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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by dude3333, May 4, 2005.

  1. dude3333

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    6'2 190 fast metabolism

    i havent smoked in about 20 days before that i smoked once about half a bowl and before that i didnt smoke for over a week. other then that i smoked about once a week maybe twice a week sometimes. does anyone know what home depot uses as the cutoff. on the paper it says quest diagnostics i looked on their website it says the 50ng cut off but then says confirmation 15ng optional or some **** like that. what are my chances of passing

    i found out they use the 50mg/ cut off
  2. Buzzby

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    You should be fine. A twenty day gap for an occasional smoker should be plenty of time to get clear.

    The 50ng/ml cutoff is for the dip type tests and measures total cannabinoids. The 15ng/ml cutoff is for GC/MS tests, which measure THC only. They are effectively the same.


    20 Day Smoker

    20 day smoker should be no prob. Weed dont take all that long to get out of your sys. and if your a real light casual smoker and ya havent smoked for like 20 days except for one wee little pipe you should be good to go. If your not totally confident you could always get some goldenseal root which helps in flushing out your bodies system of impurities much quicker but i recommend you take this a couple days prior to your test atleast. It can also be detectable and although its totally legal and easily availabele to soem it may be a "sign" u do illegal drugs. anyway dont know if any of this helps or is even relevant at this point but hopefully so. LATE :poke:
  4. dude3333

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    thanks for the info guys. i hope i pass i really need this job lol
  5. Buzzby

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    The efficacy of goldenseal is a myth. There is no herb and no drug that flushes THC metabolites out of your system. Fat burning exercise will speed the process because these byproducts are stored in body fat. Exercise releases them into your blood. Maintain a good diet with plenty of fiber and drink a reasonable amount of water. These things help to eliminate the THC metabolites that are already in your bloodstream through urine and feces.

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