NEEEEED advice for passing hair follicle test!

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by sinsemilla247, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. sinsemilla247

    sinsemilla247 New Member

    So I've done close to 10 hours of research trying to find the best way to pass my hair follicle test on monday

    So far I've done 2 vinegar/clean&clear/tide/Tsal treatments, added baking soda before the third time, bleached and redyed once, and then dyed again (cause the color sucked!)... I've read alot of success stories on here so I want some honest input... i need this internship more than anything!!!

    background: 21 white female, medium length hair reddish/brown/blonde naturally, pretty high metabolism, a little active, 130 pounds, 5' 3"
    Have been clean for 1 month, but prior I smoked on average at least a bowl day 5-6 days a week for a year and a half and before that never smoked once in my life (like that matters now...)... used to smoke pretty average stuff but for the last few weeks before i stopped i got my hands on some GOOD stuff and decided to go out in style till i got this internship...figured it would be a urine test, but totally freaked out when I found out it was a hair test :eek:

    Its friday evening and I go in to take my drug screen Monday afternoon... bought two bottles of follikleen from my local headshop (all they had) and dont have enought time to order anything else, so what should I do and what are my chances do you think?? Ive been stressing hard core for the last week trying to figure out what to do... all i wanna do is smoke a blunt right now!! Please help!!
  2. 5bluntsaday

    5bluntsaday New Member

    Are you planning on doing anymore bleach and redyes? I think at least 3 is the way to go.
  3. sinsemilla247

    sinsemilla247 New Member

    I was planning on doing at least one more - but I'll do two if you think that'll work, thanks!
  4. sinsemilla247

    sinsemilla247 New Member

    I'm getting ready to do my third/last bleach/redye... any last thoughts, like if you think i'll pass or not?? My test is tomorrow and i'm soooo nervous!! Help would be greatly appreciated :sigh:
  5. sinsemilla247

    sinsemilla247 New Member

    passed!! Yay :)
  6. kronixmeng

    kronixmeng New Member


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