Next Generation Vape? Vapexhale Cloud?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Stonebreaker6, May 19, 2010.

  1. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    Cheers mate, amazing podcast ... I can't wait for this!!@@
  2. greentoblack88

    greentoblack88 New Member

    any new info on orders being filled? i filled out a preorder this week so i'm wondering how long i should expect to wait... i want it now!
  3. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    They've been taking preorders for a long time now, so it'll take quite a while before your order comes up. They should start shipping pretty soon though, and I'll tell you that it'll be worth the wait if big, smooth water filtered hits are your thing.
  4. newbud

    newbud New Member

    when do you think this thing will release it was original supposed to release in 2010 i think
  5. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    They've been shipping for two weeks now.
  6. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    The VapeXhale Cloud won best product last weekend at the 2012 HIGH TIMES Seattle Medical Cannabis Cup. This big hitter, with a selection of high quality glass hydratubes from various top blowers, is now blowing away the competition in the direct draw category. It not only provides great hits, but unlike other models, there's no learning curve. You can go from big smoke rips on a bong directly to the same with the Cloud with no adjustment in your vapor draw. Hit it as hard as you like. When it comes to winning over smokers who love big bong hits, this vape sets a new standard.

    My post sounds like an ad, but I'm just a fan who's happy that this outfit put together the best features of the best direct draw models in one unit. And I'm sure that sooner or later they'll have another top quality product or two for us vape lovers.
  7. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    Hey 5drive, I would like to write some notes on the cloud...having spent 700$ to get it here, the cloud died on me after a week, it wasn't a problem of inverters but a leak...
    I put cubes on top and water felt down the bamboo tubing...the glass tube broke and left the machine did work but the herb combusted...

    What's a really shame that I couldn't have this fixed or get a new one without paying the full price again.
    This really sucks, because it can happen to anyone with a small mistake...

    The cloud itself, was indeed amazing, truly exceptional taste and it did not irritate my throat at all!
    I'm just not sure that it worth for people like me...I'm afraid spending another 500$ (if not fucked by customs) and have a chance some water will drop down and ruin the machine...for that I'm glad I still have my solo...and I use the HT for it... the solo is truly the ultimate vaporizer...sure the cloud is a big massive hitter but I can live with the solo only...

    So all in all...take care of the cloud and watch not put ice cubes and do not let some noob friend use it and exhale instead of inhaling...this used to happen like 1-2 back in my bong hitting days for some noobs and if it happens with the cloud you can say buy buy...

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