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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Dinglesberry, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Dinglesberry

    Dinglesberry New Member

    I made a bong out of a water bottle, but i dont know how to make a bowl. Im currently just using a crayola twistable than has everything in it removed, and putting it throught a hole in the water bottle and submerging it under water, ill make a drawing on paint later for an example. The end of it is the perfect shape to fit a cigarette, but the only way i can smoke weed in it is if i roll a joint and then put it in, but if i roll a joint, i might as well smoke it. So how can i make a bowl out of house hold materials? Thanks. Heres a pic of what it looks like (made in paint lol)

  2. I thimble could work. I would reccomend a socket form a socket wrench. I have used them, and it seemed to work very well.

    Aluminum foil is a no no. Even though it hasnt been proven to cause altzeimers, why take the possible risk?

    Good luck on your bong man!
  3. gange_King88

    gange_King88 New Member

    i always used the end of a small flashlight. but can i make a suggestion that you just spend $5 on some cheap glass bowl? they work well, are pretty inexpensive, and won't break as long as you're careful with them...
  4. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    the problem with the cheap glass bowl is the fact that anybody under 18 cant buy them, atleast the only stores i know like utopia.

    My recomendation is do what i did and make a makeshift vaporizer. Take a lightbulb, pry into it, and take out EVERYTHING except for the metal screwed on part, thats where u hold it. then, wash out the inside to get rid of the white powder on the walls and let it dry, then put in ur weed, hold your lighter under the weed, and inhale. Its a bit better for u because the flame never actually touches the herb, its just the heat.
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Aluminum foil is fine. The connection between aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease is purely in some people's imaginations. If you stopped doing things because they might cause a problem, even though there's no evidence that they do, you'd never do anything.

    I'd be more concerned about the plastic tube. Some plastics, when heated, out-gas toxic fumes.
  6. Dinglesberry

    Dinglesberry New Member

    Thats why i need a bowl, buzz. when im smoking cigarettes in it, i just take out the cigarette a few millimeters before it reaches the filter, then throw the butt in the garbage (Im against littering). Yeah, im not 18, not even close (will be in about... 5 years lol). I could probably get someone to buy one for me though. How would i go about making the bowl out of tin-foil? Because i dont want the grinded up weed to fall into the water :O.
  7. hipe

    hipe Subscriber

    just make a little cup with it, then poke a few pin holes. thats how we did it back when i was your age.. even though that was only 6 years ago hahaha
  8. zakstaxicab

    zakstaxicab New Member

    I bought an L-shaped piece of piping from Lowe's. It's more like a connector. It's small. (I'm no plumber, so I'm just describing it the best I can.) It cost me less than $3 American. I can post a picture of the pipe I made with it, and there's a thread of my Peribong in this forum. :) Hehehe, I'm such a show off. Anyway, I wouldn't bother with aluminum foil. It's a pain to shape, it's not very durable, and everyone is in disagreement over the potential hazards it can pose. Why take that risk? I've heard good things about sockets from wrench sets and thimbles, as have been mentioned in this thread. I've never used them personally, though.

    By the way, kick ass MS paint skills. Much better than my lame attempts.
  9. Dinglesberry

    Dinglesberry New Member

    Lol, thanks. Ill try it with poking holes through the tin foil. Also, i read that smoking banana peels gets you high. Me and my bro tried it and it didnt do anything... Does it work?
  10. zakstaxicab

    zakstaxicab New Member

    Not at all. That's just a legend that came about from the 60's. If I'm not mistaken, it was ripped from the Anarchist's Cookbook. Supposedly, the thing that gets you high is bananadine. Check out the wikipedia article on bananadine.
  11. Dinglesberry

    Dinglesberry New Member

    Yeah, i cant believe i actually tried that. We spent at least 3 hours boiling the banana peels, letting them dry etc. And it didnt even work. Also, i tried to make the bowl out of tin foil, but i dont know how to keep it on. Can someone explain in detail? thanks
  12. zakstaxicab

    zakstaxicab New Member

    I always sucked at tin foil bowls. My dad makes fun of me because I hate making them. I simply don't like using them, and therefore never got great at making them. I understand the basic construction, though. Form the bowl in the center of the piece of foil, and poke the holes. I make mine around my thumb. Bend back the foil at the top of the bowl, and carefully wrap snugly that around the stem. Make sure you leave enough room that smoke can travel through. A pencil works great for checking that, especially if the stem is (as you said) a marker or pen piece. If you google "water bottle bong making" or something similar to that, I'm sure you'll find tons of resources. You may want to even check youtube.
  13. mondaymonkey

    mondaymonkey Sr. Member

    two things I use.

    1.) A cheap 10 dollar mini-pipe made of metal and wood... It disassembles, so when I'm not out and about with my super small pipe, I use its bowl. Its actually pretty good. The bowl is fully wood except for a small fitting at the bottom used to screw it into the metal elbow joint

    2.) I'll use my portable bong;s glass bowl/stem. Its nice. I usually do this with gravity's.

    3.) Use a bronze hose female connector

    4.) Use a rachet socket

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