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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Danielx, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Danielx

    Danielx New Member

    Hi. :wave:

    My story goes; I have a drug test that I have to go take. I stopped smoking last Saturday night at about 2:00am (after smoking 2 years everyday) I am a male about 5'8 195-205 lbs., I took the Strip NC Natural Cleansing bottle plus the 4 capsules that they come with. I also took 2 of the Strip NC One Cleansing Softgel pill plus I take 2 MegaMen Vitamins-daily. I have been drinking gallon-jug waters to this minute. My urine is clear but theres still a hint of yellow in it. I have been drinking Monster energy drinks lately and my pee will sometimes come out yellowish/green (full of color).

    Do you think that smoking cigarettes had anything to do with those detox pills not working? I am thinking that it didn't clean the Marijuana (maybe only a little bit) but only cleaned the cigarette toxins.

    Monday I went and picked up the papers telling me to goto this drug test place (?Labcorp?), the guy that interviewed me didn't specify a time to go but I assume that I should go this week. I should have gone today but the home tests I have been taking keeps saying positive. I ordered 4 more home test (should be here tomorrow morning). I have pretty much ran out of options. My friends keep telling me to just keep drinking water. Yesterday my friend was smoking a bowl and I smelled a little bit of it, do you think that could of done anything?

    Also, the papers that he gave me is marked for "5 Drug", I don't know what they really means...

    Thanks for any help/comments that you people have. :cool:

    Do you think the home tests I have been taking are not really reliable? Go here for pic:
  2. computersurgery

    computersurgery New Member

  3. hypnotic2418

    hypnotic2418 New Member

    yo this is amarie People dont worry if the test comes out positive just say that u took an advil that morning and make sure when you fill the cup that you take the pee from the middle like as soon as u start taking a piss wait like five secounds and use that pee and make sure that the piss u take is not the first one of that day bcuz when u sleep the buildup from all the bud sits in ur piss waitn to come out and dont drink to crazy that day just drink normal amounts of liquid tha t way they dont think u watered down ur piss. trust me i got experience in this shit. ive passed 4 drug tests doin this shit ,take care write back to let me know how evrythng went.
    yours truly
  4. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    Taking all of that before the day of the test is wasting time and effort. Read the stickys to get a better idea on what to do.

    The pills are a waste of money. The only thing that will clean you up is time. You can speed the process up by exercising, but it's too late for that in your case. You want to eat like a pig up until your test (unless you sub).

    If you're going to dilute, you're running out of time to start preparing. If i were you I would sub. Read the stickys at the forum home.

    Means they are testing you for the 5 standard drugs. Nothing special.

    The control line is there, it's reliable.
  5. Danielx

    Danielx New Member

    Hi again and thanks for all the replies so far, this site has actually REALLY helped me ALOT! I got so much information and I decided to sub (as thats my best bet), I do however have a few more questions that some of the threads didn't answer or that I didn't see.

    This is a pre-employment test (new and better job), if I do actually sub will they be patting/searching me and if so will they check in between my legs? Seeing that I will be wearing tighty-whities with a travel size shampoo bottle and a digital thermometer between my legs. :rolleyes:

    I heard you are supposed to urinate in the test cup first to warm it up then pour it out and put your sub in, this true?

    One of my friends told me that he had a friend who subbed and when they checked it the temperature was at 107°F and he did not say what he used to heat the urine up even if he did but he failed. If I have the bottle between my legs and check the urine with the thermometer is it for sure to be my body heat even with the thermometer between my legs (the bottle and thermometer will have to be side by side or maybe in my pocket if they don't search me)? I will practice with putting 105°F of water into the bottle then putting it between my legs for a good 45 minutes to an hour then checking it with my digital thermometer that will also be in between my legs. How long does it take before the urine in the cup becomes colder than 94°F?

    My girlfriend does not smoke weed and is rarely around it and she said she would sub for me. My questions about that are, I know it doesn't matter about the the gender, age and weight (coming from but do they actually test for that? Another is and I know this is probably a stupid question but what if they do actually have hidden cameras in the bathroom; even though its illegal? Nothing would happen right? They could not fail me for that right? As long as its clean urine?

    Thanks once again guys. ;)

    For people that are not subbing does it matter what kind or how good the weed is? If its hydroponics it has more THC than just regular dirt weed, so are all the THC "toxins" the same level in the body regardless of the kind of weed you smoke?
  6. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    No, they will not pat you down.

    Sub with confidence. It's really as easy as walking in, pouring the pee in the cup, and walking out. I remember how scared I was my first time and it's really no big deal.

    They wont test for gender and there are no hidden cameras in the restroom. They only thing that could fail you is temperature as long as the sample is clean. Read the stickys, follow them to a T, do a few test runs and you'll be in good shape. I wish I'd have just subbed. I could have been smoking the past 2 months and I wouldnt be here now wondering if I passed or failed. Good luck.

    Yes, weed quality does matter. Higher grade marijuana is going to put more THC and relatives in your system = more THC metabolites.

    P.S. The advil information is false. If you fail, you fail. They will send it to a GC for confirmation and there's no getting around it. At one time, Ibuprofen could cause a false positive. They've since switched enzymes for the test and this is no longer the case.
  7. Harmonic

    Harmonic New Member

    Nothing? Nothing at all?
  8. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    If you fail the immunoassay test, they will send it for the GC/MS test to confirm the positive - This is how they eliminate false positives. If they do this, and you indeed have THC metabolites in your system at 15ng/ml or above, you fail. Saying "I took an advil" doesnt cut it anymore.
  9. Harmonic

    Harmonic New Member

    Well, !@#$%%^

    I was hoping prescription NSAID might work. Some of those links need to have their infomation updated...

    Sorry, thanks for answering, not your fault I didn't like the answer.
  10. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    Hmm, maybe I'm wrong :) All I know is I've seen several of the reputable posters on this board say that false positives are slim to none. Maybe someone can correct me or educate us both :D
  11. Danielx

    Danielx New Member

    Appreciate the quick reply Puntteam. Yea I hope it's going to be easy and I will do some test runs (I feel like a cop going undercover) :lookaroun. I will probably end up going Thursday and sub but I will keep drinking water till then and keep using the tests. I take it your waiting for results? If so I hope you pass. Thanks again for all yours, computersurgery and hypnotic2418's help. I really didn't know where to turn to, then my friend told me about this site and said it could help....and guess what... lol But yea I will end up subbing probably. Wish me luck. I'll keep in touch. Ahhh time for bed. Later homies. :wave:

    Smoke good!

    I almost forgot to ask if it mattered if I just poured the sub right into the cup or do I actually have to urinate in the cup first to warm it up and then pour it out?
  12. Somnium

    Somnium New Member

    mmm...very substitution sticky and results thread all the way through...if you sub right aka practice your technique you should figure out how to keep the bottle at near body temperature so you won't have to deal with pissing in the cup then dumping urine in. Something else I picked up I've never ever heard of them placing cameras in bathrooms at testings joints...the legal ramifications of that are staggering.
  13. Danielx

    Danielx New Member

    I will practice, I'm going to a test place called LabCorp, my question is if they have (to this day) on the side of the sample cup a strip-thermometer?

    I'm still under the impression that I will have to take a digi-thermometer with me, but all I can find around here are ones that beep, some kind of loud!
  14. Dr Strangelove

    Dr Strangelove New Member

    Remove the speaker in the thermometer. And yes, labcorp has temp strips on the side of the cups. All places do.
  15. Danielx

    Danielx New Member

    Oh OK thanks.

    When I tried to take the speaker out of the thermometer, I cut 2 black wires on the speaker and it kept coming up with "E", error I guess but I bought a new one and it is a CVS store brand one and looks kind of hard to take apart. Any suggestions?

    I've done some searching here and well I kinda found that LabCorp doesn't do pat downs but do they search and will they let me close the door? Isn't that invasion of privacy or something?
  16. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Every body wants to buy thermometers designed to test body temp. They make fine small digital and analog cooking thermometers that don't beep.
  17. Danielx

    Danielx New Member

    Thanks for the tip FakeBoobsRule, I will invest in one of those tomorrow.

    I have done a few test now with putting 105°F of water in my bottle and I keep checking the temperature that comes out to be 94.2°F - 94.5°F and one that hit 95.1°F.... am I doing something wrong? I put it between my anus and scrotum :rolleyes: and I am wearing 3 pairs of tight-tighty-whities.
    Should I try using my real urine? or my girlfriends?
    Will they check my mouth temperature?
    Tomorrow is also the BIG day. I'm nervous. :(
  18. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    What do you think the accepted temperature has to be? When you say will they check your oral temp you make it sound like your body temp and urine must match. The accepted range is 90-100 for most tests. That is all you need. BTW hypnotic gave you bad advice.
  19. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Each urine collection cup comes with a temperature strip on the outside of the cup, much like those little forehead stickers they give you in the hospital. The accepted range is 90-100 degrees as FakeBoobs said. If the temp strip has any temp between 90-100 degrees showing on the cup the urine is accepted as normal temperature. A 95 degree temperature is just fine.
  20. Danielx

    Danielx New Member

    I thought it was supposed to be 96.0-98.0 for some reason? My mistake. I thought the urine and head temp was supposed to be the same. I was worried for a sec. Thanks for the input.

    And yea I guess the Advil thing doesn't seem to work as I have read in threads...some threads on here are indeed for an update though.

    I basically just want to get in there and get out. Kinda makes me wish I could video record the whole thing. Would be cool to watch. lol.

    I was thinking of clear-taping one of those forehead temperature strips to the bottle but it says to storage in places of 65-88 degreesF and I will have it in there for about an hour so it might hurt the temp-strip? dunno.

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