My friend got busted, not good.

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by soybomb, Jan 31, 2002.

  1. soybomb

    soybomb Marijuana Guru

    Ok here's the story:

    Last Friday my friend picked up an eighth of KB. He got it after school and had it on his lap or something when all of a sudden he saw a teacher. He panicked and sat on the bag of KB so the teacher wouldn't see it.

    As he was just about home he got caught speeding on his street by a cop. The cop asked for his license and registration and my friend reached for the glove box, not realizing he was still sitting on the weed. Well I guess the cop was going to take him to the station or something, but his dad came home. Keep in mind that the cop pulled him over right by his house. Well the cop let him go and took the weed.

    Well, his dad was mad at him but had a little sympathy because he once smoked and got caught. Unfortunately his mom really dissaproved of it. She thinks he is a big junkie or something just for being caught with weed. Luckily, my friend said that he was just getting the weed for his cousin. But, his parents now assume all of his friends, including me, smoke.

    As of now it looks like his parents don't want me over to his house anymore, which is complete bull****. He smokes a lot more than I do and I have tried to get him to not smoke as much. Not that smoking a lot is that bad, its just that he needs to have other hobbies and activities. I am probably a good influence on him if anything. I don't get into much trouble and i get outstanding grades. This sucks so bad because now he will probably never smoke and that means I don' t have someone to smoke with. I smoke with him about 80% of the time i smoke.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Captain Honkey

    Captain Honkey New Member

    I dunno man. Parents are weird that way. Eventually, I'm sure it'll just blow over, especially if one parent seems to be okay with it.
  3. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth


    whenever im carrying herbs on me, i am extremely i dont get caught, just as long as you dont get careless, you wont get caught, my lesson of the day....
  4. Ryski

    Ryski Guest

    Yea i know exactly how you feel I'm not aloud at some of my friends or old frends houses either, because when some of them got caught somehow I got blamed and then it spread to other parents. It sucks to be in that kind of position especially since your friend is ur main smoking buddy. When it happened to me I had to take a pretty long beak from smoking and i still don't really do it like I used too because theres some people just looking for me to screw up so that they can give the old "I told you so..." speech to the people that were on my side. If I were you I'd definatley take a lil break from smoking and let the parents know that your a good kid, and a good influence on your friend. I mean they don't know fo sure that you do it unless your friend told them most likely, so after a while it will probably blow over. Good luck with the hole situation.

  5. ShuflY

    ShuflY Guest

    I have to agree with WhiteBoy, if you are careful and don't want to get busted, you wont. I've never been caught, anyone who I don't want to know I smoke doesn't know, and I don't see any of them finding out any time soon. I don't even try that hard to conseal the fact I smoke, you just need to think a little. Don't keep weed where someone can see it, and don't bust it out if you're at a place where someone could come by. Don't smoke where people will be able to smell it. I know a few people who have gotten busted smoking outdoors because after they were done, even though they couldn't smell it, the scent lingered around.

    You have a right to privacy, and the only person who can jepordize that right is YOU.
  6. Kadafi

    Kadafi Guest

    My friend got caught a couple of days ago. Well a rumor's out that he snitched on his dealer(which was kindof mine too) and he's gonna get beat up. I didn't know what to say to him. This happened at school. It's messed up.

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