New Hampshire House passes medical marijuana bill 286 – 64

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    New Hampshire advocates of medical marijuana won!!!

    Morgan True --

    CONCORD — New Hampshire advocates of medical marijuana won overwhelming support Wednesday in the House for a bill that would sanction five marijuana dispensaries and allow patients or caregivers to grow up to three plants for medical use.

    The bipartisan vote of 286-64 marked the fourth time in six years such a medical marijuana bill has won House approval. Two previous measures were vetoed by then-Gov. John Lynch; a third was killed in the Senate.

    "The intent of this legislation is to assist a very small minority of New Hampshire citizens who are suffering terribly from cancer, other terminal illnesses and debilitating diseases," Rep. Steve Schmidt, R-Wolfeboro, said.

    The vote spread gives the bill a veto-proof majority in the House, although Gov. Maggie Hassan has said, and repeated Wednesday, that she supports a tightly regulated medical marijuana program. Hassan said her concern is over the state's ability to regulate a home-grown option.

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    N.H. House Backs Pot Decriminalization

    The 214-115 vote marks the 4th time in 5 years that the House has backed marijuana decriminalization. Under the bill, penalty for possessing a quarter ounce or less of marijuana would by a fine of up to $200. If violators were 18 or under they would have to attend drug rehabilitation classes or be fined $1,000. Prior to the vote, Manchester Democrat Joel Winters told colleagues the policy strikes the right balance.

    "Marijuana possession will still be against the law, but possession of small amount will be a violation instead of a class a misdemeanor, and not a criminal offense, and a criminal offense can cause much more harm than a small amount of marijuana."

    Critics of the bill say decriminalizing any amount of marijuana sends the wrong message. The House’s support for decriminalization comes on the heels of its passing a bill to legalize medical marijuana. Gov. Maggie Hassan has said she’d sign a bill that creates a tightly controlled medical marijuana program, but does not support decriminalization.

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