My guide to passing a drug test.

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    do you have a drug test coming? are you scared you might fail it? well i was the same way until i heard about omni clensing drink extra strength. a huge stoner friend of mine had a drug test coming to get a job. he is a daily smoker and smoked a blunt the day before his drug test. he bought this omni cleansing drink extra strength 16oz, and he passed. and it worked for me as well. he passed his test by following these instructions. take the omni drink 3 hours before your test. drink water to help cleanse your body and expel bad toxins. dont drink too much water tho. urinate at least 3 times before your test. and he did all that and it worked he passed. so i read all over online about detoxs and everybody says detox drinks just dilutes your urine. and all you have to do is drink alot of water so it will go straight through you. when the water goes right through you it will contain a small percentage of your actual urine letting it be much more difficult to detect THC then drink an energy drink that contains alot of vitamin B (this turns your urine a natural yellow color) getting your urine back to yellow as its diluted helps because your urine doesnt look clear so you wont have to retest. i did this drug test withought the detox trying to prove my friend wrong. even after stop smoking for a week. well it turns out i failed the test. so later down the road i had another drug test for a job. i was smoking every day and this time i stopped smoking 2 days prior to the drug test. omni detox he reccommended and if he passed by it and i failed 1 test by not using detox i figured i may as well try using 1 this time. he told me to drink the omni 3 hours before your test and it will make you go to the restroom alot and have your stomach act up alot. well 3 hours before the test i drank it on my lunch break and had 3 hours left before going to the other building for the test. so what happened to me was this... after drinking the omni it takes about 30 to 45 mins to kick in. and dont start drinking water until a half hour after taking the omni. drink about 2 bottles full of water within the 3 hours prior to the test (use the 16oz container that had the omni in it). try to pee as many times as u can before the test. my stomach never acted up but i trusted it. i urinated 1 time and the pee was kind of a bright green. this is normal thats just the omni doing its work.. then i peed very little and then another time peed very little. i didnt think i peed enough but i had to roll the dice. now most importantly this step..... seeming as how the omni kind of changed my pee greenish and drinking water afterwards it can either be greenish or clear when taking the test. if that happens they will make you redo it since your urine looked diluted it raises suspicion. vitamin B changes your urine back to its original color no mater hor much water you drank. so i was on my way to go take the drug test and drank a rockstar energy drink. then after getting into the place to take the test i pee in the cup but it looked a little too yellow but wasnt bad i assume the darker yellow the better because that makes it look wayyy less diluted. oo and the best tip for you guys out there.... when urinating for the test urinate about half stream in the toilet and then midstream in the cup and the rest in the toilet. THC can mostly be stored in the beggining of your urine and towards the end. i read about that everywhere online. hope this helps you guys out. i passed my drug test. remember what i said.... irst time i took the drug test.. stopped smoking for a week and diluted my urine and changed it to yellow and i failed. but this time i stopped smoking 2 days before test and drank omni detox and passed. soo yess detoxs do work and it will save your ass. good luck guys. if you have any questions or thoughts please leave a comment. thanks for reading :)
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    How much does the product cost?

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