New push to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana

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    Just getting started in Indiana.
    If you have time go to the face book and please Support if you can.:soapbox:

    New push to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana

    INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - There's a new movement to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana.

    A lobbyist for the organization called Re-Legalize Indiana filed the paperwork to create a political action committee Monday morning.

    Bill Levin wants a ban on the cultivation of marijuana to be repealed.

    He said he has support from Republicans and Democrats.

    “We need legislation to pass, we need, we need doctors, we need farmers, we need the whole state to get together. We're putting the package together,” said Levin.

    Re-Legalize Indiana created a Facebook page three weeks ago and has almost 10,000 followers.

    Thirteen states currently permit the use of marijuana for medical purposes:soapbox:
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    These posts put a smile on my face...this is great!
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    as a life long resident of Indiana I am sad to say I do not see this happening (even tho I really want it to. I would love to get my meds legally.) even with that said I am in this fight till the end.

    when I emailed my state reps a while back to ask them to support Franks medical mj bill I received one email telling me.

    and I quote
    "I will not support legalization of marijuana. you have my prayers and I hope you seek out treatment soon."

    and here is a reply from another email (at least this time I got a response that didn't make me feel like a criminal just for supporting medical mj.)

    Dear Mr. xxxxxxxx,

    Thank you for contacting me about your concerns on legalizing marijuana. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this very important issue.

    Under the Controlled Substances Act, illegal drugs are assigned to one of five groups known as "schedules." These assignments are based on whether drugs have an accepted medical use, their relative potential for abuse, and the degree of dependence that may be caused by abuse of the drug. Marijuana is currently considered a schedule I drug, which is defined as a drug with the highest potential for abuse and no generally accepted medical use.

    I am aware that some people argue that marijuana has valid medical uses, such as pain relief for the terminally ill. I respect that argument, but I am concerned that some proponents of the medical use of marijuana actually seek to make this drug more widely available for recreational use. This concern is one of the primary reasons why this issue has been so controversial. Many of my colleagues and I are reluctant to do anything that might result in the increased illicit use of marijuana.

    I believe the best policy is to require proponents of the medical use of marijuana to prove it is safe and effective based on valid scientific evidence, documented through the same FDA procedures required for any other prescription drug. Until this time, though, I remain unwilling to enact or support legislation that would alter the legal status of this controlled substance. Therefore, I opposed the Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment to the Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations bill that would have prevented the Department of Justice from implementing State laws that would prevent individuals from using marijuana for medical purposes. This amendment failed by a vote of 165-262.

    Thank you again for contacting me about this critical issue. Please do not hesitate to write or call me at 202.225.5315 if I can ever help you in any way. If you would like periodic email updates on my Congressional activities, please visit Congressman Baron Hill, Representing the 9th District of Indiana - Home.

    with ppl like this in office it will be a hard fight. and like I said even tho I dont see it happening in this state I still support it. I will continue to send emails I will spread the word. and I will drum up as much support as I can.

    please do the same even if you feel as I do that it is a loosing battle because the only way we will truly lose is if we dont fight for what is right.
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    This guy justs sounds hard headed. He sounds like an Indiana conservative.

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