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Discussion in 'Music' started by DoritosMan, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    What do you guys listen to that is from latin america? I listen to a bunch of mexican band like Molotov and Brujeria. Molotov is a really cool rock/rap band like rage against the machine and if you like loud noises you must listen to "la migra" by brujeria its one cool fast mexican song! And i also like Manu Chao, i'm not sure but i think he is from Peru or Bolivia and he is like an old-school-techno-dance-kinda-of-deal. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs from argentina is an awsome band (tip: check out "Whats up ***** cat" by Tom Jones), Los Tres is a cool band too from Chile.

    What do you guys listen to from latin america, and if anyone mentions Jennifer Lopez, Rick Martin or Christina Aguilera will get their tussies kicked :p
  2. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I hear some latin music in the public radio station here, but I can't remember any names. All I know is if it gets my ass shaking then its good, and latin stuff usually does.
  3. pyrzxl

    pyrzxl New Member

    hechos contra el decoro. I recommend la fabula, cancion prohibida and zona roja.
  4. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    cypress hill and delinquent habits...two dope hispanic groups.
  5. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    I dont think cypress hill is from latin america, but some of their spanish songs like "Yo quero fumar!" are really cool

    Too bad so few people listen to latin music cause its one of the best genres:(
  6. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist


    Manu Chao is from France , but he has lived in Peru for many many years, so he is latin american on the soul, which is better then just being latin american on a piece of paper.
  7. PeweeSmoker

    PeweeSmoker Guest

    The only rock i like in spanish is from cypress hill and there rap too.But most of the time i only listen to dancing music like Merengue,bachata,salsa,ext.

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