MJ killing brain and sperm cells?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Chiksic, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Chiksic

    Chiksic New Member

    I thought it was a myth that marijuana killed brain cells and lowered sperm count, but today a friend and I were talking to a health teacher at my school and she said that it does! I was shocked, because I thought schools were more up to date. Does anyone have any links to reputable studies or anything that cane prove her wrong? Or was I wrong? Does MJ really kill brain cells, and if so, how many? Is it like 2 cells or something, or could it really have a long term effect? Thanks.
  2. Monk

    Monk New Member

    I think your health teacher needs to go back to school

  3. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member


    Well said Monk. :D

    Marijuana does not kill brain cells.

    It can lower sperm count and motility. But they do not fall to abnormal levels. There have also been no studies showing higher infertility rates for men who use marijuana.

    Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts: A Review of the Scientific Evidence by Lynn Zimmer and John P. Morgan.

    Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence by Mitch Earleywine.

    These two books have information that would debunk the myth that marijuana causes brain damage.
  4. mike94z28

    mike94z28 New Member

    dont listen to everything your teacher tells you. some of them arent exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer if ya know what i mean.
  5. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    Sometimes I wonder...

  6. Chiksic

    Chiksic New Member

    Thanks, Cheeba. I'll check those out.

    [rant]You know, it's sad how the school system is. I mean I just hate it when people make up lies or eggsadurated truths just so you won't smoke it. Come on we're not dogs! Dang, I wish they'd (meaning the school system) would just give us the facts, the hard, cold, true, FACTS and let us use our own mind to decide if we want to smoke it! But oooh no! They can't let us use our brains! i mean, this is the education system, afterall. [/rant]
  7. freetheweed

    freetheweed Banned

    I hate health class for the very reason because they preach. its "Dont have sex untill your married" and "dont do drugs" without mercy. Why dont they let us make thier own desisions?

    It's like what happened to ay when i got into an arument of making our own desisions with our helth teacher. she goes "If you see your friends abuing drugs and sinking low, you should report it" and i go "Yea so we can go to jail where theres more drugs? Just let people make thier own disisons if you ask me. If a freind ratted on me, there would be no freind hip. Look at Rory (that one guy who was ratted out by his dad) and what heppened when his dad turned him in. When his dad died, he couldint care less."

    Anyway, we got into a lil scruffle. But im OK.
  8. sirhcreihtuag

    sirhcreihtuag New Member


    While there are no brain damaging chemicals in cannabis, smoking anything can damage brain cells because of the carbon monoxide. So, technically, she's right if the method of ingestion is smoking, although the amount of brain damage caused by the carbon monoxide is insignificant. You should go back to school and tell her that you have decided to stop killing your brain by eating your pot. :cool:
  9. SkinnyP

    SkinnyP New Member

    When you go to school tomorrow I want you to tell your teacher that he/she is wrong. Bring facts too. If my health teacher said something like that i'd go ballistic. I'm not asking your school to be pro-marijuana but teaching children lies isn't helping anybody.
  10. Chiksic

    Chiksic New Member

    I just went to borders and bought the book Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts that Cheeba reccomended. I glanced through it and read the sections on the brain and reproductive health. Very good info. They didn't have the other book, though. I could drive to a store about 45 minutes away to get it, but I don't feel like it tonight. :)
  11. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Search on Google.com for "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" and you will find online versions. He does some gutter science debunking in there, along with anything else you would want to know about marijuana: energy, economy, medicine, therapy, history, wars, hemp, etc. It's free too, so check it out, but you should really buy the book, it's worth it!
  12. reworg

    reworg New Member

    3 kids later...I have arrived at the conclusion that mj does NOT slow down the lil swimmers a bit. I only wish :(
  13. cky

    cky New Member

    she was probabaly sayiung that to scare u or something
  14. Chiksic

    Chiksic New Member

    Yeah, maybe, I don't know. I think she honestly believes it, though. There's a TON of misinformation about marijuana around here (Utah, big surprise). I mean I believed it for a long time until I actually got the brains to research it and stop taking everyone's word that it was bad. But she studied to be a doctor for 3 years... I just don't know. I mean, I know there's no proof to back up her claims, but why would she say it? Unless she truely believed it. That's all I can think of.
  15. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member


    You bought one of the books! That's great.

    You should definitely buy Mitch Earleywine's book as well. It's a fantastic book.
  16. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    sirhcreihtuag, can you actually show me some studies that found carbon monoxide to kill brain cells in humans who smoke cigarettes (or marijuana). As far as I can tell, CO has a much greater ability to bind to haemoglobin's than oxygen. Haemoglobin's, for example, carry oxygen to the brain. One study found that the oxygen carrying capacity of a heavy cigarette smoker was reduced by 15%.

    To experience brain damage, people have to go at least a few minutes without oxygen (usually). Smokers of cigarettes or marijuana, breath in oxygen while they are smoking their drugs (or inbetween smoking).
  17. Super Woman

    Super Woman New Member

    Re: LOL

    I have read a lot of places that marijuana does lower sperm count, but the levels return to normally when the person stops smoking.

    Kinda like birth control...:laugh:
  18. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    Errr, yeah, it's not permanent. :)

    I wonder if there are any true stories out there of people who were told by their health teacher that pot makes you sterile. And then they smoked pot for some time, figured they were sterile, had unprotected sex, and then were left wondering why there's a baby on the way.
  19. Chiksic

    Chiksic New Member

    Oh God. That's a terrible thought, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Maybe we can start to blame marijuana misinformation on increased teenage pregnancy now?:rolleyes:
  20. sirhcreihtuag

    sirhcreihtuag New Member

    :eek: No I don't CheebaMonkey... No I don't. And, in retrospect, you are absolutely right. I hadn't really thought about that at the time that I made that post, even though I already knew that. Completely slipped my mind. *slaps absent-minded forehead in reprimanding fashion* Ah, well, hindsight is 20/20, my friend. Thank you for correcting me though... haven't really been myself since I've had to temporarily give up the herb for employment and probationary reasons. Forgivuhness, prease....

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