Monster energy drinks and the meps drug test!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by USAF, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. USAF

    USAF New Member

    Well after doing a ton of research on ua's I have come to a question if I dilute my body with 2 32oz Gaterades about 2 hours before my test then drink 2 monster imports would it be good? Cause monster has niacin and b vitamins and a shit ton of sugar. Then the gaterade has sugar to. And since sugar is used before fat it wouldn't even have fat waste in my urine or look dilluted correct?
    Also, I am 5'6 weigh 155 pounds and push carts for a grocery store about 2-3 hours a day 4-5 days a week. Work out occasionally. And have pretty vigorous cardio with my girl every night;). I have passed 2 at home drug tests the first one 2 weeks ago in the middle of the day then another 2 days ago with my first void but the line was faint. I've been clean almost 45 days. And have meps in 2 weeks. Will I Pass with my dilution method? Will I pass without? I'm soooooooooooooooooo worried it's ridiculous. Me and my girl can't afford me to fail.
  2. sk8rstonerdude

    sk8rstonerdude New Member

    IMO you should be fine.
    I too have considered drinking a Monster, cuz ur pee comes out super colored, and has B vitamins, and also creatine I believe.
    I think in your case, you should just try not to over dillute.

    If I were you, I would just keep a lean diet, and start running a mile a day, with a sweater on to sweat out any remnants. You should be fine bro.
    Also, I ran a mile a day for a few months to prepare for basic, you really should try that just to be in top shape :)
  3. USAF

    USAF New Member

    Yeah I'm in great shape bro. Pushing carts does wonders and I used to fight mma. I can run 5-10 miles on any given day.
  4. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    According to's Definitive Guide on drugtests you're most likely in the clear. It doesn't seem like you need any detoxifying drinks, just keep up your healthy lifestyle and the drug detoxing will continue on it's own.

    Run three miles a day 5 days a week, avoid toxins, drink a ton of water and you will be the best Airman in your squadron.
  5. USAF

    USAF New Member

    Wouldnt working out that hard bring out the thc stored in my fat?
  6. sk8rstonerdude

    sk8rstonerdude New Member

    Im under the impression that "burning' fat, or maybe more accurately "squeezing" fat cells, is what causes the THC by-product to excreet and leave the system entirely.

    You are fine man, I've heard ppl say thc takes 60 days to get out, BS. I've passed a urine test in 5 days with heavy sweating, exercise, ton of water, no special drinks. but who knows it could have been a bunk test (at a lab tho)

    I think cardio-exercise is most efficient, weight lifting is a little different. You know I heard there is NO weight training in basic? If you can run 3 miles, basic will be a breeze, ESP in the airforce
    But like I said, your clean as a whistle IMO, don't listen to ppl saying otherwise
    I'm 5'-9" 155-160
  7. USAF

    USAF New Member

    Haha your a cool dude skater giving me confidence. I'm bout to go break a sweat after my uk wildcats won! And would love to hear more tips or advice from everyone.
  8. drweb

    drweb Banned

    It certainly would. Take the shills advice with a grain of salt. No exercise 3 days leading up to your test. You want to store THC at that point, not release it.

    Mod note: The 'shill' is not only a member, who by the rules should be treated with respect, but is listed as a mod. Flaming any member is always against the rules.
  9. sk8rstonerdude

    sk8rstonerdude New Member

    drweb - who are you referring to as a shill?
  10. StoneyBologna

    StoneyBologna New Member

    I think his/her Yiddish reference is about PassaDrugTest...
    Shill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    If you are passing home tests regularly it sounds like you should be clear.
    Continuing your healthy lifestyle can really give you a huge head start for basic training...
  11. USAF

    USAF New Member

    So does that mean eat fatty foods or just maintain a good diet?
  12. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    It just means you don't want to get THC into your bloodstream, via exercise, just before a drug test. You want to burn calories and raise your metabolism to get rid of THC, but stop that days before the test and just be a couch potato until after the test.
  13. drweb

    drweb Banned

    If you want to sit by and watch paid advertisers make their patently ridiculous claims of permanent THC detoxifcation so be it, those who want the truth have already made their way to another a very common name for MJ's forums. Good luck and good bye.
  14. rehabIsaidnonono

    rehabIsaidnonono New Member

    You should be fine dont rely on those drinks I drank q carbo and failed the MEPS test. Screwed me up big time......
  15. xuph19

    xuph19 New Member

    You know, Monster isn't a bad idea to use as part of the dilution method. Have to be careful to not completely jack yourself up with Niacin overload -- but it's got the stuff in it to colour your pee and will EASILY have you voiding every 15 minutes or so, especially alternating with water. At that point, just make sure you've had your creatine supplement going for the previous 48 hours, and you're golden for urine colour. Okay, maybe neon golden...and, if the pee-handler gives you any funny looks over the funny colour, you can honestly say "I drank some Monster energy drinks to make sure I could pee enough...say, does it feel hot in here to you too?" ;-p

    I'm glad this surfaced for my own benefit.

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