Naproxen (Aleve) and Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by BrandNew, Jun 22, 2005.

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    About two weeks ago i was smoking and everything was fine but then the next day i couldnt breathe. I didnt know what to do because i didnt want to go to the doctor. After about 3 days of not breatheing good i finally went. He said that i was doing something and i must have pulled a muscle that i needed to breathe and he prescribed 500mg of Naproxen. Now its been a while and i want to smoke again but im afraid. I am still on the pills. 500mg two times a day. Will anything bad happen if i smoke while on these pills. Also what are the chances of this happening again. One more question. When the doctor asked, any recreational drug use and i said no, will that effect his diagnosis? Maybe it wasnt a pulled muscle but a reaction to the marijuana. If so why dit it happen this time, my 14th time smoking?
  2. Higher Logic

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    If he said you pulled a muscle then you pulled a muscle, the marijuana isn't going to cause you not to be able to breath after only smoking 14 times. I've smoke over 3000x more than you have and I've never not been able to breathe :) You should be fine, just don't smoke something that's going to make you cough really hard, that's probably how you pulled the muscle. Take tiny hits!
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    Naproxen is a NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug). It's sold OTC as "Aleve". I've found it to be more effective with marijuana than without. The side effects may be more intense as well. Do not use it in conjunction with alcohol if you have more than 3 drinks a day, as this may cause serious stomach bleeding. I'd avoid alcohol altogether. Be aware that it may impair your ability to drive, operate machinery, or perform dangerous tasks because, for some people, it may induce dizziness. I've found that this effect is enhanced by marijuana. Your prescription is for more than twice the OTC recommendation, so you should be especially careful.
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    Difficulty Breathing

    I saw another thread about this but my breathig problems are different. I only smoked a little bit and i was fine the say i smoked but then the next day i had a really hard time breathing i didnt even sleep that night because i couldnt breathe. Now 2 days later and it is still hard to breathe. This has happened before and i went to a doctor. He said it was a pulled muscle but now its happened again. I dont know what it is. Every time i smoke i have difficulty breathing the next day. Is this something i should worry about, or just something that i will get used to. I am a new smoker so maybe its just my body reacting to the smoke in my lungs? i honestly dont know but not being able to breathe is the worst feeling ive ever felt.
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    wow that weird. i have asthma and it doesnt bother me a bit. sometime it feels like it lets me breath easier. maybe its just your body gettin used to it. everyones different.
  6. hesnice

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    i had a scary reaction to that once, i always thought it to be from spending 15 minutes in the sun.
  7. Mamabudz

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    THis is a fine example of the different effect a medication will have on different individuals.

    My personal experience with naproxen -- back in the late 80's when all NSAIDs were still by prescription -- was a severe rash and extremely sever stomache reaction (vomiting, acidity).

    An excellent rule of thumb on all medications is Take the lowest dosage possible -- more is not necessarily better.
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    Take a deep breath, now hold it, hold it. Until a muscle knits back together it will be much less hardy than it was, at least finish the pills before stretching the muscle out.

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