Niacin: What You Should Know

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by antiprep, Feb 26, 2001.

  1. antiprep

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    Higher Logic - "Niacin has been shown to work on occasion. Byrd Labs tests conclude that niacin doesn't work at all. In other words, something else probably caused a negative, not the niacin."

    I posted that i had a drug test, and i was worried that i might fail. i said that i had taken niacin 4 days prior to the random drug test, and i drank about 150 ounces of water a day. i passed my drug test!!! with a zero thc level. it was awesome. they let me off reporting probation because of my passed test.

    ps, i didnt write this to promote niacin, abstinence(sp?) is the only sure way to beat a test, i wrote it to say it worked for me.
  2. jsmoney

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    So were getting high and you took this and you passed the test. Sweet!
  3. mrweedman420

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    How many niacin did you take?????????????

  4. Jenetik

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    Drinking water days before the test does nothing. The day of is the only time it matters. Also, to others who think there is such a thing as a "zero THC level", read up. GCMS can only detect 15ng/ml, it is impossible for any current urine test to detect anything below these amounts in urine.
  5. Iolo

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    Heheh it is possible to test under 15ng but they dont :)
  6. antiprep

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    I had smoked a 20 sack, and then i took 5 niacin. i know that water before the test is pointless, but when the niacin flushes the thc fortified fat cells from your body, it goes into your urine. and if you are taking a diuretic(something to make you pee) and drinking alot of water, then i feel, there is a better chance of a total cleanse. for follow up, i have smoked an ounce in three to fuor days of good stuff, and i might have a drug test coming up in two weeks. i am going to do the same thing that i did before, except, that a week before the test, i am going to take five niacin(100 mg a pilL), with lots of water, and then i am going to take niacin 4 days before the test, (500 mg). and then diltue with alot of water, the day of the test. I am doing this because, i want to know if niacin works for real. if the niacin does not work, then the dillution method will not bring the levels down past the threshold, and ill fail. if the niacin works, then ill pass obviously.

    ill keep you all posted.
  7. Radar1

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    Periodic Random Testing - How to pass on 2 hours notice?

    I am 33, 5' 9", excercise 3xs / wk. Great job. Love it. Problem: they perform periodic, random urine tests. I have been clean for months but I am getting tired of altering my lifestyle when I am away from work. I enjoy relaxing in the evening w/ cannabis. Is there any way to pass a drug test on a couple hours of notice. I do not want to jeapordize my career. I need to know if there is a way to DEFINATELY pass. Not 'maybe' pass, but definately pass. Your knowledgable reply is appreciated.

  8. thrashnor

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    substitution is really the only way in that short a time frame, go to and search for "urinator", and click on the first link.
    hope it goes well for you.
  9. smokeygirl

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    What does Niacin do, and how much should I take?

    Ok - I have this drug test, not sure when but certain that I have one within the next few weeks and am desperately researching what to do.

    I keep hearing that you should take Niacin, but I am wondering how much and for how long? Is the Niacin like the water in that it only works the day before?

    I am 5'2 115lbs and a chronic smoker for years, I quit for a few months but jumped right back on the bandwagon a few weeks ago and I LOVE to smoke.. at least 4 bowls to the head a day!! This job, a lifesaver, just came out of the blue.. and it is mine as long as I pass the test~

    This is my plan of attack... please let me know if you think it will work..

    - Metabolife to increase my metabolism (mine is close to non-existant!)
    - I bought the fat metabolizer test strips to make sure that I am actually metabolizing the fat
    - Niacin.. (not sure how much I should take!!)
    - Vitamin C
    - and the handy asprin for the day of the test

    and of course tons and tons of water!!!! I have started the water process early because I am probably dehydrated, until I started this I never drank water.. only soda

    I have failed a drug test before using the stupid Goldenseal but I can NOT under any circumstances fail this test.. I NEED this job!

    Any other suggestions?

    Sorry for so many posts.. I am DESPERATE!!
  10. Shaman

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    Niacin is a vitamin that supposedly flushes your system out. Or, at least, feels like it. I'm not sure if it has an actual effect, but anyways, you can get a bottle of 500 mg time release niacin for like 10 bux, and take 1 a day. Follow the directions on the bottle.
    I'd recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day till the test, then take a b vitamin complex to yellow your pee. If it's still clear when you test, tell them that you ALWAYS drink 8 glasses a day or else you feel sick.
    Good Luck to you! Personally, I'd never work for someone who drug tests their employees.
  11. smokeygirl

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    Thanks! I personally wish I had the option not to work for someone that drug tests! It is a pharmacutical company though so I am sure that they will.. and it is the exact job of my dream so my fingers are crossed and I am torturing myself with water, vitamins and exercise.

    Thanks for the advice!
  12. Oh.. everything he said plus be sure to stop excersising about a week and a half prior to the test. (THC is stored in fat, excersise breaks down the fat thus releases the THC traces into your system. If you don't stop it atleast a week before, you'll end up with higher levels) :) Good Luck on the test.

    Peace Out
  13. smokeygirl

    smokeygirl Guest

    SO.. am I best off taking just something like metabolife to increase my metabolism? I only have about a week and a half and I just found out!!!
  14. Megaweapon

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    Yah, just make sure to stop taking the niacin a few days prior to the test so that your body will stop clearing itself out and start storing it back on. The two days prior to the test eat plenty of meat to help keep your creatinine levels up.
  15. Bongzilla

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    I took some of that once (not for this reason, just tried it with my daily vitamins :) ) and I felt like I was on fire. A few people in my family had the same reaction, you feel like you are burning and your skin turns red.

    Watch out :D
  16. Shaman

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    I like the burning! ;-)
  17. dog8mybag

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    i took goldenseal not long ago and flunked my first test on it.
    I took it for years on probation back in the mid 90s and passed them all and i smoked daily. They have obviously changed it. It was the same brand i had previously used.
    Its pretty bogus because i was certain i would pass it.
  18. smokedmonkey

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    niacin... some questions

    okay... i have a test tommorrow and i need to know what works. I tried water and they said it was two clear which leads me to this test. fun hun.

    so i went out and bought a bottle of niacin. but i don't know how much to take or any of that. i don't even know if it's a reliable method of getting clean. i have back up plans... but if this works then i'll do it... but i need some info. help me obi won kanobi... your my only hope.
  19. CheebaMonkey

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    From one monkey to another

    Forget the Niacin.

    This contains all the info you need to know.

    You should have taken some B vitamins to color your urine yellow.
  20. Cassius

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    Niacin is a B vitamin, isn't it?

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