Netflix Ideas For Epic Stoner Night

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Blessmyfall, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Blessmyfall

    Blessmyfall New Member

    I'm going to have a few friends over in a bit, we are making edibles and trading bowls ;D
    but, we need ideas for movies/shows to watch, hilarious comedies, creepy ass scary movies, anything you guys can think of ;)
  2. PhoLuM

    PhoLuM New Member

    Aww dude you need to watch Weeds. There isn't much on the Netflix Instant Que other than the same o'l shit. I mean there is South Park, Family Guy, ect. I would recommend watching a Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle on a pirate download or dvd, but I would be very suprised if none of you have seen that.
  3. WheezyLiam

    WheezyLiam New Member

    Oooooooh you need to watch some Japanese Horror! I'm not sure what specific movies are available on Netflix, but Japanese horror movies are creepy and so weird.
  4. Cudder_Fan

    Cudder_Fan New Member

    Dazed and Confused is the absolute perfect movie i promise you
  5. New Member

    half baked is a sick film!
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  6. Cudder_Fan

    Cudder_Fan New Member

    oh and blue mountain state good god
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  7. Emarosa

    Emarosa Active Member

    Some Family Guy.. Classic.
  8. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    Can't go wrong with South Park.

    My personal favorite: Trailer Park Boys.
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  9. wakenvape

    wakenvape New Member

    i would definetly go for some action movies, so intense when high
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  10. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    dont listen to this i watched dazed and confuzed when i was high it was the most fucking boring thing ive ever done
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  11. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    the funny shit is the shitty japanese anime haha best ever especially with friends
  12. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    I can honestly say I don't like that movie.
  13. Cudder_Fan

    Cudder_Fan New Member

    omgosh you guys have horrible taste~~
  14. GreenForAll

    GreenForAll New Member

    There are a ton of really cool Marijuana Documentaries and movies on Netflix. I love toking up and then watching other people toke up! Also if you're the nerdy type (as I am) check out some of the anime on Netflix.....tons of trippy stuff on there, just poke around!
  15. Keith

    Keith Guest

    The Simpsons, any episodes from Seasons 5-9. That stuff was gold.

    I'm also a huge Futurama fan, old and new. Those shows make me consistently laugh, high or not.
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  16. pacaloco

    pacaloco New Member

    yeah for sure watch some action movies! dont watch saw. its too scary hahaha:yikes:
  17. Mister Panda

    Mister Panda New Member

    Altered States
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  18. niggaplez

    niggaplez New Member

    watch it, it's worth it
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  19. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Fantastic choices :thumb:
  20. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    Idk what netflix even is, but here's some movies I enjoy stoned (in no particular order): Dazed and Confused, How High, Half Baked, Pineapple Express, Grandma's Boy, Cheech n Chong, Harold and Kumar (1&2), Super High Me (although more of a doco), The Family Guy Seasons uncut are great and of course The Big Lebowski

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