My mom found caught me trying to buy weed. What to do? <:O

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    So about three months ago my mom found out I was going out to smoke weed with my cousins and told me that I could not hang out with them anymore. Also she would not let me go to any friends house unless she met the parents and the kid, and I cannot have friends over because they are stoners. So I tried to buy weed from one cousin and he couldn't get it to me in time, then I started to text one cousin to buy an eighth and set up a deal tomorrow to buy some. And tonight my mom went through my phone at the store and found all my text which I was retarded enough to not delete them. She got angry called both my cousins and told them that she was angry that they would even try to sell me pot, even though I was the one who asked both of them. Anyways so we go home and i get to my room, she comes in and starts to say that it is not acceptable, like anything else including alcohol. And my mom was a stoner when she was a kid and admitted to me today before all this happened she still smokes weed everyone and a while. So i told her what about her and she said she does not want me to turn out like my cousin who is considered an asshole and has a minimum wage job at 19 and doesn't go to all his college classes to do drugs like coke and other things. And like her and my dad (who passed away late march of a heart attack, and let me add my mom smokes cigarettes too which I think is the reason he died) not going to college and being unemployed living in small houses with not much money, you know make life better for your kids that yours was. So I asked what about her drinking some time (she does not drink like she used to but she still sometimes does and it bothers me..... a lot) and she told me I can do what ever I want when i move out but while I am under 18 I need to listen to her. I am not crazy like my cousins and I am not like my mom I do not want to drink and party I would like to smoke a little weed every once and a while for fun not to be cool but you guys know. And I passed all my classes after moving from Texas to Missouri to a better school and struggling (keep in mind this is before I tried weed). Butt I struggle with stress A LOT, i am a very stressed out person and can sometimes be negative, and it doesn't help my dad passed so yea I am a little depressed, at least I wanted to do it at home alone and safe right? So can someone help me i think I have provided a quite adequate amount of information for anyone to help, I don't want her to be so angry at me like she is she didn't even ground me or anything just took my phone. I feel like i really disappointed her and she really doesn't want me to go down the wrong road. If anyone can tell me how to fix these feeling with my mom (who keep in mind still smokes weed), maybe show her a little weed for me wont be so bad, keeping me away from parties and bad things and influences of high school?

    and *my mom caught me trying to buy weed*

    EDIT- I also will not do it unless she gives me the okay knowing I get caught every time I do anything she doesn't want me to. And that I just want her to know I feel like It will not harm me and it will help me, and for her to open up enough to know it does not make you lazy or kill brain cells, and I will not become like my cousins or my parents because I smoke weed and because its a "drug" which I know that it is way more safe than anything out there and really cant even harm you if you vaporize it or eat it in food, and of course any burning hot smoke will hurt you a little but what doesn't right?
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    So how old are you? Your post says you're under 18, but your profile says 19. Do you lie all the time or just when it's convenient?

    Being a liar is potentially worse than using weed at such young age, since lying makes it impossible to have a decent relationship with anyone. Aside from that though, your brain doesn't finish developing until the mid 20's, so any kind of drugs are a bad idea, especially because it's the decision making part of the brain that develops last. Excercise is an excellent way to reduce stress and depression, and unlike expensive, mostly illegal drugs, it has no negatives. You should give it a try.

    You've got your whole life ahead of you. Don't try to become an adult while you're still a teen.
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    1. Nothing you can say to your mother is going to make her tell you it's okay to smoke weed. Your father died from an addiction not long ago, she's an addict, and she is worried, quite logically, that you have the "addiction gene" and will not be able to resist the temptation to go overboard with drugs.

    2. Since you say you won't do it unless she gives you the go-ahead and that's something she's not going to do, get used to the idea that you'll wait until you are out of her house. Meanwhile, there are all kinds of ways other than cannabis to relieve your stress, per 5drive's suggestion.

    3. Do not expect logic to sway a parent who feels his or her child is in danger.
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    Or, you can do what every red-blooded American teenager does and sneak around.

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