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  1. Bowlblaze

    Bowlblaze Banned

    Can't wait until you're 18 so I can go with you;)
    Oops did I say that out loud? I'll just shut up and go back to my telescope.:D
  2. voltion

    voltion Banned

    :D :D :love: i glad i changed my mind and came back to check for posts like this ;)

    any other ladies like to share their naked stories?
  3. Strave

    Strave New Member

    Being naked rocks! If I had my own place I would definitely be naked a lot of the time, but for the moment I dont think my roommates would appreciate it! :D

    Running naked through a field would truly rule. Has anyone seen the movie Never Cry Wolf, when the guy jumps into the alpine lake naked, then dries off with a nap in the sun naked, then runs with tha caribou naked. Okay, so it wasnt that cool but this thread reminded me of it. Hopefully on one of my upcoming backpacking trips the weather will be nice enough to do a bit of naked frolicking. Ahh.....the freedom of nudity :hippy:

    See ya there!
  4. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    :laugh: hey voltion: my big soapy nuts all over your monitor.

    i'm so so sorry, i couldn't resist! that's like my third thread in a week about my genitalia...apologies to all you homophobes out there. :laugh: i know the ladies love it! *checks rep* ...maybe not.

    but on a more serious note: the great thing about europe is nakedness is second nature over there. not so much in the uk (as our man voltion has so eloquently demonstrated :D), but cross over to the continent and there's bare titties left, right and centre!
  5. tunami56

    tunami56 New Member

    My house has way too many windows to run around nekid and all. There's even a window showing the hall in between the bathroom and my room, with the neighbor's window looking right into it. How am I supposed to get to my room after a shower when there aren't towels in the bathroom?? Dilemmas, dilemmas...
  6. MrEddy

    MrEddy Coitus Reconciler

    That sounds like a good idea. Not the buying property part but walking around naked in the rain and stoned could be enjoyable. I quite enjoy the shower when i'm stoned and I spend alot of time naked. I dislike clothing really I feel so constricted.
    My wife on the other hand avoids nudity prettymuch at all costs. Like most women she hates her body and is disgusted at the site of herself. Which sucks because I happen to like how she looks but, thats a whole other thread.
    Walking on the beach naked would be enjoyable too I think.. Or really just walking anywhere naked.. I don't think i'm brave enough to do the blacks beach thing though.
    Alot of times I wish that I lived out where my mother does way out in BFE with a bunch of property so I could prettymuch be naked all the time when I was home. As it is I still have to get dressed to go outside or check the mail and whatnot.
  7. kansastoker

    kansastoker New Member

    lol ya that sounds pretty amazing to tell you the truth.
  8. SmasheR

    SmasheR TONIGHT, we RIDE

    Yeah when I am home alone I walk around naked often, its so much more free than being clothed down.
  9. apathy23

    apathy23 New Member

    Im feelin pretty good right now..lets all strip and run through the city!!! But I too am also stoned therefore ill sit my happy ass down right here
  10. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Been there done that.

    For real.
    And they say marijuana is a bad thing!?
  11. king_ofbonghits

    king_ofbonghits New Member

    i walk around my house and my backyard naked? oh and one time i answered the door in my boxers and my dick was pokin out.
  12. astronauts_suck

    astronauts_suck New Member

    They have chicks with 3 boobs?!:D I can't be sure if that would be hot or not.....
  13. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Reminds me of that move "Total Recall" not sure if I'd STILL find 3 titties hot, but I damn sure did when I was 8 and that movie was popular!
  14. Perplexed Pixie

    Perplexed Pixie Ladybug Sunflower

    Well ya need to make sure that pecker is not pokin out when ya open the door ...OMG!
  15. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    Hey TM they even have them 3 tittied women in europe ( bare titties left, right and center):woohoo:

  16. MrEddy

    MrEddy Coitus Reconciler

    HA HA I just watched that movie last night.
  17. [​IMG]

    haha sorry.... i had too :dance:

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