My Toker's Guide to Handling Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Paranoia.

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    I was never an anxious person. It wasn't until the first months of smoking marijuana did it seem to make me develop anxieties and panic attacks (mostly while high) on a regular basis. Now most of the time, my highs can easily turn into hells if I haven't taught myself a few things. I guess for me, it all goes back to when I had my first serious panic attack or some sort of bad trip during a high. It was one of the situations where a person thinks they are going to die despite the logic behind the situation. Since then, my highs were never 100% stable with me. One simple thought can turn the situation completely. I don't know how many people have a similar issue as me or if this guide will be helpful at all, but I figure I would share it anyways for people that are desperate to at least try something so that people can enjoy a high without having to worry about things going bad. For people who have an anxiety disorder and may just become panicky for reasons unknown to them, this guide may not help then. This is typically for people who sort of understand why they paranoid. But I guess it doesn't hurt to try anyways.

    Know Your Situation

    Especially for newbies, it can be easy to fall into a very anxious state when going into a high. Preparing yourself for what you are about to feel and what's the worst that can happen can level anxiety. I have to Fully accept the things my high gives me. First know that Marijuana cannot kill a healthy person under most circumstances. However, if you have cardiovascular issues, the situation may differ. Also, if you are on medication, it is advised not to use marijuana as the combination of the two may be fatal depending on the medication. Make sure you know how the two will affect you and what the risks are. As a side note, Marijuana and a medication may bring about increased anxiety on a chemical level which may be uncontrollable until the effects of a high or medication have worn away. If you have good health, aren't taking any risks with strong medications, then you should be fine. Enjoy the high, don't worry.


    Emotions can be huge factor in your anxiety level. In a nutshell, always think positive during a high. Do whatever you have to to stay happy. Personally, if I am listening to any type of song that may encourage negative emotions such as anger or sadness, a panic attack can sneak up on me without a warning and I'll find myself in a nightmarish world until I realize what is happening. TV shows or movies can do the same thing. Be careful about what you expose yourself to.

    Side Effects

    It's not uncommon for a person to experience sensations or pains that they normally wouldn't feel while sober. Weed affects people in few to many ways. What you feel can be different from what the next guy normally feels. If you are experiencing minor pain or strange sensations during or shortly after a high, chances are it's most likely the marijuana's effects. I can't list how many new pains I've felt only because of the high. Sometimes for me, I may experience a dull pain in the wrist or a adrenaline-like pain in the upper left part of the chest next to the armpit. These feelings always go away hours to days from a high. Prior to having repeated experience with these feelings, I figure it would be some type of serious medical condition which in turn would often raise my anxiety. I've been examined and had tests done (still are) just to make sure it's not something else (also because of possible unrelated sensations) and things with me are apparently all normal. Don't let odd feelings freak you out and ruin the high. Embrace it and accept. But, if you experience any type of pain that seems chronic and does seriously concern you, tell someone about and have it checked out. You don't want to experience symptoms of something serious and just blow it off to the side. Rarely will a person be on a marijuana high and experience the onset of symptoms of a new medical condition. That would be a huge coincidence and highly unlikely. Basically, don't take every new feeling as something life-threatening. Evaluate yourself and learn that what you feel is temporary and harmless.

    Night Anxiety

    Sometimes it's too late for me and I get caught in minor anxiety that would keep me up at night. I can smoke the smallest bowl imaginable in the early afternoon, and that night have insomnia. I believe it had to do with the time of day. For some reason I couldn't deal with a dark and quiet environment to well even though I almost always toke at night. But this insomnia only happens about 40% of the time and I still manage to get enough hours of sleep in. My fight-back tactics may be kind of simple but it's the best course of action I got. For people who may also have this anxiety at night and have a hard time sleeping, do something to tire yourself out. Something like just watching television on low sound can help a bunch. It's calming, boring, but most importantly distracting. Personally, I also find cool air to calm me down a lot. But in Florida, that's very hard to find. Use a fan or turn on the air condition to something cool and see if that helps if it isn't cool already. If you live in a cold environment usually and experience this, try the opposite and use heat. Keep it at a comfortable level of course so you don't become restless from it. Getting back to sleeping mode, I may use a dim light close to me, such as the charging light on my cell phone to make me feel comfortable. I feel kind of lame to say that it acts as a night light, but it really does. My anxiety may put me to a level where I think there are transparent pulsating waves or patterns on the walls, or sometimes other things... Hell my anxiety may even wake me up abruptly at night and make me fell like darkness is consuming me or my vision is going out. So a dim light helps keep my mind at peace and sleep well too.


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