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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by 3wheelin toker, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. 3wheelin toker

    3wheelin toker New Member

    hey we're going to myrtle beach in 3 weeks. i was wondering if there are any good shops down there selling glass? when we went last year almost every place along the boardwalk sold scales and other acc. but no glass.
    even any places outside myrtle beach?
  2. 3wheelin toker

    3wheelin toker New Member

    no one knows? damn i was hoping to find some nice glass down there.

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Sorry, Im familiar with Myrtle Beach, but not in the headshop sence.
  4. SESTER05

    SESTER05 New Member

    I live in South Carolina and I know that there are very few head shops around in general. I have to go to Georgia to get a good selection. However, if there was a place in south carolina i'd bet on being a hot spot, it's definatly myrtle beach.

    and if you want a tattoo, they just passed a law making it legal to get a tattoo in myrtle beach
  5. 3wheelin toker

    3wheelin toker New Member

    ok ive been searching and i found one place called 420 connection. has anyone been there? is it worth stoping at?

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