New to this, rarely smoke, will I pass?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by eaahbx, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. eaahbx

    eaahbx New Member

    21 days ago smoked 2 bowls and half of a joint 2 days prior to that.
    6 foot 5 inches 180 pounds (quite a high metabolism)
    RARELY smoked before that not even monthly.
    Also a heavy, almost daily, drinker (not sure if that matters)

    I have a pre-employment urine test in 3 days.

    Bought 2 different brands of home tests, one from a local smoke shop, and this one: Quickscreen At Home Drug Test 6 Walgreens
    Both came back negative!

    Am I likely to pass the immunoassay and not the GC/MS?
  2. Hitdabubs

    Hitdabubs New Member

    If they home tests came out negative I would assume your in the clear. I personally wouldnt take the chance and go with substitution but if your confident enough about it then do it and you should be fine.
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  3. eaahbx

    eaahbx New Member

    Is there a chance that ive metabolized most of it and could easily pass with just mild dilution? Where are the most accurate metabolic rates posted? are there any brands of home tests known to be more reputable than others?
  4. Jonny

    Jonny New Member

    did you end up passing? im in the same boat
  5. prettypeach23

    prettypeach23 New Member

    You'll be fine. There's a half life to pot and its been 21 days and the home test came back negative. It's all good! I've always passed my tests when they've came back negative with home testing.
  6. Webdox

    Webdox New Member

    Please educate yourself regarding THCA before telling someone they are all good. Read the many stories here from people who have tested positive 70,80,90, and yes over 100 days since their last session secondary to long-term chronic use, being BMI challenged, and having a sedentary lifestyle. There is no 21 days and you are magically clean formula. Those that try and sell you on that have an AGENDA and in some cases ALT/FUD accounts :eek: ...
  7. Jonny

    Jonny New Member

    I agree with you Webdox... thats why im still freaking out a little bit.... dont really trust them home tests. I have still taken several though and two different brands and all negative... 7 to be exact and 3 of these tests were first urination after waking. I have my exam on Monday august 22nd and been clean since August 1st (which was just 4 or 5 puffs of a joint) and before august 1st maybe another joint 3 weeks prior. From what I understand its more heavy smokers that are obese with low metabolisms that end up testing way after the dates people usually always say, ill just assume my bmi is good and I do work out 4 times a week, have fat but a lot of muscle too and by the drug testing time table on this website I figure I have a good chance. Ill post my results on Monday though just to clarify my experience.
  8. Webdox

    Webdox New Member

    Remember you can always go to a local lab and pay for your own independent test if you don't trust the home tests. Being the cynic I am I always did before I started subbing instead. Good luck, but from the sounds of it you won't need it.
  9. Jonny

    Jonny New Member

    Oh and by the way the tests I have taken was 5 of those fastect II urine drug test thc which are at the cutoff level 50 nb/ml and I have taken two of these UTEST drug tests that are supposly at a cutoff rate of 25nb/ml which I have yet to see anywhere from strip tests also barely any information on the net about them but passed both... if thats the case I should be fine for the average 50 nb/ml that they do in pre-employment drug testing. Drug Test Fastect® II Urine Drug Test - THC MarijuanaDrug Test Fastect® II Urine Drug Test - THC Marijuana
  10. Jonny

    Jonny New Member

    Thanks for the good luck, ill post back Monday for sure with the results and I wont be like the others that always say they will and never do haha.
  11. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    If you've taken that many home tests and they've all come back negative you're good. If you got a brand of at-home test you don't trust, go grab another. Lots of different brands carried in different places--not hard to find. Good luck!
  12. Jonny

    Jonny New Member

    passed guys!!!
  13. prettypeach23

    prettypeach23 New Member

    Guess I didn't know what I was talking about huh?
  14. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Foolish question. If you were able to understand Webdox's reply then perhaps you wouldn't have posed it.
  15. Animus

    Animus New Member

    If it makes you feel any better i smoked a gram 2 weeks before a drug test and i passed. i'm 5' 11 and 150 lbs

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