need advice on being sneaky with filtering urine into a cup?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by gman0179, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Tomorrow is my last drug test to finally pass the diversion program. I've only been drug tested once, and when I did I was clean. This time I'm not. However I do have my friends clean urine in a little squirt bottle that I will put in my nustsack and use for the test. One bad thing is the diversion place has mirrors above you so they can see what you are doing. Does anyone know of a sneaky way to not make any noise with the bottle when it squirts and for the bottle to go unrecognized if the man glances at the mirrors?any addvice is appreciated
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    welll just as a lil update i got caught =/ i now will probably be in the program for several more months. have more drug tests. have to go to more meetings. do more service hours. fuck. and i was only 2 weeks away from completing the program. TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE THINKING ABOUT SUBBING FOR DIVERSION OR PROBATION DO NOT DO IT YOU WILL GET CAUGHT AND POSSIBLY ARRESTED. IF I WASNT A MINOR I WOUYLD HAVE GONE STRAIGHT TO JAIL. JUST TAKE THE FAIL ITS THE SAFER CHOICE
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    How they catch you?

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