New to smoking, tips?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Daesnow, May 28, 2012.

  1. Daesnow

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    Me and my friend are planning to smoke weed when school ends. I have a few questions for though:
    1: where to smoke without getting caught? or how to hide the smell? I live at my parents so I don't know where or how to hide the smell on my clothes or whatever
    2: how to smoke? I'm completely new. How do i roll? What type of paper?
    3: buying: i know where to buy around my area, how much does it cost approx. ? We are 2. Should i negociate the prize?
  2. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    I'd say you need some experience before you go negotiating prices. You don't negotiate on something when you have no idea what you're talking about.

    uhhhh. As for learning to roll Youtube is your best friend =]

    Priices depends on what state and how far north in the country you are, or just your specific area.
  3. Keith

    Keith Guest

    There's literally hundreds of threads on this topic here. A quick search should lead you to the information you are seeking. But the 'Introductions' forum is for new members to say hello, not for people who are being introduced to pot itself.

    Thread moved to the appropriate forum.
  4. spritezero

    spritezero New Member

    1: I used to have to hide my smoking for my mom since I lived with her. What I would do would to go outside to my backyard, and load a bowl and smoke a joint. If you're outside, less smell is going to stick to you. Also smoking joints or blunts will make you smell more since it'll be constantly smokey while a bowl can be set out so they don't burn constantly. So I would usually go inside after smoking, wash my hands, and eat a piece of food to cover up my breath. That would pretty much cover it on the smell but if I ever needed to, I could go put my clothes in the wash and take a shower to eliminate all smell.

    2: So in my opinion, it is better to hold in long hits rather than breath in a hit and exhale it really quickly. I don't know how long it takes for the THC to be absorbed, but I usually go with between 5 and 10 seconds. Just be prepared to cough a lot from big hits for a while.

    3: Make friends and talk to people. There's going to be someone that can sell you bud. Now prices aren't the same everywhere, but I don't think that they vary a large amount in the USA. Just go search up like a gram sack, an eighth sack, a quarter sack, a half oz sack, and then an oz sack. Try to go off of those but it is usually better to just bring a friend who knows what he is doing with you. It can take time to be able to guess the weight and quality with moderate accuracy. The more you smoke, the better you get.

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