my plants male/female?

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by michael1772, Jul 6, 2011.

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    my plants are growing in sunlight and they are different one has had the ball and the little white threads and the other one is a few weeks behind and has not had little balls or white threads how do i know its sex. How should i look after my plants when they are at these stages? Im a beginner and have never grown i need all the basics and then how i should look after them please help with as much info as possible:hail:
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    If you have either of these, kill that plant. It will pollinate any females, which you don't want. So kill the male if that's what it is (sounds like it) and give the other one a few weeks to show a sex. Unless your luck sucks it should be female.
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  3. You said it has balls and hairs? Sounds like you got yourself a hermy. I'd chop it if I were you.

    The other will show it's sex when it's ready, don't worry.
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    careful, we don't want him/her jumping the gun. they said ball with little white threads. Though I personally would not refer to a calyx as a ball (more of a teardrop shape) it seems as though this person is.

    Although really without pictures, words only go so far. Also google "grow marijuana" the amount of information you need can't possibly be gleaned from a single thread posted on a forum. you need to read some grow guides and find out some more information about the plants you are growing.
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  5. chrisrich

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    Same questions here...I was wondering though how long does it typically take before you can determine the sex. The above pic was useful, bud can you show a comparison pic with a male and a female so I can tell what it is that I am looking for? Thanks for your help :)
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  7. chrisrich

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    That is awesome thanks. That is exactly what I was looking for. I have seen other pics that try to show you, but being a newbie I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking at. I am happy to announce after seeing your pics, that I have several healthy females :) Now to pick up some awesome head shop supplies...
  8. Brassmusic

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    Just because you see 1-2 pistils on ya lady, still keep a diligent eye over your plants through out the grow. One hermy can screw it all up.

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    you got time, your Hermie won't go to see too quick, you will see your little banana shaped sack clearly before it releases its pollen
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    I am starting see a few now I think so I have put them outside to grow...

    Came back from two days away after leaving my plants in the sun...I think I killed them :-( they are all burnt out (haha pun) and yellowed. I don't have a pic but is there anything I can do? I think a couple may still be okay...:rolleyes:
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