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  1. ok so i have a big problem ive smoked weed about 11-12-13 times im not to sure never counted. anyway i was smoking low grade 'Piff' according to my sister, her dealer and my cousin problem is it nocked me on my ass for three days straight. idk if its cause im a noob or it was a bad batch or if it was laced with something because that day i smoked at maybe 11 am ish and didnt feel it till about 2:30 but when i felt it i didnt feel high i felt extreamly sick extreamly extreamly sick any advise?
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    Pot doesn't do that. Don't know what you smoked, but marijuana never takes over 3 hours to kick in and take effect when it's smoked, nor does it last for 3 days. Either it's laced or you were puffing on some synthetic legal bud crap, or something else to the like.

    Really, there's not enough details and information here to determine what exactly happened to you, but I seriously doubt straight-up cannabis would ever have such an effect on someone.

    Also, protip: Using proper spelling, grammar and capitalizing I's in your posts is more likely to get you a thoughtful response. I know this is a marijuana forum and there's no rules against bad grammar, but if you express yourself in a more intelligent way, you're more likely to get an intelligent reply. Spell-check is your friend. ;)
  3. lol, thanks. I :) appreciate your help.

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