, because its not going to kill you, i think alot of people think they are safe combining a drug with weed, while in actuality they are still increasing their risk of death, or serious illness, even if its just a small increase of this risk.

    this comes from our best friends over at the white house drug policy center:
    Facts& Figures: Marijuana - Drug Facts, ONDCP

    "in metropolitan areas that reported any marijuana in drug abuse deaths, an average of 79 percent of those deaths involved marijuana and at least one other substance."

    I think combining other narcotics together without weed in the toxicity report, may cause a more serious problem for a persons health than combining weed and another narcotic together. Although i have mixed, most of my friends actually don't and are probobly better off because of it (although this may be for social reasons). iv seen so many people start to regurgatate because cetain depressents in combination with marijuana has caused them to do so.

    when in doubt just smoke a joint relax and enjoy it!
  10. can you lace weed with coke?

    K0TT0NM0UTHK!NG New Member

    Yes, you can lace weed with coke, but why would you want to? Coke is a horrible drug, you shouldnt even be messing around with it. :rolleyes:
  12. dinkydew1

    dinkydew1 New Member

    Hey smoke, put the bowl down and read the afor mentioned posts about off subject drugs.Seems there is enough to talk about regarding pot alone.peace
  13. dinkydew1

    dinkydew1 New Member

    smoke, have you read the above replies on this thread? Read the guidelines.peace
  14. dinkydew1

    dinkydew1 New Member

    A good answer would be," Why would you want to in the first place?
  15. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    Smoke's reply didn't break the guidelines, as he was asking if you can lace marijuana with coke.
    Please be aware that you can edit your posts to add new ideas and thoughts.
  16. circasurvivefan

    circasurvivefan New Member

    What about vicodin and weed? I have a friend that took half a pill of vicodin and smoked a bowl and said that it felt really good but what about taking a little more. The only reason I'm asking is because from what I know vicodin is not all that addictive and can be obtained pretty easily. The normal dosage when given out for pain is 1-2, anyone have any experience with taking say 2 or 3 and then smoking a little bit? I've heard it enhances the high and just gives you a euphoric relaxed felling. Any negatives to this? I'm a pretty smart guy and have never touched anything that I felt would ruin my life in the long run but from my friends reaction to vicodin he's got me curious. I did some searching and didn't find too much info so! guys, help me out. :)

    Oh and yeah, I know that you can od on vicodin because of the acetepheamene (however you spell it :)) that's in there so I'm not talking about fucking around with dosage, just taking a moderate amount and then smoking.
  17. Dank Perception

    Dank Perception 4TheLULZ!

    Yes you can, and it usually feels good. But that's all in opinion, of coarse... I've mixed the both, and other various similar pills with weed and it's a complete relaxation. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel extremely care free, dumbfounded, and happy when I mix the two. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's an addicting mix. I could stare at a wall and be one hundred percent happy to be staring at a wall, lacking most emotions. I'd love to tell you how addictive singular things could be, but I'd probably get an infraction. Don't underestimate addictive qualities, that's all I'm saying.
  18. zerosktr1314

    zerosktr1314 New Member

    I have personally mixed adderall and weed and i found that to be the best weed high ive ever had. it basically takes the wiser side of the high that some people i know get ex. suddenly realizing how the universe works etc., and basically boosts that aspect so that your whole high is a very thoughtful one.
  19. buzz

    buzz New Member

    I've been there done that on scrpit pills so I'll toss in my two. Sorry if I break any rules. You can get hooked on vicodin I did it and it's very easy. Doc Feelgood was my friend
    She was giving me pills like candy to a kid . Then I went to see another pain doc and he gave me stronger vicodin. After all said and done I was eating pills for breakfast lunch and supper. My health went to shit and I almost lost my life.:angel: I rather use weed for pain control:hail:

    Toss the damn things out. They're what I call the ' devils candy":soapbox: I'm done.....buzz

    [Off topic, warning given]

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