NEWS: Netherlands and Norway higher quality of life then U.S.

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Sombie, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. Sombie

    Sombie New Member

    I wanted to submit this as news, I have submitted news a few times before the new layout, but since the new layout I couldn't figure how to do it (I cant seem to post on the news fourm) so I appologize if this is the wrong place to post this, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to post it.

    According to this article:

    The Top five countries to live in are:

    1) Norway
    2) Sweden
    3) Australia
    4) Canada
    5) the Netherlands

    The United States ranked 8th. The study is based on per-Capita Income, Life expectancy, Educational Levels, and Healthcare. This study is significant to Marijuana and the drug war because, despite what critics say about the Netherland's drug policy its still a healthier and safer place then America.
  2. Herb Ninja

    Herb Ninja Seasoned Activist

    Sure Norway & Sweden are the best countries to live... if you favor socialist views, rampant anti-drugism, cold weather, and high taxes. In Norway it costs like 4 U.S.D. to buy 1 can of Guinness, in a grocery store. I just don't think the UN is factoring in enough things if it concludes Norway as the best place to live, and thats coming from somebody of mostly norwegian blood. :) Peace, HN-
  3. Sombie

    Sombie New Member

    Maybe, but the point of my post is that the Netherlands beat out the U.S.

    Norway has gotten number 1 for the past 4 years, thats no big deal.
  4. solutions

    solutions Seasoned Activist

    What? I can't believe they rank Canada higher than the Netherlands!?

    Must be the maple syrup :D

    Seriously though, I don't know how relevant this ranking is. Perhaps it is shocking for those who think the Netherlands is a country of Sodom and Gomorra (sp). Well it is, but apparently that is not such a bad thing :D

    I have another interesting statistic, of 35 countries in europe and north america Dutch kids age 11 to 15 rate their life satisfaction highest. Yes, the happiest kids live in Holland, despite the government sending the "wrong message" to the kids - that weed is not so bad.

    In case I change my signature, here's the HSBC study, see page 73.
  5. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    anti-US biased rears it's head everywhere. Why isn't it enough to post stastics about global qaulity of life? Why is necessary to frame this thread as a comparrision to the U.S.?
  6. Cabs

    Cabs New Member

    He is just using that information as an example of how the Netherlands have a higher "quality of life" with their libral drug policy, while here in the United States, where poloticians' arguements about how we should look at how bad the Netherlands and other countries are doing that aren't as harse on "drug" users as we are come up all the time, when that is actually a bunch of bull $h!t. I'd say the majority of posters on this forum live in North America (which includes canada and mexico) and hear that kind of arguement on a regular basis.
  7. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Moving to...uh, I guess Int'l Politics :)
  8. MickityMike

    MickityMike Orwellian Jackboot™

    Yeah, me neither. Especially when one considers that the freakin' State of California has the world's fifth largest economy... And the entire US GDP as a whole absolutely dwarfs the rest of the world. Hmm, maybe it's not always about money? Wha?? :D

    I don't know, to me, this list of variables seems highly subjective, completely open to interpretation, and not at all very inclusive.

    "40% of all statistics are made up on the spot." - Homer Simpson :D

    Uh, exactly what bit of information out of that article are you using to justify your statement that the Netherlands is ranked as having a higher quality of life because of "their liberal drug policy"? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a "liberal drug policy" in the US, but I don't see any data in that article that would lead anyone to that assumption. Unless, that is, you're simply saying that because the Netherlands is ranked higher and also has a more classically liberal approach towards drugs; therefore, the US is ranked lower because it does not... If so, that's kinda flimsy, dude. Are there not any other variables in this article that might interfere with the accuracy of your analysis?
  9. Sombie

    Sombie New Member

    Yeah but what I am trying to say (and what i think he was trying to say) that where I live, I hear all the time about Holland's "failed drug policy" and that junkies are everywhere and that the country is falling apart because of its lenency with "the mary-ju-wanna" now I'll admit that the study does have alot of varibles and alot of it is open to opinion obviously (except for things like life expectancy) but that this report showed ATLEAST the Netherlands are doing as good as the United States and isnt in General Chaos like people over here would have you beleive.
  10. Cabs

    Cabs New Member

    Exactlly what I meant... and obviouslly its not foul-proof, but if the crap they tell us about Libral drug policies causing mayhem and chaos... (which would probablly be linked to a few of the topics in the quality of life study), it simply isn't true.
  11. solutions

    solutions Seasoned Activist

    Are these US drug "experts" still saying how bad we do here?

    Last time they made headlines in Holland was when McCaffrey made a "fact finding tour" to the Netherlands in 1998, commenting before he left the Dutch policy was "an unmitigated disaster" and noting we had "enormous" drug abuse problems, even claiming "the murder rate in Holland is double that in the United States... That's drugs." where in fact the murder rate was less than one fourth of the US. The funniest part was the reply from an ONDCP-staffer when confronted with the fact that these figures were wrong: "Let's say [that's] right. What you're left with is that they [the Dutch] are a much more violent society and more inept [at murder], and that's not much to brag about" more

    Unbe-frigging-lievable :laugh:

    But that was under Clinton. Now I assume Bush would have Walters fired on the spot for statements like this as he wouldn't want to alienate an ally in a real war.... right?

    I was searching for how US officials look at the Dutch policy and came across this fairly neutral 2002 DEA article about Europe with sentences like these:

    "through decentralized drug policy, decriminalization, and harm reduction measures, many nations have been able to relax drug laws without directly violating the conventions..... the trend throughout Europe continues to be a relaxation of criminal penalties for minor drug offenses and an increase in penalties for trafficking, while improving treatment and harm reduction. According to Dutch authorities, harm reduction measures have resulted in significantly lowering their HIV infection rate and drug-related death rate. Unless time shows that these alternative policies have failed, Europe will continue to look toward decriminalization, harm reduction, treatment, and increased trafficking penalties to combat its current drug problems."

    Just as I found myself shocked by the absence of prohibitionistic propaganda I noticed the comment with this picture. They were so close to providing objective information but just had to slip this in :D

  12. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    They can rank whatever they want, however they want. I'd still damn glad I live here and I wouldn't want to live in any other country.

    If I were FORCED to chose another one, NONE of those 5 would make it on my list as the first choice.
  13. solutions

    solutions Seasoned Activist

    If I were forced to choose another country (noooooo) the US of A would definately be on my shortlist. I guess I just like crazy people :laugh:
  14. His Highness

    His Highness New Member

    I wouldn't want to live in any other country simply because THIS ONE IS MINE! I don't know how Bush and his cronies got a hold of it (actually, I do know how and it is a twisted tale indeed), but that doesn't mean they get to chase all the sane people out of the USA.

    I figure when it gets bad enough the true Americans will do what we have always done . . . rise up and overthrow the king.

    If I had to pick another country though, I'd be heading to Canada. Notice that "the terrorists" aren't blowing crap up over there? Maybe because Canada is similar to the US, except their government puts more emphasis on the people instead of on the corporations and global domination. Not to mention that Canadian women are cuties . . . snow bunnies and whatnot, but I digress.


  15. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    I would love to move to and live in any number of countries, as long as I could move back. Living somewhere else for a while would be fun! But there is always the problem of working somewhere else, that is the sitckler.
  16. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    I've always wanted to live somewhere else. Not just completely desert the States, but get away from it all. Italy, Spain, Ireland, England, there's tons of places I'd love to live; I'd still want to come back here though, at least once it's in the right hands again.
  17. solutions

    solutions Seasoned Activist

    Looking after the little people...

    this article has some more info on the variables in the UN ranking. Apparently Norway has the highest GDP and Sweden the highest life expectancy in the world.

    Another study finds the Dutch the tallest people in the world and growing. With the average man 1.85 metres tall and nearly 10 centimeters taller than British and American men.

    Officially the highest..... :cool:
  18. solutions

    solutions Seasoned Activist

    Wake up Dutchie, it's 16:20

    Well, since I've already effectively turned this thread into a list of what the Dutch do best, how about these ones:

    Or this one, the worlds oldest person, Dutch woman Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper turned 114 last month and has just reached another milestone by living one million hours:


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