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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by jvd, May 12, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    Will be starting an internship next month which I recently found out uses hair analysis as their means of testing. I have a hair test scheduled approx. 1 month from today.

    I am a very light smoker. The last time I smoked was a few hits off of a one-hitter in mid-January; prior to that, about the same amount on New Year's Eve. Low-grade stuff. Prior to that, hadn't smoked in 6 months or so, one very light session, again all low-grade. So I will be about ~150 days clean on test day.

    I am athletic, exercise daily, and have a moderate-to-high metabolism.

    My problem is that I keep my hair about 0.5", so I am guessing body hair will be used for my test. I obviously wouldn't be worried if my head hair was tested, but as I understand, testing body hair can reveal usage up to 12 months prior.

    My question is what, if anything, should I be doing to prepare for the test? My use is quite light, but I am concerned since I have used ~3-4 times in the past 12 months and am betting that my body hair will be tested.

    Any and all comments/suggestions are appreciated.

  2. trivius24

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    you should be fine if u havent smoked in the last 90 days.. body hair i hear its hard to determine when the useage was.. so u might be alright in terms of body hair since it grows alot slower.. but hair on your head its more recomended since it tends to grow faster, and more than likely it will be out of your system.. if your a light smoker, and then theres the 3 session 90 day rule.. if you've smoke more then 3 sessions not hits off a joint, 3 hits off a joint isnt going to be strong enough for them to detect.

    but as long as you havent smoked in the past 3 months in a heavy dosage, im pretty sure you have nothing to worry about my friend, im a light smoker. the last time i smoked was in january 28th 2010, i might have smoked in march.. not sure still dont think i did but if i did it wasnt enough.. to worry about.

    i just took my hair test tuesday, im still waiting for my results. but im confident that i've passed due to me not being a frequent smoker since 2003 lol... im pretty sure you'll pass with flying colors! but if possible try to let your hair grow out a little to 1.5cm ur chances are so much better from the head then body hair...

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