Need ideas to make money for weed

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by bucs420, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. bucs420

    bucs420 New Member

    So I need ideas to make money because I'm not old enough to get a real job and I only have like 7 bucks at my dads house a like 40 at my moms but she borrowed it so I have like 7 bucks, and I've asked for an allowance but moneys tight right now so I don't have one yet. Just give me some examples of what you did to make money as a kid (btw I'm going into 8th grade).
  2. BlazinJays

    BlazinJays New Member

    You're only in 8th grade so you don't need weed, if i were you i would just mooch of people that do smoke.
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  3. McSmoke

    McSmoke New Member

    Sell games and stuff thats what i do, play them then just sell them.

    Or if you get like lunch money just take a buck or two out of that every day
  4. bucs420

    bucs420 New Member

    I never said I NEED weed, I asked for ideas to make money so I can get some, because I like to smoke it, it's my choice do not tell me what to do.
  5. BlazinJays

    BlazinJays New Member

    yeah kid your right, do what ever you want its your call to do whatever want :)
  6. Psycho Juggalo420

    Psycho Juggalo420 New Member

    Go around your neighborhood and ask people around if you can mow their yard.That's what I did when i was in high school and needed money $10 a yard and about 7 different yards that's $70 a week.
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  7. GetRondo'd

    GetRondo'd New Member

    Sell weed?
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  8. Sell games is what I do. I walk my parents friends dogs for $20 a week. Always good for getting a gram a week but I also get $20 from my mum for pocket money but I haven't got pocket money for around a year because I stole her credit card and spent heaps of money and I've been paying it back but that ends this week! Gonna be getting an easy $40 a week for doing jack. ( no homo) At school ask people for spare change and save that up. I used to do it and I was getting an extra $15-$20 a week. Although you will probably get labelled a scab, it's worth it.

    Good luck keep Toking
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