my dope bong

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by majestik, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. majestik

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    so ive been looking around at a bunch of headshops and this is the bong ive compiled. the Bong itslef is a maverick stemless inverted showerhead to showerhead perc. its 18 inches tall and it has a ice chanber. i got the maverick for 135$ at the pipe king. the toro ashcatcher i got at aces high in vegas. its a showehead 18.8. it stacks great and hits better on its own with a jhook! i got the ashcatcher for 175$ now the bowl is my favorate it is custom i got it at aces high for 1349$. its a pinch bowl and has a hole in it to keep the ash out of the bong. im in love with my bong it hits so nice!
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  2. ctth75

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  3. downwithdisease

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    wow. nice bong dude.
  4. sativaking

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    Very sweet bong
  5. nugatronica

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    very sick piece toke up and enjoy

    xZANGEITIx New Member

    that is sexy toke it up

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