My technique for Fooling the THC testing via GC/MS urine analysis

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    My technique for Fooling the THC testing via GC/MS urine analysis

    What I am going to explain is nothing new. All of the information that I gathered and used was found on online forums such as where you're probably reading this. I thought that it would be a help to the community if I compiled all the information I collected into one place. I was being tested weekly by probation so this information directly applies to people being weekly tested for marijuana. Also, if you are moderately to heavily overweight this method will most likely not work for you.

    If you want to smoke marijuana and are being tested for it via GC/MS you have very little options. GC/MS testing is very accurate and cannot be tricked. Using Gas chromatography your urine is separated into each molecular component. Then by using Mass Spectrometry each component is individually weighed. The result is a ng/ml (nano-grams/milli-liters) measurement of every molecule present in your urine.

    This leaves you with three ways for the GC/MS test to come up negative. You can either stop smoking marijuana, submit someone else's urine for the test, or dilute your urine to the point that you no longer test positive. Since most of us want to continue smoking and are most likely monitored while we are submitting a sample, the latter option is usually preferred.

    It is well known that you can dilute your urine in order to not test positive. Unfortunately it is just as well known among the people that will be testing you. Along with testing for drugs most sites will test the Specific Gravity of your urine along with the creatinen content of your urine. Normally if you have diluted your urine, both of these items will be outside of the normal range and it will be known that you diluted your urine.

    To fool the dilution testing you will need to artificially raise the creatinen level of your urine. By taking large quantities of creatine you will raise the level of creatinen in your urine dramatically. Creatine is normally used to enhance muscle growth and can be purchased at health supplement stores such as GNC. Creatine takes roughly 24 hrs to metabolize into creatinen and will build up in your body. Therefor I recommend taking 10 grams of Creatine 4 times a day starting 72hrs before your test and ending 24hrs before your test.

    In order to achieve confidence in what you are doing I would suggest buying some test strips in order to test yourself. These can be bought on the Internet at numerous sites. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. I found some test strips for about $.70 a piece and all they did was give me false positives. Because of this I recommend paying at least $1 for each strip and purchasing two sets of strips from two different vendors. Each time you test yourself you can use a strip from each vendor and compare results. This way you will not have to worry about a bad test strip.

    After awhile you will get the hang of how much you will need to dilute your urine in order to test negative and not test dilute. Generally you can tell how dilute a sample is just by looking at the urine. Beware that vitamins will make your urine look darker so if you take a daily vitamin wait until after you are done testing. The day before your weekly test I suggest practicing on how dilute you will need to get in order to test negative. Usually this is somewhat between normal yellow urine and clear. On testing day make sure to bring some test strips and a cup along with you. Directly before you go to take your test make a trip to the bathroom and test a small amount of your urine yourself to make sure that you are negative. Make sure not to empty your bladder. You want to have tested the exact same urine that you will be handing over to them for testing.

    Perfecting this entire process is difficult, don't expect to pull it off perfect the first time. For starting out only smoke directly after you are tested. If your urine cleans up 3 days before your next urine test you can probably smoke for a day or two after your test date. If you are ever unsure, always go with the side of caution and dilute yourself more. You can generally have one or two dilute samples without any consequences, this is not the case with a positive test.

    Using this method you will be able to drastically improve your ability to smoke pot and test clean. There are numerous other things that you should do as well. When you give you sample for testing make sure that it is not your first urination of the morning. Your first urination in the morning will always contain the most THC. Also be sure not to give the beginning or end of your urination for testing, only give them urine midstream. The last important factor is your body's metabolism.

    THC is stored in the fatty tissues of the body. To improve our chances for testing clean we must get rid of the THC in our fatty tissues. Unfortunately there is no way to do this short of making your body process the THC saturated fat. Our bodies metabolism indicates how fast we use energy. This energy can come from both sugar and fat. By raising our metabolism and eating a low sugar diet we can improve the speed that our body processes our fat and therefor clean our bodies of THC.

    There is no easy way to raise the metabolism in your body. Diet and exorcise are the only ways to go about this. Every time we eat our body's metabolism raises. This raise in metabolic rate is independent of how much we eat at that time. So instead of eating large meals 2-3 times a day, eat 5-6 small meals spread throughout the day. Also make sure to eat breakfast as soon as you get up in the morning. This will jump-start your metabolism right when you wake up. This diet should be observed throughout the week until the day of your testing. On the day of your testing you want your metabolism to be as low as possible, so I recommend fasting until you give your urine sample for testing. Because your body processes sugar before fat you will also want to consume an ample amount of sugar on the day of testing. For this I recommend drinking juice. This way you will get the liquids to dilute your urine and enough sugar so your body doesn't process as much fat.

    Exorcise is even more important than diet. Both aerobic and anaerobic exorcise are equally necessary. Anaerobic exorcise will increase your muscle mass which will in turn raise your bodies normal rate of metabolism. Aerobic exorcise will directly burn more THC containing fat. During the days of the week that you are still using THC aerobic exorcise will be useless since you are saturating your fat with THC faster than you can burn it off. You will need to experiment with how much exorcise you will need in order to test negative.

    I used this method for 3 months to elude probation's urine testing. I would test on Friday afternoons and I would smoke Friday evening through Sunday night. Eventually when my habitual use got worse I started smoking Mondays and Tuesdays as well. This is when I tested positive and called my marijuana smoking days quits. Coincidentally this is also when I started smoking cigarettes, I don't know if there was a relation. I will end this with a quick outline of all the major points.

    -Smoke directly after your test dates
    -Eat breakfast followed by small meals throughout the day
    -Eat a low sugar diet
    -Fast on the day of the test and dilute your urine using sugar containing juice
    -Get Aerobic and Anaerobic exorcise regularly
    -Take 10g of creatine 4 times a day starting 72hrs before the test and ending 24hrs before the test
    -Don't let your use become habitual
    -Don't get over confident
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    Thanks for the sugar tip, good to know :)
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    i guess you did see this forum

    Wow, good job, excellent post! :D

    there are some points i'd like to discuss here too, where maybe the experts here can also chime in, ok?

    *how common do you think it is that these tests go straight to GC/MS testing? how do you know that it really did? because the PO said so...? although many people do sign forms clearly authorizing it's use, i believe it is actually quite rare, because that kind of testing is very expensive, so it is normally reserved for verifying positive results on the EMIT pre-screens. and similarly to employment testing, most people on probation seem to be getting tested or at least pre-screened with the EMIT test strips, which are just like the home tests, and they are also susceptable to being fooled by the consumption of aspirin. the salyctic acid in it has been lab tested to affect the chemicals on the test strip, causing false-negatives about 60% of the time. in most cases, if the EMIT shows negative, it ends right there. but if it does show positive or does go to the GC/MS then the aspirin won't be helpful, but having used it won't hurt either. maybe some of the larger metro PO's have their own GC/MS handy and don't care about the expense?

    *isn't the cutoff for the GC/MS test at 15ng instead of 50ng like the EMITs/home tests? so if you're passing the home test by a narrow margin, anywhere between 15-50ng, then you might fail on the GC/MS, right? can you tell by when the line goes from faint to dark that you're ready for the test with a lower cutoff?

    *how closely were you monitored? i've seen accounts of people using urinators sucessfully, but more often lately i've seen reports of people being caught trying to sub, even using the whizzinator with the fake dick. they say they use two-way mirrors and really stare at your dick, is that true? some even make ya drop your pants and pee at an angle. so there's no way you could hide a 1/4" tube under or next to your member and fake it? i don't recommend this, due to the risk of additional charges and jail, but i'd like to hear more about that aspect of your experience. also do you think the PO's have any objection to people using the mid-stream technique while they're watching?

    *you mentioned that both the creatinine and specific gravity reading will be off with dilution, and about the creatine supplements, but how do you recommend fixing the specific-gravity reading? i've heard that things like sodium/salt, electrolytes, and calcium are helpful, as i believe is limiting the amount of fluid to drink to only 2 or 3 quarts in as many hours, at a rate of 1 quart per hour prior to the test. i've seen many accounts from people who were flagged for over-dilution and it seemed like all of them had drank a whole gallon or more of water, etc. the dilution method by IamN2pot in the sticky thread at the top of this forum adds up to only about 2 quarts or so and it has worked for many people. i believe that even with creatine supplements, that drinking a whole gallon of water or more is likely to screw up the specific gravity readings, but instead 2 (or maybe 3) quarts of gatorade with a tablespoon of salt and some rolaids/tums is important to leave you with an acceptable SG level, in case they test it for that.

    *you also mentioned that you want the urine to be kinda clear, and to avoid taking any vitamins to make it darker. while it's good to see the clear urine for your own peace of mind, i believe that the PO's or other testers can also see that the urine looks clear and call it diluted just based on that observation. i'm sure some people don't have this problem, and multi-vitamins can be tricky, but taking a single non-time-released vitamin B2 (50mg) will add a very nice yellow color back into the clear urine after about an hour.

    *where did you find good test strips for only $1? i've seen them on ebay as low as $1.65 lately. which company or brand were the bad ones from?

    *you said to bring your test strips on testing day and pretest yourself to make sure you're negative. i was just thinking that in case it did read positive, then they would need some extra time to drink additional fluids to dilute more. and then there's that 15-50ng discrepancy between the home EMIT and the GC/MS again.

    >>If your urine cleans up 3 days before your next urine test you can probably smoke for a day or two after your test date.

    *two days of use will take longer to clean up than a single days' use, and it will build up in your system, so that when you consider yourself clean, you're actually riding close to the 50ng cutoff level... there it is again. the point is, i think it's best to stick to smoking just one day, not 2.

    *not giving them the 1st piss of the day is certainly true, but also when diluting and checking the color and i think it should also include several pre-pisses to get the dilution flowing along, instead of holding in all the fluid until the test as some might do. if you've drank a couple quarts in a couple of hours, you should be nearly involuntarily pissing like a race-horse every 15-20 minutes. that's dilution in action.

    *the high-metabolic diet plan is very interesting, as you said to continue it throughout the week until the day of your testing, and then on the day of your testing you want your metabolism to be as low as possible, so you recommend fasting until you give your urine sample for testing. i've heard it can take the body several days to switch its' metabolism from exercising with a fat burning diet to a fat-storing mode, and exercise & etc should be cut out during the last several days or even a week before the test. but are you sure it's okay to keep exercising all the time & your metabolism can change overnight by just starving yourself on the last day?

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