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    I searched around but couldn’t get a detailed answer on how moisture may play a role in vaporizing. I don’t know if all the elements within the herb simply turn to vapor, or if moisture within the herb vaporizes and carries the elements with it. If the latter has anything to do with it, then would using more moist herb produce more vapors, and more dense bags? I don’t have what I need right now to do an experiment, but perhaps someone else has noticed a difference between relatively dry herb and very moist herb?

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    The reason dry marijuana works better is that it causes more surface area to be reaches when it's grinded up to a fine mix. Moist bud, will never get to the fine consistency that dry bud can get to, and that is the main reason why it's better to be dry. I don't think the moisture itself is really the biggest problem, though I could be wrong.
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    Vaping moist herb will result in getting the water content vaporized first, then the active compounds. Most vapes work better with ground herb (herbalAire and Vapolution are two exceptions), and since it's hard to grind effectively unless it's dry, most herb is dry when vaped. But if you can't dry before vaping, just realize that it'll take longer to process. You can actually use the vape to dry. Just take into account that your first hit or two (depending on consistency and load size) will be mostly water vapor. Then stir or chop up the heat dried herb and starting vaporizing the compounds you're really after.
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    Dry is better. The finer the grind the better, usually. If your bud is moist, just grind it, leave it out overnight and regrind in the morning. That's what has worked for me in the past.
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    Thanks for the help. I am new to Vaporizers and recently bought the Herbalaire. The manufacturer recommends using chunks or small buds of herb instead of grinding. I started doing that but have recently begun to loosen and open the chunks and buds with my fingers or a quarter twist from a grinder. I haven’t compared the two methods for a long enough time, but I suspect loosening the herb does seem to stretch it further, even in the Herbalaire.

    I do have one last question, and that is what to do with the left-overs. If I work my way up from 330 degrees to 400 and there is no more vapor left in the bag, or my breath upon exhale, is there much potency left in the herb? I hear of people making butter, but is it worth the hassle when the herb has lost much of its best ingredients? Would I have to spread the whole tub on my toast to get toasted?

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    It really depends on how far you vape. I vape mine pretty well, Da Buddha Vaporizer, and have had no luck with my ABV but I only cooked with it once and it did not turn out well but I am confident I did it wrong.

    Generally I see people say to use a 4 to 1 ratio, so if you would use an ounce of weed, use 4 ounces of abv.
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    Could it be that your not getting anything out of it because you pretty much got most out of it already from vaping it and your tolerance couldn't notice the very mild effects. Where you also smoking/vapeing that day ? How does the ABV effect you if you had a little larger bowl and had it first thing in the morning, or had the ABV as your first hit of the day ? Not that you would want to do that, but its well worth it if want some weed and cant get any. Personally I dont vape it all out, but I do get most of it. I like to vape my weed down to brown, and then if I need to re-vape it, it goes an even darker shade of brown. Its always a good thing to be able to re-use marijuana that you already got high with. I might have to start stashing away 2-3 grams of the stuff for a dry patches. I know i can at least hold onto ABV, fat chance i can say the same for fresh weed.

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