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Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by wesleypipes0101, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. wesleypipes0101

    wesleypipes0101 New Member

    My friend gave me my first piece. He carved it out of his bedpost, and its not the prettiest looking guy, but its pretty nice. Today I just gave him a face and a rasta hat with some dreads. He's looking pretty sexy, but he needs a name. How overused is Bong Marley? Or, What should his name be?
  2. Nail I3unny

    Nail I3unny New Member

    At some point, just get a bunch of good weed (the better the weed, the better the occasion, as always), and smoke it until you get a name for the pipe. You can smoke out of other pipes too, but it's always a good idea to smoke the first bowl or two out of the new pipe. You'll usually get a good name on the first bowl or two, but sometimes it takes longer. We've come up with some great names that way.

    Dr. Theodore Geisel, Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott, stuff. You get good names that way.

    I just got a new chillum...we didn't really smoke it much or think about it much, but it kinda whistles when you drop the choke. It's really dull, so it's not annoying or anything...but it sounds kinda like a little whistle. It's almost like an ocarina, which ended up making us name it the Ocarina of Time (I think...not official, but it probably will be soon...we will probably smoke a bowl from it out of it, a sort of christening moment).

    As a side note, sometimes someone is really really talented at naming pieces. If you have a friend like that, have him help you name any pieces you buy and smoke with them frequently. They're usually just cool people to be around in general. Very witty, quick thinking people. Lots of fun.
  3. marijuana-isnt-bad

    marijuana-isnt-bad New Member

    you shouldnt name it like bong marley unless its a bong if its a pipe give it a name to fit a pipe
  4. Stepchild

    Stepchild New Member

    Reggie (1 letter off of Reggae)
    Rasta Masta
    Bed Head (since it's off his bedpost... and he's a head. I actually like this one lol)

    thats what i got for now lol
  5. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    Buffalo Soldier :rasta:
  6. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    ^ +1 thats what i was gunna post
  7. wesleypipes0101

    wesleypipes0101 New Member

    reggie is a sweet name, that might take it. I'll have to check with everyone this weekend.
    buffalo soldier is nice too, thanks.
  8. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    Haha, that looks way cooler then what it probably looked like before. Woody Rasta
  9. MrIMStoned

    MrIMStoned |BIG BROTHER|

    Buffalo Soldier is a definite winner. My #2 would be Arkansas Dave Rutaba III.
  10. GunCow

    GunCow Sr. Member

    OP get some sandpaper and just smooth the shit out of that thing. It would look nicer.
  11. xM1DN1GHT T0K3R

    xM1DN1GHT T0K3R New Member

    1) Morning Woody
    2) Grateful Bed
  12. wesleypipes0101

    wesleypipes0101 New Member

    It might be Rafiki, I don't know why, some kid said it and I kinda like it, haha.

    Sandpaper is a good idea I'm deffinitely going to do that.

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