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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Cap'nBakes, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Cap'nBakes

    Cap'nBakes New Member

    I have been smoking a hand pipe bowl every night for a long time. What kind of problems could I have from inhaling all this smoke? And I can't afford a vape yet so what other options are there? I can't cook either because of cost and its difficult to make in secret.
  2. ToastyRoadie

    ToastyRoadie New Member

    Many will try to tell you that smoking anything is bad for your lungs. This is true, except in regards to cannabis. Just take it easy and don't let the pipe get too hot.

    Smoking hash, oil or any of the other concentrates might be a little less irritating as well. ;)
  3. Cap'nBakes

    Cap'nBakes New Member

    Don't you need a jet lighter (which is hotter) to smoke hash or honey oil? Would a bong be better for me?
  4. ToastyRoadie

    ToastyRoadie New Member

    No, I use a regular lighter and even a hemp wick sometimes. I personally don't like bongs because of the excessive moisture, you're likely to get bronchitis from hitting the bong too much.

    I have also used two butter knives heated on a stove (hot knifing) to vaporize the hash as well, although that practice is kinda dangerous. ;)
  5. Cap'nBakes

    Cap'nBakes New Member

    lol thanks for the tips man, i appreciate ita!
  6. punch

    punch New Member

    because you are asking this question it tells me you are concerned about your health
    if you really want to know what effect smoking has had on your lung tissue you need to take a spirometry test to determine how much capacity you have compared to what is predicted for your age and gender
    dont believe people or studies that tell you smoking marijuana doesnt harm you because it could over the long haul

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