My eye after I smoked

Discussion in 'Art and Photography' started by Kylee, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Kylee

    Kylee New Member

    Look at the weird vein type thing lol

    *** I just got done taking more pictures and I haven't smoked or put eye drops in, strangely( I think ) this is my eye normally...***

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  2. Live2last

    Live2last New Member

    does it look like that before you smoke? its a cool pic and unless you notice something acting different i wouldnt worry
  3. Kylee

    Kylee New Member

    I don't know man lol I'll check for myself when I'm not high what my eye looks like
  4. MahiMahy

    MahiMahy New Member

    I kinda doubt thats your eye after you smoke, thats fucking crazy ass shit and a close up picture with intense macro, if that is your eyes get it checked out were not i eye doctors, But i just think you found a crazy picture and said this is what happened when you toke,

  5. Kylee

    Kylee New Member

    Nah man, I smoked, grab my camera to take pics of weed, and other random things( like the filter of a cigarette).

    As of now, I'm not sure if this was cause by the marijuana directly, or the eye drops forsay, but I don't use eye drops unless I'm smoking... I also doubt it was because of smoking but it was definately a picture of my eye after I smoked

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  6. alldayerryday

    alldayerryday New Member

    .....strangely not red? :eyebrow1: haha :p
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  7. Kylee

    Kylee New Member

    Yeah haha Visine
  8. MahiMahy

    MahiMahy New Member

    Visine works charms lol and thats one crazy eye then take some pics of it when your sober and see if theres differences, also take a pic high without visine these pics would be cool

  9. Kylee

    Kylee New Member

    Well, I guess I can smoke right now and take pictures... only for you man haaha
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  10. kronik

    kronik Well-Known Member

    Nice eye. Looks so dope
  11. besthobby420

    besthobby420 New Member

    Eye looks normal man
  12. SofaKingWeToddDid

    SofaKingWeToddDid New Member

    i think the detail in it is fuckin crazy. i shoot with a camera thats worth more than the car i drive and its hard for me to get a shot like that of anything! let alone my own eye. i need that to focus! lol
  13. Kylee

    Kylee New Member

    Yeah man I saw your pictures they are amazing, this is just a little 500$ camera
  14. SofaKingWeToddDid

    SofaKingWeToddDid New Member

    thats all my CAMERA is worth! :p its the lenses that make the difference for me
  15. Dianoetic

    Dianoetic New Member

    That's pretty trippy. Your eye color is amazing, I doubt anything is wrong with it, but it does look unique. You get cooler eyes when high, lucky!
  16. Kylee

    Kylee New Member

    Haha so your car is less then 500 dollars
  17. SofaKingWeToddDid

    SofaKingWeToddDid New Member

    i say my camera is worth more because i have WAY more money invested in it, if you dont count fuel and stuff. the overall worth of my car is WAY less than my camera!

    i spent $900 on my car ;) $4,300 on my camera so far...

    i dont have any pictures of my camera as i dont shoot myself in the mirror like school girls, but i do have pictures of my car! :D
  18. Kylee

    Kylee New Member

    DAMN! That's a beautiful car, I should let you barrow my Camaro and take pics, only one I have, I took from my phone...

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  19. SofaKingWeToddDid

    SofaKingWeToddDid New Member

    i think she needs a polish! those are one of my all time fav cars. the whole F-Body from GM was a wicked set of cars.
    i remember when i was a kid sitting in the back of my dads transam pace car knock off with the 305 small block just roaring up to like 6500 rpm while my uncle was just behind or infront of us in his iroc camaro with the 350 screamin away too!! then he took the turn off ramp to be funny and got pulled over by the cops. lol
  20. CouchPotato

    CouchPotato Cotch Supreme

    You have beautiful eyes...


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