My beard is turning red.

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  1. Zeroxtreem

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    A little while ago I noticed that on the left and right side of my chin, my beard was becoming a little "lighter". That probably doesn't make sense but I didn't know what the color actually was, just that it was a lighter color than the rest of my beard (black lol) so I could tell it was different. I guess it would help you understand to say I'm color blind, but that's besides the point and I'm starting to rant.

    Anyway. As I said, my beard is starting to turn red (people are starting to point it out). All the hair on my body is either black or brown, no light colors at all. I don't have any siblings that share the same father as me (I have two that share the same mother) but neither of them have red hair. Neither my father or my mother had red hair. I don't really know my extended family that well, I see them like once a year, but from my recollection, NONE of them have red hair.

    And I guess that's not even the biggest question I had...why am I only getting red hair on my beard? lol I kinda like it since it's 'different' but natural at the same time, but I've never really seen it before (in other people) and I have no idea why it would happen. Could anyone tell me why this would be happening? It seems pretty cool.
  2. bluedeadbear

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    Red hair is generally a recessive gene. This means that it is an attribute one of your parents have. A recessive gene means that it may not be physically apparent in the parent although they can still have it. Your red hair on your beard could be a recessive gene taking effect at an age of maturation.

    I as well have red facial hairs. My father and mother are both brunettes, as am I. Although, I have blond hairs and red hairs on my facial hair, similar to my father. So it can be that my father can have a recessive red hair gene as well.

    The material I provided was loosely based but hope this helps
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  3. Zeroxtreem

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    That was helpful, and it makes sense. However, why would this possible gene that I have only be affecting the hair on my beard and not anywhere else? Like my legs, or my other facial hair, etc.

    Is it just that because I'm younger, that this is just the beginning and where it started happening first? Am I going to start getting more red hair? It's cool on my beard but the thought of fire crotch does not appeal to me. Sorry if that's offensive to anyone. lol
  4. Buds_Of_Steele

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    i have something kind of like this. my hair appears to be brown, anyone who has seen me would most definitely agree that im a brunette when in fact alot of my hair is made up of hair that is a dark brown and hair that is a light, slightly brownish red.

    my dads hair is practically black and my moms a red head so go figure
  5. bluedeadbear

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    Haha. Most likely, you will not experience hair color change anywhere else. Facial hair is a slower growing hair in comparison to your head of hair or your body hair. The recessive gene may only occur there, I'm not really that knowledgeable on this, but it could be that the slower hair growth on your face makes it easier for the recessive gene to influence.
  6. ganja-man

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    Same thing happened to me! about a year ago I started to get some reddish hairs on one side of my chin, now its on both sides pretty much equally. It's not just red anymore either, there are some dark brown, light brown, reddish brown and a couple that are super light brown, almost blond, kind of like gold color but some are so light they look gray! Anyway, it's pretty cool! Its just on my beard though, all my other hair is black.
  7. Mazzinator

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    both of my parents have light brown hair.i have insanely dark brown.prolly not all that amazing:wiggle:
  8. SantiagoDunbar

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    Yea? Well my beard is entirely red! :p
  9. Dark

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    You're not supposed to do those things when it's her time of the month.
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  10. Got High Lately?

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    ^ LOL!.

    also, you're turning into some kind of super dank weed made up of entirely red hairs. smoke that shit?

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