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    So I found this site when I was trying to find a way to pass my drug test for yesterday.

    In the past I've used QCarbo to pass my drug screen which worked 1 out of 3 times. The first I smoked the day before. The other two days I actually stopped smoking for a couple days. Go figure. My last blunt was the same Thursday I had an interview, which probably wasn't the best idea but hey it is what it was.

    The Process:
    I worked out that night and over the weekend. (I don't usually work out so now my body is in pain). I also drank charcoal at least twice a day on Friday and Saturday and once Sunday morning. I bought two take home tests to see whether or not I needed the stand-by ReadyClean I had. (Yes I've heard that these are scams, blah blah. What's $20 when I'll have the job to get it right back)?

    I took a test around 9 Monday morning to see where I stood doing the natural thing. Here is the result:

    I don't know if y'all can see that VERY faint line, but there is a line. According to the box a line is a line and that's a pass for the test. I was going to be cool with this but I was slightly paranoid. So I drank the ReadyClean at 11 (an hour and 15 minutes before my test). I refilled it with water, drank that and voided 2 or 3 times.

    I retook the test at like 11:40. Here is the result:

    So obviously the drink did what it was supposed to do. But now I know a good 4 -5 days full of exercise and the ingestion of charcoal will be enough to pass a drug screen. That way I won't even need to spend that 20 bucks next time.

    Disclaimer: I failed 3 drugs tests and missed out on 3 pretty good job opportunities. Also I have not gotten my results back, but if I passed without the help of that drink. I should be fine either way it goes. I will post my result soon as my employer gives me a call.

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